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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fr. Kramer Flattens CallMeJorge

Fr. Kramer Flattens CallMeJorge
 Foreword by Eric Gajewski: CallMeIrrelevant ,NovusOrdoBotch and CathDisinfo must mention me periodically because they know with each passing day that they slip into a deeper irrelevancy (less and less follow them; visibility) ...dont believe me? go to alexa.com and search the rankings of my website vs those.......
CallMeJorge weighs in with an "outstanding" Alexa rank of 4.7 million... LOL!
We had that after a few days on TradCatKnight 
Talk about irrelevant.  Besides this simpletons own family who is consistently viewing his/her material? Answer, nobody 

As much as I would have like to have responded to this little gnats attack...Fr. Kramer beat me to the punch...
Here he answers CallMeIrrelevant

"The knucklehead blogger is too obtuse to grasp that there is a 'defect of intention' in Benedict's act of renunciation; which is reinforced by his own words on 27 Feb 2013. Benedict explicitly stated his intention to not relinquish entirely the papal munus of office. Case closed. Benedict is still the pope. Within days after his renunciation, Mons. Gänswein emphasized that Benedict still considered himself in some limited capacity to be pope. He has now explained that more completely. What is incredible is that the "conservative" NO people and the semitrads (pseudotrads) are frothing at the mouth against the idea that Benedict is still the only man in white with a valid hold on the papacy. What they have all failed to notice is that Benedict has not issued any denial of what Gänswein has so publicly stated to be not his own opinion, but the mind of Pope Benedict himself. "Francis" has replied only an ambiguous one liner: "There is only one pope" -- but he did not say that the only one pope is himself!"

Eric: Cathinfo still allows crazy Feeneyite sedevacantist heretics to post there. It is a cesspool of gossip.  They also continually to deny Bishop Williamson was wrong in his comments on the New Mass.   NovusOrdoBotch/Mario Deeerksen continue to be the sede fundamentalist he is. A simpleton is an overstatement; a coward who ran from me about a year ago from debate.  He doesnt get my time now and this bothers him. Im sure he loses sleep over me, pathetic websites (all three)... 

Fr Kramer added this: "If I were David Letterman, I would just mention the word "cathinfo", and everybody would laugh."

CallMeIrrelevant, NovusOrdoBotch and CathDisinfo have been answered...

Must I also mention that it is public record of the intention of the St. Gallen Mafia to remove Benedict from office thus making "his resignation" invalid.  The whole puppet charade game of Benedict XVI appearing before the masses (forced) saying otherwise (not even written by him) does not suffice.