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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bishop Fellay Says Talks Will Continue With Rome and Requests 50,000,000 Acts of Penance

Bishop Fellay Says Talks Will Continue With Rome and Requests 50,000,000 Acts of Penance

(Zaitzkofen) The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X confirmed last Saturday that the talks with Rome are to continue, and announced a new Rosary crusade. It should serve the spiritual preparation for the centennial commemoration of the apparitions of Fatima in 1917, which will take place in the coming year.

 The Rosary Crusade was announced at the ordinations in Zaitzkofen. It will be held until August 22, 2017 from 15 August 2016th

The prayer of the Rosary should be connected to acts of penance. Bishop Fellay spoke of "50 million acts of penance". More details will soon be announced.
Zaitzkofen, in the Regensburg Diocese, is the seminary of the SSPX for the German-speaking  and adjacent areas. On July 2, Bishop Fellay ordained there three new priests.
In his homily, the Superior General confirmed that the talks between the SSPX and the Vatican will continue. Bishop Fellay explained that the salvation of souls is the ultimate goal of the Catholic Church and thus also of the Fraternity. That objective is "higher" than a canonical recognition of the Fraternity.
But nothing is more important than the Catholic faith and the unconditional acceptance of this belief for the salvation of souls. "Without [Catholic] faith no one can be saved," Bishop Fellay said, as he made serious allegations against the ecclesiastical authorities: "Since the council, the defense and the propagation of the faith became something of secondary importance."
Speaking to Gloria.tv Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the SSPX, has shown sympathies for the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Although he does not give much attention to political issues, Fellay considers his own country, Switzerland, which is not part of the European Union on the right track. Fellay admits that the European Union could have been something beautiful, but currently it rather looks like a dictatorship. Therefore Fellay is "not unhappy" that Britain has separated itself from the EU dictatorship.

Bishop Fellay explains that the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X follows a clear line: "We are Catholic and we will remain Catholic.” The Society will stick to the faith and not allow “the faith to suffer in any way".

Fellay is adamant that there cannot be any agreement between the Vatican and the SSPX as long as both do not agree on matters of Faith.

According to Fellay the negotiations with the Vatican in 2012 failed because of ambiguous formulations in the documents: "I have said from the beginning: I do not accept ambiguities." Fellay explains that they are not a solution to the problem, but its postponement into the future: "This means, tomorrow the problems will be back." Bishop Fellay hopes for a solution concerning the canonical situation of the SSPX provided that clarity will prevail.

He illustrates the situation of the SSPX with the example of a burning house. As long as the fire fighters do not show up, anybody who is available will help extinguishing the fire. According to Fellay this is the role of SSPX: "We help as much as we can to save souls because those in charge fail to act." According to Fellay a possible recognition of the SSPX would recognize it as a group of “fire fighters”.

Bishop Fellay explains that there is not a single bishop of the official Church who openly stands behind the SSPX. Anyone who would do so, Fellay believes, would suffer the same "fate" as the SSPX.

Fellay says that wherever the SSPX appears it produces an explosion: "This is very, very, very amazing." Fellay told the Holy Father about this: "It is as if we would bear the sign of contradiction of our Saviour." The Society harvests "hatred": "Wherever we are, we cause a reaction of the devil." Anyone, who approaches the Society, participates in the honour to suffer for Jesus Christ.

When asked, if he is weary of office after having been the superior general of the SSPX for more than twenty years, Bishop Fellay responds, that his second mandate ends in 2018: "If I'm tired? Humanly spoken yes." A younger successor would bring a fresh wind: "I would be happy if that happens. I'm in God’s hands. As God wills."

The Neo SSPX needs to get back on board with what Lefebvre sais about Vatican II and that is a complete REJECTION of it...