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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Beginning of the End: Churchmen Have Merged With The World

Beginning of the End: Churchmen Have Merged With The World
By Eric Gajewski
St Anthony of Desert 4th century - 'Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say if they had lived in our day faith would be easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date (Vatican 2) and be made meaningful to today’s problems. When the Church and world art one know then that those days art at hand (beginning of thee End). Because our Divine Master placed a barrier between His things and the things of this world.

Could there be any more perfect description of the current crisis?  St. Anthony the Great warns us long in advance of the times we live in.  What is sad is that churchmen would rather follow the world and make this place some sort of utopia as opposed to staying locked in on our heavenly home.  The answer by those following Vatican II that both is being done is pure rubbish.  Per post Coniliar “doctrine” itself it is clear that trying to convert men into the true Faith is pure poppycock and nonsense.  Thus we have easily refuted this silly claim.  The modernists behind Vatican II are interested in creating this new city of Man for they have handed their hearts over to the spirit of this age.  What is the spirit of this age?  It is of man and therefore it is of antichrist.  The number of man is 666 and we are being drowned in this new religion daily.

 Praying with the Jews is grounds for automatic excommunication...

Churchmen have stopped fighting the modern world and now seek a place in it.  Can you say “human respect”?  Put aside the obvious Judeo-Masonic infiltration of the Church and you will see that we have lax and lukewarm clergymen who no longer want to fight the principles of this cult of man.  They do not want to stick their necks out for Christ and the Church and be labeled crazy or perhaps have some illicit judgement pronounced against them.  O’ woe is me!  These souls are still full of themselves and truly are still enemies of Christ.  The Holy Ghost was not behind the Second Vatican Council but the spirit of man was and from this spirit came novel and heretical new teachings that can be found not only in the Council itself but subsequently as well.

 That about sums it up.  These are the theological buffoons calling us heretics!

They will say if they had lived in our day.  Here St. Anthony points out all the excuse making given by our current churchmen/clergy.  Sounds pretty typical to me.  Why do they say things are complex?  Because the modern world is complex and they have adjoined themselves unto it.  This is only logical.  And since things are complex we must make the Church complex and “try to build this new earthly utopia”.  Can you imagine St Peter and Paul cruising by the Vatican on “earth day”?  My goodness they would have cried out against these modernist heretics.  Thank God we have been warned of these times by Scripture, Tradition, the holy mystics and the Blessed Virgin Mary herself.  It should be quite clear at this point (to those putting in time to learn) of the nefarious nature of those in the Vatican trying to bring about their new formalized One World Religion!  The Faith has been put on the back-burner and the new Faith (according to these modernists) is that we all “have faith” and this is good enough for this modern world.  

 The modern world & Vatican II are irreconcilable with Tradition and Truth

Beginning of the End.  Vatican II, the Revolution, indeed, marked the beginning of the end as we head closer to the great chastisements foretold at Fatima.  The endgame has begun with the modernists attempt to remove this barrier God has placed between us and the world.  The world is one of our three enemies and yet those following Vatican II have no problem following these already previously (often infallible) condemned principles.  Can we go along with the Vatican II cult of man “stream”?  No we must swim like valiant fish upstream against the tide of the current direction of the vast majority of churchmen.  They have simply lost the Faith and find it easier swimming downstream.  Sadly, the end of that stream ends in the whale’s mouth (belly of the Beast) ready to eat them all.  Be valiant and keep on fighting!  We were chosen for these time to be fighters.  We were chosen for this exact moment to stand up for the true Faith and refute these churchmen who have literally lost their minds and continue to illicitly and sadly call others crazy and heretics!  St. Anthony forewarned us of them thus let us ask for his intercession today in these mad modern times we live in.