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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

7 Reasons As To Why I Cannot Take Bishop Fellay Seriously

7 Reasons As To Why I Cannot Take Bishop Fellay Seriously
By: Eric Gajewski

I have reported in recent months how the pseudo trad camp is beginning to free fall backing up this claim up with objective statistics coming from Alexa.  Alexa, is an independent website ranker, which is commonly used to identify a variety of statistical trends for websites in general.  Since I last made that report some months ago it hasn’t been any better with the pseudo trads as all of their websites have dramatically fallen including OnePeterFive which had fallen from a rank of 108k to about 132K.  That is pretty significant over that short period of time.  What this says is (and what I am saying in general) that a lot of people are tired of these websites and groups and looking for a “little bit of reality”. 

Pseudo Trad Falsehood. Whats that?  Your own bishop just said the Virgin Mary is a fourth member of the Trinity?  No problem just continue going to that Church(es) because you cannot leave it until a future Pope/Council declares him a heretic… you "schismatic"!  Theological fools are these pseudo traditionalists.  These groups/websites still hide behind the Council and many of them still cling to the New Mass being the “Ordinary Form”.  However, in this particular article I intend to call out Bishop Fellay for all the harm he has done to Tradition.  It should be no surprise to anyone now that he follows a certain false mystic who has been “guiding” him in this process of coming back under Modernist Rome.  It certainly has not been the principles of his founder guiding him.  Lets dig deeper as I once attended the NeoSSPX (for nearly two years) praying they would wake up but they are hell bent on their compromising path without any desire for return.  So why is Bishop Fellay not to be taken seriously?

 Vatican II cannot be accepted as (95 percent in the light of Tradition) as the NeoSSPX says and formally holds to

First, the new position of the Society to formally accept Vatican II as a Catholic Council.  Archbishop Lefebvre (as he left the Society) said EXACTLY the OPPOSITE!  There are still to many ignorant attendees of these chapels who argue “my priest is against Vatican II!”  You need to be more precise folks.  The Society will say there are novelties in the Council BUT that does not mean they REJECT the COUNCIL WHOLESALE as Catholics ought.  Again, this is how the NeoSSPX could eventually be embraced by Modernist Rome once gain.  By talking to Rome and asking for reclarifications on certain points is not the Catholic answer to the situation.  They are not  demanding Rome’s conversion (as Love would dictate) they are playing pussyfoot so they can gain some sort of appearance of being Catholic by the mainstream/false traditionalist sites which are so readily available today.  Once again, thank goodness these websites and their apologists are failing miserably in recent times.  The people see way too many loopholes and realize they can no longer support the compromise. 

Second, he thinks he is really following what Archbishop Lefebvre taught.  In used car salesman approach he is desperately seeking a Catholic label by the heretics of Rome.  Desperate is a light word to really describe what is going on.  How many times have we documented his slide away from what Archbishop Lefebvre had said and then had the audacity to kick out the faithful priests of Archbishop Lefebvre.  It is truly criminal to say the least.  Honestly, I could not stand people like that in the business world and have no respect nor tolerance for any Bishop let alone priest who acts as such (because he is leading the flock astray).  He should have been removed a long time ago but as they say the blind will lead the blind.  Bishop Fellay follows liberals along side of his false mystic and now he thinks that the conservative cardinals aren’t so bad!  Did you all catch how the NeoSSPX is now more consistently using the Conciliarist language of  “Extraordinary Form” for the true Mass?  Blind eyes will never want to see though, right?

Third, he states that Sedevacantists and Resistance types have lost their love for the Church.  This is yet another laughable argument.  He loves the truth and the Church so much that he is willing to positively be identified as a Catholic by Francis!  He loves the Church so much that he was willing to hide his negotiations with Rome only to be later caught red handed in his compromise!  He loves the Church so much he told his priests to stop combating error as the Society was talking with Rome!  Please don’t give me that NONSENSE as to how we don’t love the Church.  This Bishop has long lost it folks like his two minions Salza and Siscoe.  I almost want to use the word con artist as his own actions dictate his disdain for truth and speak to his love for human respect.  I would personally love to talk to him or any of his supporters via phone on the matter but they know better.  They cannot prove what I said to be false.  I haven’t had one of them last more than ten minutes on the phone before hanging up because they couldn’t admit the facts of the situation.

Fourth, his constant flip flopping and downright lying about areas that Catholics have a duty in knowing.  “No, we are not talking to rome”…only to find out they were…then it was a grievous sin for us to be trying to figure what was going on.  Sound like the Light?  Or the deeds done in darkness trying to hide things?  Folks, if you change your overall position on the Council you then have to rebrand and then you have to change your narrative and that is exactly what they have done.  It is the “updating” of the Society wilst trying to convince the masses there is a “hermeneutics of continuity” between Fellay and Lefebvre.  Pride ruins many. You can do a simple search on google for all my articles exposing the pseudo traditionalists, Bishop Fellay and the NeoSSPX. 

Five, he actually thinks Francis is Catholic and that he is not so bad.  Did he ever really read Pope St. Pius X’s warnings on the Modernists and how they act?  I remember when for a few days on the SSPX official website they had Francis pegged as a true Modernist and then in their stupidity they realized that didn’t fit their narrative so they had to pull it.  Folks the Society no longer speaks truth because they are bottled into a certain narrative all in an effort to be accepted.  What type of idiot still wants to be recognized by those who openly admit they are trying to convert us and not the other way around?  Bishop Fellay is gullible and naïve in the very least, however, from my perspective, it is far worse than this.  Someone who has the track record as he does cannot be claimed to be gullible/naïve. 

Six, he has the audacity to try and convince others that true prudence “is being put under the Conciliarists” when his own founder said otherwise.  How in the world do people gobble up this garbage without ever questioning nor looking into the matter is beyond me.  However we have a situation similar to the Conciliar Church in the Society.  People blindly followed the Pope and Vatican II now you have the followers of Fellay doing the same.  Ignorance and pride yet again rearing its ugly head.  “We can convert them” he argues and yet people (good ones) are dropping out in droves from the Society and the people who do stay or are coming in are already poisoned (largely).  This is nothing to boast over.  In all honesty he has a difficult time convincing himself let alone others in some of the theological vomit which comes out of his smiling mouth.  

Lastly, his disastrous recent interviews.  I have appeared on many shows this past year yet I do not claim to be an expert in giving interviews.  However, people closely associated with Fellay were even rolling their eyes after some of the interviews he gave this past year.  He could not even get the basics of our Faith down (concerning the Jews) and even tried to demonize the Resistance by resorting to the “holocaust denying card”.  Bishop Fellay is truly a piece of work to say the least.  I am astonished how there are still as many as there are taking this Bishop seriously.  His cheerleaders/apologists are truly no better in general.  In fact, they can be largely to blame as well.  They are just as incompetent.  I recently had Robert Siscoe (out of nowhere) email me recently in desperate attempt to be heard (as if I wanted to hear it).  Salza and Siscoe are heretics and Fr. Kramer has exposed these two theological clowns enough over the past month.  How did Siscoe even get my email and when did I ask to be solicited by Him?  Desperation is coming from all angles folks.   The “house of cards” called the NeoSSPX is crumbling fast and they are doing anything and everything to salvage what is left (which is not much) to the detriment of their own character.

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