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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Dr. Jeffrey Sacks: Director: The Earth Institute

"My dear fellow parents, I want now to draw attention to Dr Jeffrey Sachs, a special advisor to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and his work, at a very high level in the Vatican and with the Vatican’s support, of opposing and undermining parents as the primary educators of their children worldwide.[Emphasis, ed.]
Jeffrey Sachs heads the Sustainable Solutions Network, which was responsible for producing a draft for the Sustainable Development Goals, which call for increased access to abortion and contraception worldwide.
Jeffrey Sachs made a plea for legalizing abortion as a cost-effective way to eliminate “unwanted children” when contraception fails in his 2008 book Commonwealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet.
In June last year (2015) he called for the UN to provide 1 million healthcare workers for Africa. That is 1 million UN workers travelling through Africa promoting abortion and contraception.
Sachs was in the Vatican in November 2015 to take part in a workshop organised by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences which discussed how to “use children as agents of change” in pursuing sustainable development and the environmental agenda. [Emphasis, ed.]
The Pontifical Academy of Sciences’ workshop explicitly cited the papal encyclical Laudato Si, as the basis for its work and in truth such efforts seem to be endorsed by the encyclical in paragraphs 13 and in paragraphs 209-215.
I repeat: the subject of the Vatican Workshop last November was “using children as agents of change” in pursuing sustainable development and the environmental agenda.
Laudato Si makes no reference to parents as the primary educators of their children. Using children as agents of change in pursuing sustainable development and the environmental agenda will very soon become a required part of school curricula throughout the world. Have no doubt that the worldwide population control powers-that-be, led by people like Jeffrey Sachs, will make their influence well and truly felt in shaping those school curricula.
We are seeing exactly the same pattern here as I noted in the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s sex education programme It’s All One Curriculum in which teachers are guided to manipulate young people in order that young people see themselves as the educators of their parents on making abortion and contraception freely available. Remember that the note for teachers on page 231 reads: “People can support or join movements for social change at the global level. For example: …youth-led networks for sexual and reproductive rights and services.”
It is extremely disturbing that at the very moment when the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, the organization which I lead, and other pro-life organisations, have been fighting tooth-and-nail at the United Nations to protect developing countries from the pro-abortion, pro-contraception, anti-parent elements written into the sustainable development goals, that the Holy See has been seeking Jeffrey Sachs’s advice and permitting him to help shape the Holy See’s policies on sustainable development.
Jeffrey Sachs has played a leading role at Vatican conferences and workshops on these matters no less than six times in the last few years and has had a personal audience with Pope Francis."