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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy Is The Man Who Keeps My Ways

Happy Is The Man Who Keeps My Ways
By: Eric Gajewski

Lesson from the book of Proverbs
Prov 8:22-24, 32-35.
Lord begot me, the firstborn of His ways, the forerunner of His prodigies of long ago; from of old I was poured forth, at the first, before the earth. When there were no depths I was brought forth. So now, O children, listen to me; happy those who keep my ways. Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not. Happy the man who obeys me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my doorposts; for he who finds me finds life, and wins favor from the Lord.

Happy is the man who continues to keep His ways in an age always looking elsewhere.  How often do we overlook those who truly love us and how even more do we neglect the Lover of our Eternal soul.  The wise men are those humble enough to receive instruction who art found likewise empty enough to then to act upon it.  Happy is the man watching at the Gates for his heart is always open ready to receive His Beloved.  Daily he waits at the Doorpost of Life for he who has Christ has it all.  No need for things for my heart perpetually sings daily I am found perpetually swimming in the River of Love.  Rising up from thy depths I am new for Jesus is my Source.  Love’s chase would have me seek you wherever for it is Love’s water in which I draw daily.  I am in love and how about you?

How bad do you want Jesus?  This is the questions we should ask ourselves upon rising every morning.  Do we love him just enough to give Him a few minutes in the morning or perhaps just a few minutes in the evening?  What married couple can thrive where there is no communication?  What two would ever become married in the first place who sought only to talk to each other for a few minutes in the morn or evening?  How much do you love Jesus?  And how bad do you want to be with Him?  Just enough to speak of Him but not enough to be labeled crazy?  Do you love Him enough only to murmur Tradition under your breath yet only to remain silent at your place of work and simply agree with the masses?  Do you go through the motions in your own “spiritual routine”?  Or do you try to spice it up as every loving couple tries?

You say you love Jesus.  However, your actions say otherwise.  Your time is consumed in distraction.  You pray very little and upon the first Cross you run.  You are not a lover of Christ you are a lover of self trying to preserve.  You say you know Him but turn your back on his true Catholic teaching.  You pay Him lip service and put off that which you have promised.  You do not watch at the Gates you are asleep on the couch with potato chips.  You do not wait for Him at the Doorpost for you have slammed the Door shut.  You cheat on Him in your pursuit of worldly affairs.  You tell others how wonderful it is between you and Jesus but your smile lies.  You are not happy seeking His Will you are emotional over the smallest disturbance in your daily routine.  You do not try to live in His life you seek to find pleasure in this one.  How do you say you love Him whence you do not even know Him?  Yea, and on top of this you will only obey when there is reward.  You say you want heaven yet you daily surround yourself with hell’s legions.  Your eyes wander only to collect then eventually hoard the things of this earth.  You have this large heart you say, that is, this large home and yet you give Christ the upstairs closet which is away from men’s eyes.  Gosh forbid I act as a fool and give Christ what is already His which is the entire Home! On top of this your closet is already disorganized and cluttered!  Who are you fooling?  You do not love as you say for a sinner you are only “sometimes”.  Yet your days are filled with thoughts other than Christ.  Your treasure you “yourself” have already made and will keep it from Christ. 

You are not a servant of Christ you are a slave to self.  You are satisfied with avoiding mortal sin but in your folly you accumulate one venial sin after the other thinking this is the best I can do.  You do not progress you are stagnant because you do not truly love.  You do not attempt to find Him in the silence and solitude of the Wind but do you do find it pleasing being distracted in front of the Tv.  You go to the gym and workout two hours a day and pray 5 minutes and wonder why “nothing is working out” in my life.  Nothing is “working out” because you follow your footprints and not those which lead unto Life. On top of this you accuse others never accusing yourself.  You are the Judge and Jury of excuse and yet the worst of it all is that you do not arise the following day with a goal to progress.  You are content with mediocrity.  You enjoy “fitting in” amongst others but do not realize that Saints simply do not “fit it”.  You spend two hours getting ready to go dancing Friday and Saturday but wont spend 5 minutes preparing your heart to receive Jesus on Sunday and yet you are satisfied?  You cry when your favorite sports team loses but you do not weep for the souls falling into hell daily!  You say you love but you lie because your eyes are fixated upon the carnal.  You bow down to the false gods of entertainment yet you will not take a knee to receive Our Lord and you say you Love?  Your heart is far away and yet you still say foolishly… that all is well.

You do not do what is best for God and others.  You are the team there is no other.  You play every position and seek the attention.  You do not sacrifice for your family and friends let alone God.  And you say you love Him?  You say you are ready to lay down your life for Him?  You lie and deceive yourself because in your daily actions you are continually occupied.  Christ is not Lover let alone your friend because you give Him no time.  You give Him your body on Sundays wilst your heart is elsewhere at Mass.  You pray over meals but you eat of your own pride. Yea, and even worse is the reality that you are in denial even thinking to be wise.  You say you will go to heaven forever and yet you won’t spend one single hour with Him daily?  Yea, you only fool yourself!  For in the end Wisdom sayest, Happy is the man who keeps His Ways!  And so now ask yourself again “Do I really Love or does Love, that is, His Sacred Heart, accuse me of playing games?”

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