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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Extreme Makeover: Fear Of The Lord & Protection Over The House

Extreme Makeover: Fear Of The Lord & Protection Over The House
By: Eric Gajewski
Unless thou hold thyself diligently in the fear of the Lord, thy house shall quickly be overthrown. ECC 27:4

As I have repeatedly mentioned, the trend for Catholics, is a return unto the home rather than buildings.  Our once Catholic buildings are now occupied by Masons, Marxists and Modernists who must be avoided.  Further we ought not be communing with those who want to compromise this Faith. Thus as the New Religion reaches “the apex” in a formal uniting of all religions it is prudence which dictates we prepare the home.  This is not new for it was first revealed unto Marie Julie Jahenny who warned us of the Novus Ordo and the Three Days of Darkness.  But what good will it due to prepare the home (materially) and continue to lead a sinful life?  Yea, fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom but it is also a protection over the heart and ultimately the home.

Look at the average home today and you will find it filled with sin and filth.  We now have two women or two men living together playing pretend.  We have a lot of couple’s now cohabiting thinking they too can sneak by the sight of God.  Our homes today our filled with the filth of drugs, pornography and distractions (latest gidgets and gadgets) and people think by simply knowing the three days of darkness is coming that this will grant them protection?  Not hardly…
Further, many homes today are ghost towns with the women now more interested in career than children and the men to busy at work and not balanced enough to actually be the head of the home. 

 Modern man is attached to virtually everything and thus he becomes a hoarder.  
This is how God views many hearts and homes!

The home is a reflection of the heart.  If the home is in disarray then often times the hearts occupying those homes are as well.  For example, if you walk into a young man’s room and his walls are littered with lewd pictures of women then we know where the heart of this young man is.  Have you enthroned your home to the Sacred Heart in preparation for what is to come?  If not why not?   Do you keep your house in order by keeping the Commandments of God.  Are you keeping the Catholic Faith, without which, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.  All those not in a state of grace will perish over the course of those 3 days without question for the Wrath of God is unimaginable.  So many think that because “God has been silent” in recent times that “everything” can’t fall apart quickly”.  I am amused by these types.  God can rip anyone off their own throne in a matter of seconds let alone in a day.  Modern man is about to see and witness just how jealous God can be.  He is seeking our attention once again because we think we are sufficient ourselves.  We don’t need the Catholic Faith nor God men say! 

 Without the true Light of Faith how can you see inside your own home?

The blind cannot see nor do they want to. The reality is the majority of homes are already “overthrown” because there is no healthy fear of God BUT that will soon change.  When man is brought to his knees and stripped naked before all he will turn to God and the Church once again for direction.  Sadly the many will not live to see the day.  The time of repentance and conversion is now.  It all starts first in our hearts then we can remake our homes.  We need to invite Our Lady, Christ and Catholic truth back into the home and then we can begin to restore and rebuild a truly Christian civilization.  Without fear of God the home becomes a spiritual ghost town.  Truly, Our Ladys mantle will be spread over those homes devoted to her in these grave times ahead.  The many will mock this but then again the many will perish amidst their laughs….Get your heart and home in order time is running more short.  It is time for an extreme home maker over.