"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fr. Voigt, "History In a Nutshell"

Fr. Voigt, "History In a Nutshell"
Resistance Sunday Reflection
What must I do to enter eternal life?  The question is the summation of all 
personal and social history.  Everyone and everything by nature moves to its 
origin.  All of us are seeking eternal life and fear eternal death.  The 
consequence is the exposition of our Lord to a story that answers all the 
questions and analyzes all the problems which we face at this very moment.  
The story is that of the Good Samaritan (i.e. the good guardian).
 Let us go beyond the words and seek... 
the eternal pattern revealed by the Son of God.  Coming down from 
Jerusalem (this is paradise in which man was housed prior to the fall), 
man (Adam) fell among robbers.  Man was robbed of immortality, 
infused knowledge and impassibility by Lucifer and his cohorts.  He is 
left for dead because he was robbed of gifts that gave him eternal life 
with His Creator.  Now he needed the healing that could only come 
from one innocent and pure...our Savior.  Our Lord brought the remedies 
of wine (His Precious Blood) and the oil of anointing.  The Blood would 
bring about the forgiveness of man's weakness in sin and the oil would 
claim him for God.  
After administering the wine and the oil, the Guardian of man took him to
the inn,representing the Church, with the innkeeper (the Holy Father) who 
should preserve the faith and bring man to his final end, the second coming
of our Lord.  Who then is my neighbor?  All men of every nation are called to
 return to the Holy Trinity and conquer the robber who desires only our death.
So many men and women today do not understand nor are they informed concerning
this journey that returns our souls to our Creator and Redeemer.
Today the robbers are carrying on the tradition of Satan who seeks to present
 the world and the flesh as the ultimate reasons for our existence.  The Jew, 
like the lawyer, mocks eternal life in favor of a world under their
domination.  They possess the money, they possess the political power and they now
possess the religious domain of the Catholic Church.  Now they seek to rob 
the "goyim" of life itself as they prepare for a third world war
in order to eliminate millions (perhaps billions) and enslave those who
remain.  Death is the goal of this Satanic conspiracy but they cannot 
win.  On the horizon the Guardian's Mother is waiting with a heel of men
and women who humbly await their marching orders and will bring about the greatest
Marian victory in the history of mankind.  
Finally, the end will come to this era of chastisement and the consolation of God's
presence will return to present the world with its true purpose:  to crown 
Christ as King and to give Him the glory that is due to Him.  All will bend 
their knees at the name of Jesus.  All will be so happy to subject everything
to the Ruler Who loves us and gave His life as a ransom for our salvation.
Be assured it will happen though for many of us it will be late, still it will
come.  God be praised and His will be done.
In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
           Fr. Richard Voigt            


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