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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Illuminati: Symbolic Pics of the Month February 2016

Illuminati: Symbolic Pics of the Month February 2016 
Warning: Sensitive Material

Let us take a look in picture format the latest symbology from the Illuminati and their New World Order. 

Here, Jethro is wearing a creepy “kitten” mask – a reference to Beta Kitten programming.

The UK show This Morning featured girls between ages of 8 and 10, wearing crop tops and performing a pole dance routines. Young girls doing what strippers do on morning television: That’s mass media for you.

The one-eye sign popped up literally everywhere last month. It was used by all kinds of elite-owned companies and performed by all kinds of elite-owned celebrities. Here’s a prominent one-eye sign on an ad for Weight Watchers.

Despite years of career in the movie industry, Jodie Foster still needs to throw up that sign in Interview magazine.

Zendaya needs to bring that one-eye sign to her young fans in Girls Life magazine.

Here she is in Complex Magazine posing with a bunch of dismembered mannequins – the elite’s favorite way of depicting MK slaves. 

Jazz Jennings is a 15 year-old transgender teenager that has been getting a lot of publicity lately. In this pic for DAZED magazine, one eye is replaced by a patch – a confirmation of who is controlling this young person’s career now.

Nearly ever single ad for the brand Pandora features the one-eye sign. Here’s a small compilation of ads.

This is the cover of one of Poland’s most important magazines. It features a white woman being grabbed by six “dark” arms with the title: “The Islamic Rape of Europe”. As I’ve stated in previous articles, the elite has purposely forced the massive entry of refugees in several Western countries. That same elite is now feeding and profiting from the fear, hate, racism and confusion caused by this massive entry of migrants. The end result: new restrictive laws, more surveillance and the introduction of freedom-killing policies based on race and religion. Remember that the motto of the elite is “Order out of chaos”.

This Pakistan Airlines ad from 1979 is literally foreshadowing as we see a commercial jet casting a large shadow over the twin towers. There is no shortage of strange, predictive 9/11 images out there.

This 1970’s print ad for the WTC is also rather creepy for several reasons, mainly because it implies that a whole lot of people in these towers are NOT going to heaven. Spearheaded by David Rockerfeller in 1959, the WTC was inaugurated by Governor Nelson Rockefeller (David’s brother) and housed some of the world’s biggest elite-owned finance firms. The WTC was indeed the closest some of them will ever get to heaven.