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Friday, October 14, 2016

Antipope Francis: "The greatest reformers of our churches are the saints"

Francis: "The greatest reformers of our churches are the saints"
The Modernists of Vatican II like himself are not true reformers they are destroyers of the Lord's Vineyard. Francis is a straight savage...and the NeoSSPX thinks Francis is Catholic

Francis to Lutherans: "Proselytism is the most potent venom against the ecumenical journey"

11th Commandment?  Thous shalst Not Convert?

"The testimony that the world expects of us is to make visible God's mercy"

(José Manuel Vidal) .- The Pope receives a pilgrimage of Lutherans in the Paul VI Hall. Together pray and Francisco answers your questions: He says that "proselytism is the largest venom against unity , " the reformers "are the saints of both Churches" and that "the witness that the world expects from us is the mercy".


Some phrases of the Pope 's speech
"Thank you for your presence"
"We thank God because we are walking down the road that goes from conflict to communion"
"Pain division that still exists between us and joy for the communion we are achieving"
"We are crossing an important part of the way"
"To continue growing mutual understanding"
"By virtue of our baptism, we are one body"
"When one suffers, all suffer"
"Confidently we continue our ecumenical journey"
"What unites us is much more than what divides us" (Applause)
"At the end of this month, I will come near to Lund (Sweden). We will report after five centuries, the beginning of the reform of Luther and give thanks to God for the 50 years of dialogue between Lutherans and Catholics"
"The testimony that the world expects of us is to make visible God's mercy"
" It is the mercy of God that unites us" (Applause)
"while theologians continue the doctrinal dialogue"
"Dear young people, I encourage you to be witnesses of mercy"
"Helping them to each other"
"Unprejudiced shall be authentic protagonists of a new era in this way, with God's help, will lead to the desired communion"

The moderator replied: "We've brought something for you"
We want to give a globe of the earth and two knotted stoles (blue and yellow) and a book with renewed Luther's theses.
Then several young ask him questions.
My friends do not go to church, but they are my friends. Did I should advise you to go to church or not?
What do you like and dislike about the evangelical church?
What do you say the word reform and what are, for you, the most important reformers?
How to make the West remain Christian?
How to get the unit?

Pope takes notes and begins to answer. Paperless. Improvising on the fly. With his usual forcefulness.
"Thank you for the questions"
"I will start talking about something that I thought today in my morning prayer"
"The apostle Paul speaks of grace we have received. A grace, something we do not deserve"
"And it makes a design of what I would say is the letter of Christian indentidad"
" It says that we have been chosen, forgiven and we are moving towards the manifestation of Christ"
"Three characteristics of our identity. A Christian is a person elected, forgiven and on the way"
"We have not chosen Christ. He chose us and this is grace, pure grace"
"And we chose one by one, by name".
"This election is solid and forever by the blood of Christ, who has forgiven us"
"Elected and justified by the blood of Christ"
"Not justified by myself or a friend fellowship. We have forgiven the blood of Christ"
"And on the way, awaiting the glorious and definitive manifestation of the Lord Jesus"
"You can not understand a standing Christian. The Christian is always on the road"
"Should I convince my good companions of my faith?"
"What should I say to them to convince them "
"The last thing you should do is say. What you must do is to live as a Christian chosen, forgiven and on the way"

"It is not lawful convince your faith. Proselytism is the most potent venom against the ecumenical path" (Apleusos)
"You must bear witness to your Christian life. The testimony in which enters the heart"
"That is to prepare the ground for the Holy Esíritu, which is working hearts, make the way"
"Grace is a gift. And the Holy Esíritu is the gift of God, which comes grace"
"The gift that Jesus has sent us his passion, death and resurrection"
" It will be the Holy Spirit who moves the heart, with your testimony, and then you can give a reason for your faith, but without having to convince"
"Another question about the Reformation. Medieval theologians said that the Church must always seer reformed"
"Always" (Applause)
"This is progress and mature and small reforms of the Church wanted to go this way. Some have been exaggerated. Human things are not perfect. The fact reform is an ecclesial fact, that is what I mean"
"What are the greatest reformers of our churches I would say the greatest reformers of the churches are saints:. Those who follow the word of God and put it into practice and walk the way this reform the Church They may not teólogoso. sometimes are large, some small, but have a life full of the Gospel, they are the ones who reformed the Church "
" In both the Lutheran Church and the Catholic there are people like this. With holy heart, which follow the Gospel These are those who reformed the Church"
"Another question: What do I like and I dislike the Lutheran Church I like the Lutherans who really follow the faith of Christ?"
"I do not like lukewarm lukewarm Catholics or Lutherans. They do not like" (Applause)
"The contradiction of Western Christians who are against refugees and against people of other religions"
"This is something of newspapers and television news every day"
"The disease or sin that Jesus condemns most is hypocrisy"

"You can be a Christian without living as a Christian. You can not be a Christian without practicing the Beatitudes. You can not be a Christian without doing what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25"
"Jesus warns his disciples against this sin of hypocrisy"
"It is hypocritical to say Christian and cast out a refugee or a person who needs my help. If I say Christian and do these things, I am a hypocrite" (Applause)
"I quoted Matthew, 25. This is the protocol that we will all be judged"
"Jesus taught us Christian coherence in that beautiful parable of the Good Samaritan"
"This is the way forward An ecumenical journey among us. Help those in need and pray." (Applause)
"And all of us, evangelicals and Catholics walk together on the way of prayer for one another and the way the aid, which will lead us to the protocol of Matthew 25: I ayudarno s help those in need".
"I would also ask you a question. Who are the best? Evangelicals or Catholics?" (Applause)
After the answers the Pope, the Lutheran choir sings a song for the Pope.
"Let's reciar now prayer that unites us católcios and Lutherans"
And all together pray the Our Father and unite with scarves and ask the Holy Father to bless us. The Pope blesses gets the scarf without the sign.

 Another article:

Pope jokes in ecumenical meeting: Who is better - Catholics or Lutherans?

The pope met in the Vatican with this group of Catholics and German Lutherans who have traveled to Rome together.

The pope had the scarf for Catholic pilgrims, and it was symbolically tied to the one worn by Lutherans, so he wore both at the same time. Later, the pope held this funny dialogue with them, where they tried to trip him up with "trick questions."

"The question reads: Who do you think the great reformers are?"
"I think the greatest reformers of the Church are the saints who hear the word of God and act on it."

A German theology student asked him about what  he likes and does not like about the Lutheran Church. 

"I really like the good Lutherans, the Lutherans who follow the true faith of Jesus Christ."
"However, I do not like lukewarm Catholics and I do not like lukewarm Lutherans."

The pope's proposal was for Catholics and Lutherans to understand each other better and to support theological dialogue by helping those in need together through charitable works and prayers.

Afterwards, he bade them farewell with a joke.

"I also want to ask you a question."
"Who is better: Lutherans or Catholics?"
"It is better when they are together.” (HERETIC)

The surprising meeting ended in much applause when he said that despite the issues that divide them, deep down Lutherans and Catholics are already united, because they are all Christians.

One important element of this meeting is the anticipation of the spirit with which Pope Francis will travel to Sweden in late October, for the start of the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.