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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Time Frame for WW3?

 Time Frame for WW3?
By: Eric Gajewski
Many have been asking for a roundabout time frame for #ww3. Although it is theoretically possible for the NWO to keep after this endgame for another entire year thru 2017 I would say it is highly unlikely. We have had Francis saying this will be the last Christmas or something similar to that effect. We have had propaganda for his supposed resignation in general (he is not the real pope) and several insiders including Leo Zagami stating cardinals say this will occur  during his visit to Argentina.  If he bails out what will happen in Rome?  This is where the other nefarious character Yeshua ben Joseph will arrive unto the scene (not claiming to be Pope) but will formally unite all religions/humanity.  He is the false prophet and sidekick to the New Age Antichrist Maitreya who will have support from the U.N. and Israel. 
When is this visit to Argentina? It is slated for early 2017 seems like January/February sometime. This would fit the timetable of when WW3 would break out. After Planet X or the star sign is pitched through the mainstream media announcing the New age and a new messiah in late December. Therefore I would say whether its Obama, Clinton or Trump it doesn't matter. Our Lady said the consecration would be done late (implying after ww3 had broken out). Therefore the consecration in my opinion done by Benedict XVI's successor would be after that point at some point.  The riots and race war card are already in play and worldwide revolutions will occur after the economic collapse.  The economic collapse may very well be this September (if not sooner) which would be a perfect setup for the notorious month for Revolution in October.  By the way the Bolshevik revolution was in 1917 the same year as Our Lady of Fatima.  Do not be surprised that the worldwide revolutions unravel in October 2017.  November, the elections may be canceled but it doesn't matter the USA will collapse on all levels regardless "who is on charge".  If you don't think so then ask your self the question "Why are they building underground cities for the past 50 years?" Pretty obvious that the powers in charge know it is not going to be safe on any level on the surface of earth.
The false peace treaty will take place before world war 3 so under my current scenario it would have to take place before January/February.  Please keep in mind if it is not this year I don't see how we escape the year 2017 with ALL of these things happening which is why I pay attention to the news so closely on a nightly basis to keep you all informed. The BIG Question is will this endgame charade be only a few months or last another entire year until December 2017? Can you imagine another whole year of this endgame being dragged out? Sadly, I still could but such is Gods mercy to awaken as many as we can.  In summary, in my opinion the actual outbreak of WW3 will be either in the early months of 2016 or 2017.....