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Friday, June 24, 2016

Fr. Kramer Refutes the Feeneyites....Again

 Fr. Kramer Refutes the Feeneyites....Again
 "The Feeneyite hardheads obstinately persist in their heresy." 

I profess the dogmas of faith according to the perpetual sense, meaning and interpretation of Sancta Romana Ecclesia, to which the Dogmatic Constitution Dei Filius declares us to be bound. You, Drew, Cantarella (et al.) profess a heretical Americanist interpretation of dogma according to your Protestant principle of Private Judgment, and against the expressed mind and infallible teaching of the universal & ordinary magisterium, and constant teaching of the Roman Pontiffs. BOB & BOD are not theories or opinions tolerated by Rome; but are doctrines that the popes have authorized to be taught de fide by the ordinary magisterium. 

If BOB & BOD are errors and heresies as you claim, then the whole Church has been in heresy since the Third Century! If BOD as taught universally by the ordinary magisterium is contrary to the dogmas of Trent; then the corporate body of bishops together with all the post-Tridentine popes, and the general Catholic populations of the nations worldwide, all fell into heresy around the time of St. Robert Bellarmine (who, according to you was also in heresy). 

The doctrine of Baptism of Desire at least implicitly willed was taught as de fide by St. Alphonsus de Liguori, based on the Decree on Justification of Trent. This is not a mere opinion of a Saint on an open question; but this doctrine was approved to be taught as de fide already by the authority of Pope Benedict XIV, and then likewise, by the authority of all his successors on the Chair of Peter -- and eventually taught explicitly by St. Pius X, together with the bishops of the world. That fact alone constitutes it as a definition of the universal & ordinary magisterium of the Church. If St. Alphonsus was in error on this point, then Benedict XIV erred gravely for authorizing it to be taught as de fide. 

Likewise, Gregory XVI would have erred gravely for declaring St. Liguori's doctrines to be free from error, if he were in error on this point of BOD being de fide. Bl. Pius IX would also have been a heretic for teaching BOD, and for declaring St. Alphonsus a Doctor of the Church, and for authorizing his teaching to be taught as Catholic doctrine, and for teaching BOD himself. Pope Leo XIII would also have been a heretic for delegating the authority to the Congregation of the Council to approve the BOD teaching Baltimore Catechism, and for not correcting such a grave error. St. Pius X would have been a heretic for teaching BOD by implicit desire in his Catechism; and Ven. Pius XII would likewise have been a heretic for teaching BOD in his discourses and writings. All the post-Tridentine popes since Bellarmine's time, have upheld the doctrine of BOD, and authorized it to be taught as de fide by the Catholic the bishops of the world. If Feeney's opinion that BOD is contrary to the canons of Trent were correct, then the whole Church would have been in heresy, and only Feeney and his miniscule American sect would have the Catholic faith! 

NO! The popes, through the Sacred Congregation of the Council, have constantly judged BOB & BOD, as taught by St. Alphonsus, Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XII, et. al., and a unanimous multitude of approved theologians, to be in conformity with the canons and decrees of Trent, and authorized BOB & BOD to be taught by the universal & ordinary magisterium as de fide. The constant teaching of the papal magisterium and the infallible voice of the universal & ordinary magisterium uphold the doctrines of BOB & BOD as de fide definitions of the universal Church. It is only a miniscule American sect of Feeneyites, localized within the confines of North America, that adheres to its own Private Judgment in interpreting dogma, and rejects the faith of the Roman Pontiffs and the universal magisterium, and professes the heretical private opinion of Leonard Feeney SJ.