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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Illuminati Unmasked: Symbolic Pics February 2016

Illuminati Unmasked: Symbolic Pics February 2016
Warning: Sensitive Material

Here are the latest pictures form the godless secular world.  All of these symbolic pictures are trying to paint the New World Order as "cool"

Chilling in a house with a bunch of naked mannequins is really cool. No, wait, its creepy as heck.

Kylie apparently gave this creepy, trauma-inducing “gift” to North West to hang in her room. Pawns are breeding a new generation of pawns.

Drake’s new album cover is simple yet telling. It consists of the number 6 made of fingers. Inside is an all-seeing eye. It is a visual representation of the occult elite’s hand sign representing 666.
In one of his Instagram pics, Drake confirms that this is about the one eye sign.

None of this is ever an “accident”. Here’s the exact same hand sign on the cover of Kode magazine.

Willow Smith doing the one-eye sign will modelling socks.

Not an accident.

Reese Witherspoon needs to do this as well in Entertainment Weekly Magazine February
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen put up their Beverly Hills Estate for sale and this is an image of their home theater. For some reason, we clearly see the iconic scene from Metropolis where android Maria is standing in front of an inverted pentagram. As stated in previous articles, this specific scene is constantly rehashed to represent the control of “android” stars to push the agenda of the occult elite.

This huge advertisement for the TV series “Lucifer”, Lucifer is telling award nominees in the entertainment industry to thank him. It is basically the occult elite telling it like it is. In this show, Lucifer is played by a charming, good looking guy with whom viewers sympathize with. #LuciferIsComing. It is all out in the open.

While “Lucifer” is playing on FOX, A&E will be broadcasting “Damien”, a TV series where the “hero” is the Anti-Christ. Yup. A good looking guy with a sympathetic demeanor will realize that he’s the Anti-Christ. This ad features an inverted cross and a somewhat unnecessary red 666. It is all about putting out in the open and normalizing  the elite’s symbolism.