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Friday, July 1, 2016

TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. Tenpenny "Dangers Of Vaccines"

TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. Tenpenny "Dangers Of Vaccines"
Talk given 7-1-16  (aprx 30 mins)

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three specialties. She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, an integrative medical clinic located near Cleveland, Ohio. Opened in 1996, her company provides a natural, holistic approach to getting well and off prescription medications. The primary focus of the medical center is thyroid conditions, allergy elimination and resolving issues of chronic pain. Her approaches have attracted patients from all 50 states and 17 countries.

Dr Tenpenny has invested more than 20,000 hours documenting the problems associated with vaccines. As an internationally known speaker and author, her many articles have been translated into more than 10 languages. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV to share her knowledge and educate parents on their vaccine options.

KEY vaccine website: http://www.VaccineResearchLibrary.com
Office website: www.TenpennyIMC.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/vaccineinfo

Twitter: BusyDrT
Email: drtenpenny@gmail.com

Book: Saying No To Vaccines: A Resource Guide to All Ages

DVDs and Books available at the store on TenpennyIMC.com

Topics included in this talk: trend in vaccine push, forced vaccinations coming?, Vaccine history, myths of Vaccines, fraudulent data used, what is in the Vaccines, vaccines affecting our health, Bill Gates and vaccines, its all about the money, big pharma, mainstream media perpetuating fear to get them, Vaccine indoctrination, dangers of vaccines and more!

 TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. Tenpenny "Dangers Of Vaccines"