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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pokemon: Occult Agenda / NWO Brainwashing Game!

Pokemon: Occult Agenda / NWO Brainwashing Game!

Jay Will 

Pokemon An Occult Agenda to Brainwash All Ages

Let’s investigate the sensation also known as Pokemon.
If you are just like me in that case you are not quite sure what this is.
I researched numerous posts online prior to arriving to my conclusion that Pokemon is basically yet another instrament of the Illuminati and the occult…

Pokemon Go & The Illuminati's Transhumanist Augmented Reality Matrix EXPOSED 

Pokemon is translated as “Pocket Monsters.” In addition it was unveiled to us in the mid-1990″s.
Pokemon still remains trendy.
The launch of the Pokemon Go app increased its reputation to astounding heights as users seek out these monsters, with their smart phones.
The news media outlets mongered us into thinking it will  with out a doubt result in getting robbed or run over by a car, as these things things have in fact  occurred to a few players.
*Notice the All Seeing Eye on the “O” of “Go”
The Pokemon figures are essentially a collection of monsters in which participants will use to fight an opponent. The catalog of monsters deciphers like the list of 72 demons from the Goetia. All of them having a variety of mystical powers and abilities that the participant can enhance in order to develop into a more powerful competitor.
The entire objective is to train your Pokemon to come to be more robust in their skills and evolve into far more powerful monsters.
Crowleys-Goetia-Summoning-Demons-Ouroboros (1)
One illustration is Haunter; a ghost having the capability to levitate and haunt others.
Its evolved shape is Gengar, which in turn has more attributions that an individual will find with an actual ghost.
What is curious about those handful of “ghost” Pokemon is the fact that they happen to be the color purple.
This color symbolizes the “Mauve Zone”.
the Mauve Zonean region is where you can discover the “hidden” demons of qlippoth, in the “shadow realm” on the dark side of the Kabbalah Tree of Life…

This Zone is identified in Kenneth Grant’s, “Beyond the Mauve Zone”, in words of communicating with other mundane entities with supernatural powers:
Access to the Mauve Zone has been facilitated in more recent times by the use of magical systems developed by occultists such as Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley, both of whom established contact with inter-dimensional entities possessed of trans-human knowledge and power. Both systems involve the use of sexual magic to open hidden gates that have remained sealed for centuries.
Without a doubt, upon additional assessment of the other temporal Pokemon recognized as Gengar, we discover it to be referred to as 1 of the “Shadow” Pokemon…
The other questionable characters of Pokemon are the creatures referred to as Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam.
The Evangelical Christians exalted a fuss regarding these characters, and even though I ordinarily try to maintain a level mind and steer clear of siding with “over-paranoia,” I have to point out they might be accurate! Hear me out…
The characters were meant to be presented as Hocus and Pocus; nonetheless they had been transformed to Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam in recognition of the spell incantation per Wikipedia.
Those of you that read Sacrafice, “Magic Behind The Mic”, definitely understand that Abracadabra is a component of the occult belief of framing the universe to the practitioner’s self will.
Fulfilling the wants of Aleister Crowley, Paulo Coelho, and The Secret.
Now, supplying the relevance of wordplay in the “rap genre”, it should not be a whole lot of a expansion of the creativeness to ponder that musicians are utilizing actual magic to produce their art.

The term Abracadabra includes Aramaic roots and virtually means, “as I speak; I create.”
It is a magical belief technique that projects an illusion and helps make the viewer believe it, which inturn will make it a reality.
It is no diverse than “the concept of the media” or “entertainment industry” reproducing a false theme to followers until eventually it turns into an accepted “reality.”
We observe pharmaceutic companies forcing advertising and marketing of new conditions until we believe it impacts us.
In regards to that, They’re creating something out of nothing: hokus pokus.

"Pokemon GO" Is Massive MIND CONTROL! (2016) 

Hokus pokus is an expression utilized by witches and magicians as well; with roots of good remarks to the gnostic deity known as Abraxas ; as per Texe Marrs’ Codex Magica, and early physicians made use ofit to utilize it for healing powers.
That is of non what so ever shocking, since the commencing of the Hypocratic Oath starting out with talk of execration to Apollo and other pagan deities.
Therefore we discover that Pokemon uses this same process here with these 3 linked characters. They have the anticipated supernatural abilities such as ESP, teleportation, and other psychic abilities. In fact, it is now known that magician Uri Geller sued Nintendo over all these characters due to the fact he presumed them being modeled after him with his  to bend spoons with the mind!
While looking at the specific characters we are able to observe symbols that indicate they without a doubt are occult in origin.

Corporate Logos are Ancient Pagan Symbols - Do You Really Understand Who Controls The World? 


The outlines on Kadabra’s chest show to look similar to the lightning bolts of the Nazi party’s S.S. Schutzstaffel, that will link us into the lightning symbolism of Lucifer; the Fallen Angel.
This is not the 1st time we have noticed entertainment targeted towards children that utilizes magic and lightning bolt symbolism…
Yet another description with regard to these lines is that they are in fact waves obtained from the Zener cards.
That are used to test an individual’s mental powers.
The Zener cards are components of the Spiritualism activity sought to bring together scientific principles with religion via parapsychology, and several figures who have delved in to occult concepts have played a part in this movement like, Carl Jung.
In the beginning series of Ghostbusters we see Bill Murray’s character evaluating psychic abilities with utilizing of Zener cards. Even considerably more precisely, the waves card that we see on Kadabra.
The red star is likewise an occult symbol when we contemplate that the Communist movement is linked into occult desires, for example the deterioration of religion and the escalating influence of government, New World Order. The red star symbolizes Communism. Nonetheless it can adequately be the symbol of Lucifer; the blazing star and recipient of faithfulness from occult groups.
Remember how the extremely occult-connected Charles Manson and Family murders took out Sharon Tate to whom was infamously identified for her racy photo shoot where she wore the red star of Lucifer?
Please note that she ended up being tragically murdered following the release of Rosemary’s Baby. A film regarding a satanic cult that desired to create Crowley’s “moon child” demon by means of sex magic rituals. Including Tate was initially meant to play the role of the mother of the demon spawn:
It presents itself as the objective of the Pokemon phenomenon, especially Pokemon Go, is to generate contact with all these monsters. Those entities will then be utilized for their powers and they have a common commitment with the player/magician.
In reality, the lyrics to the Pokemon song service this type of idea:
Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I’ll teach you
(Po-ke-mon) Gotta catch ’em all
This commitment among the monster and the enthusiast is no diverse than what we have observed from ceremonial magicians. For instance Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons who tried to contact a variety of spirits and entities to be able to learn from them. As a matter of fact, all of Crowley’s Thelema religion is based from his communication with the spirit known as Aiwass!

“Teach me and I’ll teach you” is indeed the axiom of any good occultist magician…
Comparable to various other superhero tales we are being “spoon fed”; the idea of Evolution plays a vital role in Pokemon. The entire game is developed upon 1st generating contact with these monsters, and 2nd capturing them. That will be executed by the magicians as they trap the entity in a magic-triangle. Just after they trap them, the players have to train the demons and make them evolve directly into the next more significant powered character.
They lyrics to the Pokemon theme song additionally assist this kind of thinking:
I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide.
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that’s inside
Thinking one of the major aspects of occultism in the early 2000s as we are inundated with a variety of ideas and themes of evolution in our amusement. We are being brain washed to allow the idea that mankind can evolve into beings with supernatural powers.
In conclusion:
We are being brainwashed to believe in the “further evolved” alien theory in a way that when these demonic entities appear, we will learn from them. Some even lay claim that the alien idea is internally foretasted by mankind simply because we desperately want a guiding force to tell us what to do!
Our entertainment is supplying that for us in the expectations that we will some day summon these demonic entities.
We are also getting brain washed to simultaneously distance ourselves from traditional religious beliefs in what presents itself to be a synchronized attempt of the occult to convey the Crowley Aeon of Horus and the new-age of mankind that searches to evolve humans through trans-humanism.
I am certainly not a type of person to try and knock what others consider as entertainment. If Pokemon is an item that gives you pleasure in life; PLEASE proceed to allow it to do so. Nonetheless, be mindful that the concepts inherent in the procedures of evolution and communicating with supernatural entities and seeking to be some kind of trained wizard perhaps can steer you straight down the path of the occult.
They have positioned traps everywhere you go that will entice the unsuspicious into substantially darker territories.
I ask you to merely think about the symbols, strategies, and beliefs being applied by the Illuminati and their power.