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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...

Here is some of the latest emails passing thru my inbox...
 *Where no response is given either I emailed them privately or spoke to them on the phone

I just wanted to thank you so much for your ministry.  We have moved from the novus ordo to the resistance because of much of you have written, and I have learned so much.  It is nice to know that I am not the only one who feels as you do.  How can I support you? 
God Bless You and your apostolate!
Marie L

I'm a recovering alcoholic. Been using AA for 15years and have stayed 
sober. I don't join in prayer and leave before folks join hands.
Uncomfortable going to meetings but am afraid I'd drink again if I don't go. 
I attend OLHC w/ Fr. Perez

Regards, Tim  


Congratulations for bringing the truth. Do you know John Walsh, at the 
Catholic Bookstore in Davie, Florida?

Regards, Helen G


Hey TradCatKnight, I graduated Steubenville 2003, live in Eastern Sierra 
Nevadas with my fam - one of 13.
I've been following your youtube/blog for about a week now and my question 
to you is - do you know a resource where I can collect all Catholic endtime 
prophesy? Listening to your stuff is great - but I need to do the research 
myself. (Been homeschooled my whole life, so I have a need to do the work 
myself) I'd appreciate links/names of the prophet/ess - if you have 
something like that. Thanks so much - keep up the good work.

Regards, Gregory N


Dear Eric,

I'm writing to you, because I need one advise. The situation is this: I 
live in Vilnius; Lithuania and at my local living area there is just one 
parish that celebrates traditional mass but of course that's indult mass and 
I know why I shouldn't go there. The nearest sspx chapel is about 2 hours 
from me and of course  thats neo sspx chapel there is no resistance chapel 
at my country. So my question is should I go to the neo sspx chapel let say 
once a year for a confession and  communion if not what should I do then.

Thank you for your answer
God bless
Regards, Vytautas


Thank you very much for you reply.
I now love solitude and thinking about God more than ever.
The only thought that ignites my heart is the thought of God and the life to come.
The world is becoming almost unreal.  It's a strange feeling. All those blind people pursuing ridiculous goals and boasting about it, while Death is already closing in, ready to crush them and reduce everything they ever accomplished to nothingness.
The only fight to be fought, the only reward to be cherished, is our Salvation in the Kingdom to come.
But is implies letting go of the illusions of this world. And accepting to bear the weight of our own cross.
So, if I do not  receive an answer to my prayers when it comes to asking for a sign about my present job and location, it might mean that I don't have to change a thing right now, and wait patiently and humbly for a sign of the Lord.
While affirming myself as a Catholic.
Yes... Lawyers are mostly freemasons.
And degenerate for that matter.
The sole presence of these people makes me nauseated.
Not that I feel superior to them.
But it becomes almost physical.
They are slaves to their passions. And think THIS means they are... free.
And not so long ago I was exactly like this. And PROUD.
May Our Lady protect you Eric.

In Christo Rege, Serge (France)

Hi Eric,

Just a little background on my faith journey:
I was raised Catholic and drifted away from the Church, attended many protestant churches, also, led a sinful life, followed all the lies of the world and the devil. I finally began thinking of returning to Christ and the Church. In 2001 -911 pushed me off the fence and back into the Church. My life was changed when I offered my ruined life back to Christ and renounced to all and in confession my past life. I have benefited from all the Masses and confessions I have participated in. I have not paid much attention to these last 3 popes. I have been operating on the lessons I learned pre-Vatican II, but must admit I have been conditioned by some of the prevalent thoughts that tend to be liberal and relative.

I have been listening to your youtube posts. I am very dismayed at the state of our Catholic Church  eclipsed since 1958. I cannot figure out which group is true to the Traditional Catholic Faith. I believe we have an SSPX group in my town. I still attend my local church in the Diocese of St. Helena in Montana. According to Fr Hesse the Novus Ordo sacraments are valid but illicit, but also says you must not participate in the Novus Ordo church. How do you fulfill your Mass obligation?

Also, I am interested in understanding why you believe Pope Benedict XVI is the true Pope. It appears he has been a modernist too, has he changed his modernist ideas?

Thank you for your time, Katie R
TCK: I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone.... 

Hi Eric,
I posted your "Fatima 2017: Your Time Is Up!" video on my blog and asked for feedback. One of my readers had this to say about Pope Francis:

The first temptation out there for us as truth-seeking Catholics is to loose faith in Francis as our Pope. There are hundreds of “faithful”, “orthodox”, “conservative” experts online driving the view that Benedict’s resignation was invalid, that Francis is the Antichrist or invalid or evil. The links above are examples, that is the common underlying idea. Please Margo, from my heart I ask you to cling to Peter as our rock. Hold onto Francis. He is the connection that binds us all as Catholics worldwide. If we both let go of Francis, then we also let go of each other and every other faithful Catholic on the planet. The gift of the Petrine office is our unity.

Another Catholic YouTuber called thirdeaglebooks, whom you may have heard of, says that Francis is the False Prophet and not the Anti-Pope. This is all so confusing. I can listen to you and understand something, but I can't turn around and write about it. So I posted your video and so far I received that response. 

I'd like to continue posting your videos but I have no idea how to respond to people who leave comments such as the one above.

I just wanted to give you some feedback. And I love your channel.

Best, Margo
TCK: I enjoyed our long talk the other day... 

Dear Sir,

I am a composer of traditional sacred choral music based in England and was wondering if you might publicise my traditional  Latin sacred choral music on your web site. On my web site there is an attractive video presentation which might be of interest to your readership. The music, performances and recording are of a fine quality – not just in my opinion. There is also an interview with Dr. Jennifer Pascual, Director of Music of St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, America. Also one can listen to my “Missa Brevis” and extracts of my other sacred choral pieces.

Sir James Galway wrote to me and said “This is one of my favourite CDs; masterfully written, beautifully sung. It brings me closer to God. I have given it as a gift to many of my friends.”

You are free to put up the video on your web site for your visitors to enjoy if you’d like to support me in my sacred choral music. Or maybe you could mention my music with a link to my web site where people can watch the video which features also paintings by Fra Angelico:

It is difficult for me to sell my music so I would be grateful to you for some publicity. I can provide high quality scores for all my sacred pieces and give bulk discounts. As it is, the music is not expensive. My music is designed to be sung by a Catholic SATB choir of average ability.
Sacred choral music is an important part of the fight in which we are all engaged against modernism but the difficulty is that Catholics are slow to support new endeavour.

My CD, sung mainly by the acclaimed choir, Magnificat, directed by Philip Cave can be bought, downloaded or individual tracks downloaded

Here is an overview of my traditional Latin sacred choral music in “Ars Pulchra:”

Any help you might give me would be much appreciated.

Your sincerely, Nicholas Wilton

I have listened to many of your podcasts and followed many of your topics. It is great to have such a movement in the sense that there are those who support patronage to the tenets of traditional doctrine and history. I personally believe in the fact that in times of modernism, the words of St. Athanasius need to be remembered. ...  (Where the faith is, there is the church) -- paraphrasing of course.
Do you remember the incident when Pope Emiretis Benedict xvi was speaking to the crowd from the balcony at the Vatican and part of the occasion was to release some doves as a symbol of peace as of the Holy Spirit?
Are you aware that when the dove or doves (I can't remember how many, one or three), were released, the dove flew out of the balcony and was instantly mangled in mid-air by a blackbird of some sort that flew in and attacked it? I saw this on TV, and as this was not a good sign, physically or metaphorically, but yet to me it was symbolic of the coming judgment and chastisements we know are coming and in the works.
Wanted to mention that, and as a symbolic representation of where we are, it wasn't talked about again as far as I know. When I saw it, I think it was a live newsfeed of the event.
Keep up in what you're doing, and I pray that Our Blessed Mother's hand leads and guides you in what you're doing, and in your apostolate.
From another eagle and crusader,
Brent E
Eric great interview with Robert Sungenis I'm so glad I was able to set that up for you in addition excited about your next interview with Monsignor Perez we had father Colletti celebrated his 45th anniversary is a Catholic priest at our parish yesterday that was very touching and praying very hard for you and just a hope that you'll be able to put together a list of questions for the tradition in action people who tend to be a little bit tougher to get on a call.  Super work.  Don M.
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