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Sunday, July 17, 2016

How Can You Support TradCatKnight?

How Can You Support TradCatKnight?
By: Eric Gajewski

Over the past few weeks some of you have been asking how you can further assist TradCatKnight and this apostolate.  I am very thankful for those who continue to support this apostolate but we still have a lot of work to do.  Through your continued prayers and financial assistance you have made this website the number one traditional catholic website in the world much to the dismay of so many supposed traditionalists (sedevacantists or otherwise). We are currently ranked by Alexa as a top 35k website worldwide and a top 30k website in the USA.  Let us take a look at some areas that I need better help as the day’s progress for as you know I have no additional help internally as to the day to day operations.  My health has been poor the last few months and in fact the last few years but we must press on. 

One- Information Circulation:  Please continue to share the articles and videos via social media or simply through email.  Once you share it then it is more liable to be shared by another.  As I have mentioned this is an information war.  This is about awareness and education.   If you believe Archbishop Lefebvre and Father Hesse got it right then you will want to stand behind this work.  It does no good if you know and the rest of those around you remain ignorant.  Do not be afraid to share information ….this is vital to our progress

Two- More Contributors:  Over the past few months I have picked up a few more contributors however overall it is still poor.  Due to the recent issues in the Resistance it seems people now are just boxed up or just want to move information which incriminates another party.  It is not going to happen on this website as you know and perhaps that has something to do with it.   Nevertheless, whatever your background or area of expertise let me know!  I need more writers and contributors.  We have an outlet and a foundation so why not utilize it, right?  You can write on theological matters or any of the areas I cover at TradCatKnight.  I cannot guarantee every article, blog or video be shown however we need to get more proactive as Catholics in general.  Do not sit on the sidelines.

Three- Special Guest Recommendations: This is pretty straight forward.  I need more consistent help with finding quality special guests from the internet.  There are several who do so regularly but my time is hard pressed now.  I simply do not have the time to take out daily to spend an hour researching and sending invites out.  So as you come across a potential guest be sure to email them to me along with their contact info!

Four- Spread Word of TradCatKnight:  Whether it is at the local park, summer BBQ or wherever it is please keep this apostolate circulating via word of mouth.  I have a lot of backlinks on the internet but this is not enough.  Please take it upon yourself to continually assist in this Counter Revolution and point them into my direction.  Family, friends or people at your own churches are all invited to our information.

Five- For website owners:  Please do not forget to make a page for TradCatKnight on your page.  You will be linked to the top traditional catholic website in the world.  Do not forget to Bookmark us and check in daily as I typically provide about 10+ new blogs daily outside of all the daily news we are reporting upon in the Twitter news-feed.  Many also do not realize that you can order TradCatKnight t-shirts from the main page as well.  I recommend this one. http://www.customink.com/designs/tcknewcs1/wcb0-00a9-196m/hotlink

Six- Donations:  Fundraising is a very difficult area to speak about for most.  I remember my time in the business world and how it could be awkward approaching people for monies for the company worked for.  However, my friends, I believe, this apostolate is Christ’s and I am simply leading it.  Therefore it is not mine.  All those who have donated to this effort should be seen as co-sharer’s in this work/website.  In part it is yours therefore I need daily and consistent financial support in order to maintain what has been accomplished but then to also keep moving forward.  I am not complacent are you? Should we be satisfied with what has already been done?  We continue to grow in terms of our daily viewing audience and yet the past few months the overall donations have slid.  I have a couple handful of peoples I know I can rely upon BUT what about the thousands of the rest who continue to read and enjoy the information presented?  Love works, lend a hand, thanks

Seven- Feedback: In order to get better ideas I fully encourage feedback.  Please note I am very simple and although I try to make this the best possible experience for everyone there are simply some things which at the present I cannot make happen.  The more ideas the better.

Eighth- Prayer!:  This is most important to this website.  Please say one rosary a day with the intention for TradCatKnight.  I hope this short blog helps with those who have been asking about how they can support TradCatKnight….Do not forget to subscribe to TradCatKnight on Youtube!

*As a side note: I apologize that I cannot get to everyone’s questions all at once but I am doing my best to get to them all.  In addition, sometimes emails get lost in my account or are sent to the spam folder for some reason.  I have recently turned off the youtube comments in an effort to get a better handle on my email account (my email would get flooded with YT comments).  Also, I am still offering to talk to individuals on a one on one basis via the phone for those with questions.