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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Asleep At The Gate (Lamentations 4:12)

Asleep At The Gate
By: Eric Gajewski
Lamentations 4:12 The kings of the earth, and all the inhabitants of the world would not have believed, that the adversary and the enemy should enter in by the gates of Jerusalem.
How many have friends and family who still do not believe that Vatican II was an apostasy from the Catholic Faith?  How many false traditionalists are still tap-dancing around with the texts themselves only to try and place blame elsewhere?  How many actually put the time in to first understand the enemy?  And why are there so many still finding it difficult that the enemies of God wanted to infiltrate the Church in order to use It?  I could spend an entire day speaking on all of these questions but unbelief in this hour keeps souls asleep.

First, due to laxity and tepidity the enemy crept in and started implementing some of the principles of the New Religion at Vatican II.  Who is largely to blame?  I would argue first the laymen who simply slid into a disposition of not caring for the truth anymore.  Perhaps sprinkle in the whole “false obedience” routine on top of that and you have a recipe for disaster.  As the highly respected Father Hesse pointed out in his talks "the everyday Bishop" coming to Vatican II was either a useful idiot or simply had his mind on other things when signing the Vatican II documents.  He demonstrated how most of these Bishops didn’t even know Latin to begin with and obviously most of them didn’t know what the enemies’ principles were…or did they and just not care?  

People can’t process a mass/universal apostasy from the Faith.  Jesus would never allow that!  Cough, cough...even though it is forewarned in Scripture, Tradition and throughout various approved Marian apparitions.  Much like the woman who cant process a cheating husband after twenty years marriage, so too, do those still following Vatican II stay in “shellshock” and they rather choose to not believe than to get in touch with reality.  Why didn’t they read the signs of the cheating husband?  Because they really didn’t care.  They fell asleep at the gate so to speak and just went through the motions each day.  The tepid and lax do not deserve good leaders.  Don’t you find it strange that the same people who largely defend Francis are those more caught up in the world.  Believe it or not you are required to know your Faith and not have it spoon fed to you.  Love would demand you actually care what the Faith is but these days we find ourselves in a world saturated in error due to self.  People don’t care about truth they care about paychecks and promise of promotion.  They care about fitting in; they care about their pensions and promise of a career over their eternal salvation.  So those who claim they are Christians simply let the enemy walk right in through the gate.

The prospect of the enemy just walking right in our front door is all to simple yet conspiratorial. By falling asleep we have invited the devil in.   Furthermore, what happens when the notion of what it is to be Catholic changes?  Now you can be a Mason, liberal a Marxist (according to the heretics) even a sodomite and be KATHOLIC.  All are invited to this table of Apostasy, that is, except, for real catholics.  The situation as is is hopeless without God directly intervening.  Sadly, in a short while many will participate in a “trick or treat” day which no Catholic should be taking part in.  Do we understand why some people would put poisons into the candy in an effort to hurt another human being?  Do we need to understand why the enemy poisoned us with rotten texts in Vatican II and in subsequent documents?  This world is riddled with evil and evil now has a home in Rome.  The enemy is on high and in control and will not stop short in getting everyone on board to the New Luciferian Religion.

The whip is needed to drive them out not dialogue.  So many false traditionalists would suggest to you "let us go into Rome and convert it".  This is the most utter rubbish that anyone can vomit out who still has use of reason.  The modernists are both nefarious and clever.  They know how to play the game and like any US election they know how to work both sides of the fence.  This is not a “I would like to dialogue about the truth” situation it is a “here is the truth” and if you don’t adhere to it we will continue to expose you type of situation.  Too many are trying to be diplomatic or “nice” in how we are to rid the churches of these demons of heresy.  But if you are constantly asleep at the gate and going through the motions you would never know who has entered in nor what is leaving the premises.  EHHH but who cares its only Truth it only concerns our eternal salvation, right?  The enemy has long been inside the Church seeking to destroy her from within in their efforts to create the new tower of babel, the new Babylon, they have convinced men of good will that what they are doing is for the betterment of the world.  And so men (supposedly keeping watch at the gate) nod in the sleep and roll back over.  Now those who were once at the gate are now said to be the enemies of those who have been walking in and out Jerusalem.  Don’t point the finger at anyone else but you for we all have share in how we have arrived at this point but going forward what are you going to do about it?  Silence in the face of heresy?  More sleeping at the latest scandals?  More “going along” with the rest in your church because everybody else is doing it? It is time now to awaken and close that gate.  March yourself right in and say this will not happen anymore.  Sooner or later you will find others alongside of you in the fight and the enemy will see you mean business instead of acting like a salaried employee of Lucifer himself..