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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fr. Voigt- Judgment is a Reality

Fr. Voigt- Judgment is a Reality
"Give an account..." the Master said to the steward.  Who is this steward that wasted the talents that God has given to him.  In the grand scheme of things this unworthy administrator is known as the devil.  He had received the light beyond all others and was called Lucifer (the Light bearer).  He should have passed on the light that he had received from God but he sought to grasp at equality with God and make himself God's equal. He sought an "impossibility."  In his impossible situation he dragged a third of the angels with him and now they are making their presence felt everywhere.

From being a "light bearer" the devil and his companions have become the demons of death.  Daily we read more and more reports of demonic action bringing death in greater numbers.  It is not the gun that does it but it is the allegiance given to the Father of lies and deceits.  He comes to us and tells us we don't need to give God 100% of our good works (the oil of the saints) instead sit down and write that you owe God some lip service.  It compromises with the words of our Lord in which He stated we cannot serve two masters.  You cannot serve the devil and God at the same time.  You cannot be attached to this world and its pleasures and be with God.
To achieve the kingdom of heaven you must be 100% a person of prayer and dedication to the service of God and neighbor.  We cannot compromise the words and works of God.  Our good works must speak of our dedication to the love of God.

How about taking off one-fifth of your wheat which represents the faith.  You don't have to hold one hundred per cent to the word of God.  You can compromise with the faith and accept the Novus Ordo because you must practice the habit of "tolerance".  Today we must "go along to get along".   As the infamous Rodney King spoke:
"Can't we all just get along!"  No, I am sorry to say that we cannot tolerate error.  Error is a poison that destroys the integrity of the faith vision.  Like the philoxera (a bug that infects a plant from the inside)  so error destroys the interior life of the Catholic.  We no longer believe in the marks of the Church.  The true Church is one, holy, apostolic and Catholic and through it men and women can attain salvation; outside of it there is no salvation because there is no union with the Lord's Mystical Body.

Now it is very clear to us then with what poisonous prudence this unjust steward alters the due debts of religion, transferring them from the right to the left-hand side of the account.  And it "was not without purpose that the Lord, to Whom we are indebted, suffered greater losses in His oil, by which our good works are signified, than in His wheat, placed before us as a figure of the Life-giving faith." (St. Gaudentius)  The saint continues on informing us the Our Lord praises satan for his cunning,
the awful prudence, of the unjust steward; He praised him because he had prepared his fraud with such subtle evil.He praises him menacingly because at the same time he condemns him as unjust.  Now what about each of us debtors to the goodness of the Lord Who has given us so many talents to be used in good works and in faith.
Are we being deceived today by the murderous methodology of the evil one.  Or are we prepared?

Do you know that this world as we know it is passing away and that the birth pangs of a new and holier world is about to break forth from the womb of this evil age?  Are many saved?  Our Lord told to enter by the narrow gate for broad is the path to perdition and many there are that go that way.  Don't be deceived but be forewarned that trials and tribulations are coming upon this world in this "final battle" with the evil one and his minions.  They are everywhere seeking to force upon us a global society of mass men who will not be able to reason but will work as slaves to the Jewish masters who have learned from their Lucifer how to mutilate and destroy all that is Christlike.  Hell will break into this world and from it you and I must learn to choose to love rather than hate; to continue to do good and to hold onto the faith.  Perseverance will acquire the prize of holiness and happiness.  May Our Lady and Our Lord grant us the grace to overcome the unjust steward.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt