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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Warning! Monster Coronal Hole Faces Earth

Warning! Monster Coronal Hole Faces Earth – Solar Storms Watch in Effect for the 9-11 July (Video)


NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has revealed that a monster coronal hole faces Earth. The opening sprawls across most of the sun’s northern hemisphere.

The gap in the sun’s magnetic field lets out a stream of particles traveling at up to 400 miles (640 kilometers) per second, kindling a days-long geomagnetic storm upon hitting Earth. 
The irregular structure of the hole gives corresponding structure to the incoming solar wind. NOAA analysts believe the solar wind’s pressure will be greatest on July 9th and July 11th, with a lull in between. So those are the best days to look for high-latitude auroras.
An increase in solar flare activity may be possible with the addition of three new regions (2562, 2563 and 2564) now turning into view off the east limb. 
A G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm watch is now in effect for the 9 July and 11 July UTC-days. A disturbance in the solar wind due to recurrent positive polarity coronal hole high speed streams (CH HSSs) is likely to cause minor geomagnetic storming. 

Monster Coronal Hole faces Earth - SOLAR STORMS WATCH in Effect for the 9 and 11 July 

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