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Friday, July 8, 2016

Two Snipers Just Shot 11 Cops, Killing Four at Black Lives Matter Protest in Dallas

Two Snipers Just Shot 11 Cops, Killing Four at Black Lives Matter Protest in Dallas

Daily Sheeple

Foreword by Eric Gajewski: #‎SummerofBlood‬ another shooting this time in Dallas. This is just the beginning. It seems the endgame may begin this summer. More ‪#‎guncontrol‬ propaganda assured to come folks!It is all apart of the plan to disarm for an easier takeover of USA. Race wars, civil unrest and revolution is exactly what the NWO want. ‪#‎newfalsemessiahcoming‬

Over 500 citizens have been shot and killed by police so far this year and protests against the killings, the police violence and brutality, have broken out across the country when, in just two days, two men were shot and killed by cops for seemingly no reason. One was shot by a cop during a traffic stop for a broken tail light and his girlfriend livestreamed it onto Facebook; the other was already pinned to the ground by two officers, tased, and in the process of being handcuffed when they found a gun on him and shot him. Both died.

In one of dozens of protests against police violence across the country in Dallas last night, police say a coordinated attack by two snipers in elevated positions ended the lives of four police officers and wounded another seven. One is reportedly in surgery at this time. Reuters is reporting it as one of the worst shootings of police in recent U.S. history. Some of the officers were shot in the back.
One suspect was arrested following a shootout with police; another person of interested turned himself in but there is no word yet if he has been confirmed as one of the shooters.
Video below shows the moment sniper fire rang out and panicked protesters scattered.

Funny how this seems to fit perfectly with the martial law race war agenda leading up to this year’s election…