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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, October 22, 2016

False Flag Cyber Attack? East Coast Under Attack! Massive Outages Blanket The Area

False Flag Cyber Attack? East Coast Under Attack! Massive Outages Blanket The Area

Shortly after the US government brazenly announces that they are pondering a cyber attack on Russia, the East Coast gets bombed with a cyber attack of its own. 
According to DYN Status, it was a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service), an attack of an army of bots, known as bot nets, that strike computers to inhibit certain information. Paypal, Google, Spotify, twitter, Pintrest, and parts of Yahoo have so far been targeted. 

Coincidentally, this is also just in time for the election. Here’s more on this exclusive report… 

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Huge Staged Event Underway: Cyber Attacks from Inside USA

They Are About to Pull a BIG Staged Event And Blame It On Russia! 


Fears Of “Dry-Run” Cyber Attack Against United States, Wikileaks Revenge

A massive co-ordinated series of cyber attacks has forced hundreds of major websites from Amazon to Twitter offline across the globe – and WikiLeaks believes its supporters were responsible. It urged its backers to ‘stop taking down the US internet’, saying ‘Mr Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing’. It then tweeted: ‘The Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism of its ruling party candidate.’
The Ecuadorian government switched off Assange’s internet service Sunday after he released another tranche of emails showing the contents of a speech given by Hillary Clinton to Goldman Sachs.  WikiLeaks accused John Kerry and the US Government of asking Ecuador to shut down Assange’s internet connection, but the South American country denied it came under any pressure from the US or any other government. FULL REPORT