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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Blessed Virgin Mary: Front Line Offense

Blessed Virgin Mary: Front Line Offense
Ark of Hearts, At the Forefront of the Fight 
By: Eric Gajewski
 Canticles (Solomon) 6:9
Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?

Brothers and Sisters, I write to you in behalf of the Selfless Love and peace of the Union and Marriage of Jesus Christ and of His Sacred Heart and all the blessings that flow forth from It. In times of supposed uncertainty we have recourse to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Ark of Hearts.  She is a powerful intercessor, who warns before the “Storm” and who the enemy fears very much.  I recall reading in the Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle of how an “infiltrator Marxist” even recognized how powerful She is.  This wolf, knew, without question, that when Mary is implored miracles happen.  He further knew that it was Mary who could steer the Church out of the present crisis. He knew the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart was vital to world peace hence why the enemy in the Vatican continues to ignore and tap dance around this command of heaven. Let us take a further look into Our Lady as this “One Woman Army”. She is terrible to behold (in a good way) and who will show no mercy to the enemy when the appointed time arrives.    

The Intercession Of Our Lady invokes the Lord. And David arose and went, with all the people that were with him of the men of Juda to fetch the ark of God, upon which the name of the Lord of hosts is invoked… 2 Kings 6:2  Through Mary to Jesus.  We implore the Immaculate Heart that we might come to a deeper understanding of the Sacred Heart of Christ.  David arose to fetch the Ark and so too must we “actively seek” our Queen.  She is the Guide of the Fortress of the Soul.  We must seek Her out so that She might show us the path to His Sacred Heart which is found in the highest floor and most inward room in this Fortress where two hearts become One.  Indeed She is a guide in this union of hearts (wills). Do not delay any longer and invoke our Lady. 


The enemy has captured our Queen? And the ark of God was taken…1 Kings 4:11  Since Vatican II we can say the enemy “has taken” the Ark.  The Modernists are the modern day Philistine’s. They have heard us singing aloud and the trumpets sounding.  They have in a certain sense stolen Her from our camp.  They now use the Blessed Virgin Mary in many cases to further the New Religion.  From the “new” and “expanded” (luminous mysteries) Rosary of JP II to the latest false apparition sites around the world Mary is being “used”.  However, these sites all lead back to erroneous doctrine.  The enemy has captured Our Queen yet still so many “traditionalists” do not pray for Her return!

The Blessed Virgin Mary warns. So the ark of the Lord went about the city once a day, and returning into the camp, abode there. And Josue rising before day, the priests took the ark of the Lord, [13] And seven of them seven trumpets, which are used in the jubilee: and they went before the ark of the Lord walking and sounding the trumpets: and the armed men went before them, and the rest of the common people followed the ark, and they blew the trumpets. [14] And they went round about the city the second day once, and returned into the camp. So they did six days. Joshua 6:11-14  Upon meditating on this Scripture today I find it interesting that “trumpet sounds” are now being heard worldwide and why?  Because precedence has been established in the Word that the trumpet sounds before the Ark then cometh the chastisement. It is a warning and although more than likely not supernatural in origin (trumpet sounds) this is still not a coincidence that God is allowing it.  She goes before the chastisement to warn of the destruction coming.  The Blessed Virgin Mary has been “circling the city” now for 6 days and the seventh day is soon coming wherein the trumpets will sound again (last time) and we shall shout and witness the New World Order fall.  Some shall witness (after the fact) on God’s Day of Wrath, more specifically, the three days of darkness,  O' how mighty the true God is!  Do you hear the trumpets O’ Islam? Communist? Marxist? Protestant? Jew? Modernist? We are circling “Jericho” like eagles letting the enemy know they and their new city of man are about to fall.

Our Lady goes before us into battle.  And again he said: By this you shall know that the Lord the living God is in the midst of you, and that he shall destroy before your sight the Chanaanite and the Hethite, the Hevite and the Pherezite, the Gergesite also and the Jebusite, and the Amorrhite. Behold the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth shall go before you into the Jordan.  Joshua 3:10-11 It is not by human efforts that we will achieve the victory.  For, although, wilst we work in and with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the source of this victory is above our pay grade.  She has been given the victory by God Himself in these times and thus Mary, as Co-redemptrix, will yet again show the world that when "invoked" She can aide/help save humanity.  She knows the war we must fight the battles.  We point to her who in return shalst point to God.  All glory goes back to the true and Living God!  Mary's simplicity and humility is like no other.  Will you spread your wings of Faith and Hope and follow her lead for your own lives?

The Enemy Fears of Our Lady.  And when the ark was lifted up, Moses said: Arise, O Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate thee, flee from before thy face.  Numbers 10: 35  We lift high our Blessed Queen "in veneration" and rightfully so. And when we do so the enemy scatters for he who wouldst hateth our Queen likewise hateth the King.  The enemy (the devils) is not indifferent towards our Lady they are utterly distraught upon seeing Her. They tremble, they mutter and curse for Her heel is always standing on the neck of the serpent. The devil’s time is short and yet he will try to convince everyone that not only was the Fatima message not important but further he will tempt men into not believing in it at all.  Why thence do you hide O’ enemy the truth of the third secret?  The mighty seek a place in this world and yet it is Our Lady who helps us to break from this world. Do not fear the one who wilst lead you to the world fear succumbing to self that you might adjoin your heart to this world.  Furthermore, watch the Church’s enemies soon flee in terror when the Sun dances for a second time! Thereis no bunker deep enough for them to hide in.  

Nay, She is not a spectator in the battle.  She is active and going before us bringing the house of the enemy down. Yet how few look to her as a priority for their own interior battles.  Therefore, I must ask, “Do you have your weapon, the Rosary, drawn O’ Knight of Christ?  Do you have on your armor, the Scapular, O’ Handmaids of Our Queen”?  She is not a “last resort” or is the last line of defense She is our front line offense who takes it right to the enemy’s face.  Our Lady is no pacifist and her eagles lay claim to her nest.  Therefore, in faith circle the city in which you seek to overcome and watch Our Lady deliver!  May the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady guide, protect and preserve your heart every day in this exile, Ave Maria!- Amen


– St. Dominic’s Prophecy of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Rosary and the Scapular, AD 1208

The full moon stands out against the dark of the night

The Blessed Virgin Mary is found in the fullness of the Light

Let there be no trepidation nor worry nor despair

For it She who comes equipped...

Ready and on the offensive in this fight

Nigh do not look to the left nor the right

For She is with us a One Woman Army terrible with might