"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Catholicism Vs. New Age (Sacred Heart vs the Self)

The Religion of Christ versus the False Religion of "Self"
By: Eric Gajewski
With the advent of the pastoral implementation of the new religion of man (Vatican II) the world is being carefully shifted into a dogma-less "Church" rooted in FreeMasonic/Marxist principles.

666 is the number of man. Vatican II is the religion of man which teaches the condemned philosophy of humanism, with, as a focal point, "human dignity".  Thus, there are two religions at battle, Catholicism, whose focal point is the Sacred Heart of Christ and the New Age religion whose focal point is man which will be led by a false prophet and "messiah".  Vatican II was merely the pastoral vehicle to get men into the "New Age".  Unless there is first a rerouting of the heart back unto Truth there will be no rewriting of the heart. Thus, why so many who obstinately reject Tradition stay blind in the Conciliar Church following these new (condemned) principles leading them into the formal New Religion of Self.

Religion of Christ vs Antichrist; Religion of the Sacred Heart vs. the Religion of Self

A) Two philosophies at war Catholicism's Thomism and Religion of Man's "new humanism"
Colossians 2:8
Beware lest any man cheat you by philosophy, and vain deceit; according to the tradition of men, according to the elements of the world, and not according to Christ

The philosophy of Catholicism (Thomism) is based in reality and logic. Through the lenses of proper philosophy we see things as they are (objectively) not as they might be (Subjectivism, Phenomenology).  The Catholic Religion is rooted in REALITY (Revelation) wherein the false religion of MAN/SELF is largely rooted in POTENTIALITY. As Catholics we teach reality objectively wilst the new religion of man teaches potentiality subjectively. Those who were behind the issuance of the Second Vatican Council did not have Catholic philosophy and thus their doctrine suffered. They wore modernist glasses which distorted their perception of what true reality is and thus we find ourselves in the worst crisis the Church has ever known. We see this very clearly in Pope Paul 6th's declaration, at the ending of this evil Council, in which he said that "we too have our own type of new humanism"... we have the cult of man (blatant Freemasonry)."  The principles of this new religion are right there in front of all of us (not just ambiquity as some say) but why do so few pick up on them? The answer is, of course, that not too many have studied FreeMasonry, to the length and degree in which it is necessary to understand this great revolt or apostasy (2 Thess 2:3) The Vatican II Popes had a hard time understanding St. Thomas Aquinas because they never were raised in Catholic Philosophy.  Benedict XVI, recalling his experience as a seminarian: ". . . I had difficulties in penetrating the thought of Thomas Aquinas, whose crystal-clear logic seemed to be too closed in on itself, too impersonal and ready-made." Benedict XVI, “Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977,” 1997

The new humanism of Vatican II NewChurch or Counterfeit Church or Counter Church "honors mankind" and elevates "liberty" beyond a point which can be accepted.  It is man's self exaltation using "human dignity" as a platform or calling card.  In the Vatican II documents themselves we find these (Masonic) man centered principles .  The Church is a sign or symbol of the WHOLE HUMAN FAMILY (not hardly) and believers and nonbeliever's unanimously agree that all the efforts are mankind are directed at man as its center and summit (blasphemy). Can you say man worship? Can you say second stage in Satanism (as Father Hesse pointed out). Did not Pope St. Pius X warn us of these Vatican II Modernists who are filled with pride and thus invent new doctrines and novelties to suit "the modern times and man"?  And subordinates who are equally prideful or simply ignorant follow along in false obedience.

John Paul II repeatedly gave the 666 sign of man handsign. Do I think this is diabolical, YES!

John Paul II the Great? No John Paul II the Fake...

What are these ill fruits of the new humanism of Vatican II (in addition to what I have stated above)?  The, ill fruits, are, the already previously condemned principles of FreeMasonry (cult of man).  Religious liberty is a heresy taught in the Vatican II documents themselves.  Liberty/Freedom of Conscience, Americanism (separation of Church and state), Freedom of press, freedom of speech and "modern" Ecumenism (heresy) are just some of these ill principles which have come about due to the "new orientation". My good friends, in order to arrive at the "New Age" there must be a new theology, a new evangelization, a new philosophy, new doctrines (admitted by JPII in Ecclesia Dei), a New Mass, New Rites, a new Code, new bibles, and there must be a New Church (admitted by Paul 6th & JPII). However this is not the Catholic Church nor our religion which is rooted in the Sacred Heart of Christ. The reality is, we have been infiltrated, and our enemies our teaching their "new way" and calling it Catholic.

Fr. Hewko of the Resistance
Masonic Leader: "We Triumphed With Vatican II"

Praxis Lodge(American Masonic Lodge) also promotes the following principles, values, and subject matter for purposes of discussion, research, and education. Notice these concepts are nearly all in the Vatican II/Conciliar Church!!:
  • Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity
  • Absolute freedom of conscience
  • Laicite
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Freedom of thought, expression, and choice
  • Freedom of press
  • Emancipation of lifestyles
  • Pursuit of happiness
  • Intellectual, spiritual, and social advancement of humanity
  • Philanthropy
  • Natural philosophy
  • Mutual tolerance and respect for others and oneself(False Ecumenism)
  • Study of current affairs and proactive local involvement
  • Rational approach toward advancing human understanding
  • Mathematics/Geometry
  • Critical thinking / enlightenment thinking
  • Support of arts and sciences
  • Progressive thought
  • Higher education and life-long learning
  • Ethics and human rights
  • Masonic education
  • Personal growth and transformation
  • Local and proactive involvement
  • Refusal of racialism and dogma
  • Global environment and ecological sustainability
  • The Age of Enlightenment / Age of Reason
  • Scientific enquiry and progress

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY – On August 14, 2004, at Tarbes Airport, France, John Paul II said:
“With respect for the responsibilities and competences of all, the Catholic Church desires to offer society a specific contribution towards the building of a world in which the great ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity can form the basis of social life, in the tireless pursuit and promotion of the common good” (Holy See website, official English translation)

More from the "horse's mouth". Does it get any clearer? BXVI openly promoting FreeMasonry and its principles

Are those rejecting this new religion which is leading men into the New Age under a soon false prophet and messiah "heretical/schismatic"? Are we the ones making division? The answer, of course, is no we are not heretics but they are (Vatican II'ers) and no we have not caused the division for they already have with the issuance of their new flavor of "Catholicism".  Protestantism is when you obstinately reject the Catholic Faith/Tradition and yet have we not pointed out how those following this new religion are following along ruptured from Tradition?  The protestants are clearly those following the new religion of man.  Vatican II was the platform for the new religion or as I say, the modernists new playbook, which is "watering down" doctrine so that in the end there is no doctrine. Everyone's opinion (except for true Catholics) will be accepted. These "dreamers" are seducers trying to build up the new city of man who pleaseth not God but their own belly. From such we turn away and keep our distance.
Romans 16: 17-18
Now I beseech you, brethren, to mark them who make dissensions and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them.  For they that are such, serve not Christ our Lord, but their own belly; and by pleasing speeches and good words, seduce the hearts of the innocent. 

 St. Augustine, City of God (Catholicism)
 New Tower of Babel, City of Man (New Age)
The world is being prepared on ALL LEVELS for the soon false messiah, Maitreya

Vatican II "building" the new city of man".  Catholicism vs. "Impotent Humanitarianism". From these condemned principles, these revolutionaries, have interest in purely naturalist or "surface" problems.  You don't believe me you say? Well, why does Vatican II NewChurch teach conversion/proselytism is nonsense and not needed (Balamand 1993; JPII, BXVI, Francis all reiterated)? So , let us get this straight... There is no need of conversion to the Catholic Faith and yet Vatican II teaches "everyone is in the Church". Are you starting to connect the dots "average layman or priest"? Vatican II's "search for truth" and dialogue" soon ends in a formal unification of all humanity/religions. Francis wants to save the world from poverty and protect the planet but he does not want to covert anyone (because they are all "OK" in his opinion even atheists who obey their "conscience").  Are these Vatican II "new apostles" of our Faith, Religion and Gospel? Answer, NO! The New World Order needs a New Age Religion does it not?  Thus, in the Catholic religion (City of God) we are missionaries, we try to convert by way of the Sacred Heart of Christ. Those following Vatican II are ecumenical and want to converge further with false sects and religions which displease God (City of Man). Why would someone like Francis, in his double-mindedness, a clear indication of his liberalism/modernism, say, "the Church is missionary but REJECTS one sided positions..."? See my first paragraph where I discuss these new apostles are not objectivists but subjectivists. Truth can have more than one answer and can evolve these heretics say!  REAL ECUMENISM converts Vatican II heretical ecumenism  does not and dialoques and coexists with error . It is all "a front" for the soon formal unification of all religions (right around WW3).  The Catholic Religion rooted in the Sacred Heart if Christ stresses the "interior" wilst the false religion of Vatican II stresses the "exterior".



 What was Archbishop Lefebvre's (founder of SSPX) position on Vatican II, the Revolution ? 
*Note this position is now only maintained in the Resistance not in the Neo-SSPX

"Our Declaration of Faith This Reform, since it has issued from Liberalism and from Modernism, is entirely corrupt; it comes from heresy and results in heresy, even if all its acts are not formally heretical. It is thus impossible for any faithful Catholic who is aware of these things to adopt this Reform, or to submit to it in any way at all. To ensure our salvation, the only attitude of fidelity to the Church and to Catholic doctrine, is a categorical refusal to accept the Reform."
~Archbishop Lefebvre on Vatican II and its reforms


B) Heaven's Peace Plan vs. Vatican II's new religion "peace plan" 

Our Lady at Fatima gave the Catholic solution to the problem, which, when enacted upon, would produce TRUE PEACE in the world and yet have men listened? Yes, they have but they do not OBEY!  Our Lady still awaits the proper consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart!  Why don't these Popes and prelates listen AND OBEY? Pride cometh before the fall... MAN knows better than the Blessed Virgin Mary (it seems)? Not hardly and thus the world will suffer the consequences.  In part, they don't want Our Lady's Plan because many of these infiltrators (Masons/Marxists) have a secret hatred for the Blessed Virgin Mary. So why wont they do the consecration now? Because the enemy is entrenched in the Vatican and it wont be done until after Benedict XVI flees Rome and is killed. His successor will do it (after the formal schism). 
So, the Catholic Religion has Russia being the important piece of the puzzle to world peace wilst the New Religion of Man has the United Nations. This should not come as a surprise to those who have studied the enemy as long as I have. The New Age false messiah MAITREYA will be the UN's "go to guy" who will have all the "answers to man's problems".

Vatican II's Social Justice program is the same as the New Age's program

C) Headed toward the formal New AGE Religion of SELF
 A sample of what we are up against... from the new age false christ Maitreya...

Fundamentalism and dogmatism are coming to an end. That time is quickly passing. Maitreya teaches that the moment a person gives up his brand of ‘ism’ he will be free. ‘‘He will find that I am within him for I am free of all ideologies. I have come to teach you not to cry out for Me. The gurus and religious fanatics cry out for Me and the end result is that they never know Me,’’ the Master (the False Prophet) says. ‘‘You are not born in sin, as they insist on telling you (look for further attack on original sin). For I am with you and you are with Me.

Although in reality God is everywhere, individuals are becoming aware that it is possible to experience the Lord in the heart. ‘‘God is not in the sky,’’ Maitreya teaches, ‘‘God is in the heart. When the mind is quiet, free from dogmatic views, it will absorb the truth. ‘‘Self-realization is God-realization (religion of self).’’ The teaching of the Master inspires you to look within. This has nothing to do with religion, politics or any form of ideology.

If you use this mirror to look at the religions of the world, you will see they are based on the personal experiences (phenomenology see above) of the prophets, gurus, and saints. When people follow them, however, they are bound to experience sufferingbecause they are not following their own Self.

Many teachers and gurus have themselves fallen through attachment to powers which manifested through them either as a result of natural development or through the grace of the Lord (Maitreya). This happens, according to Maitreya, because as soon as you try to claim anything for yourself, as soon as you identify with those powers instead of understanding that you are the immortal Self and the powers belong to the Lord (Maitreya), you are lost.

This is a difficult test and even today the lives of many followers who identified with their guru or teacher have been shattered when the teacher or guru, forgetting the Self within, becomes attached to material, mental or spiritual powers. Thus some begin to accumulate wealth; some misuse thought and imprison others mentally, creating divisions and intolerance instead of respecting the freedom of each individual; and others become attached to power and misuse it. Says Maitreya: ‘‘Even if you have reached a very high state of evolution, you cannot say ‘I am the Lord.’ You can simply say, ‘I am the messenger of the Lord’."

Religion in the new age

All the great religions are experiencing rapid changes. In China there are signs that people are beginning to frequent churches and temples more, and this same process is also occurring in the USSR. In the case of Christianity, there are divisions; people are questioning, challenging. Christianity, along with the other religions, is undergoing a process of purification, in that individuals are going to experience, for the first time, that Divinity is not ‘outside’ but situated ‘simultaneously’ in the heart and in the universe, in all of creation. The Self is now beginning to experience its own, distinct identity. The One who sustains the Self and makes Him aware cannot be limited; He is universal. ‘‘No one has a hold on the Christ.’’ The Lord’s message is indivisible and applies to one and all: ‘‘If you are serving Me, I am everywhere.

There is really no contradiction between the different religions(??). Religions have been trapped through words and slogans into vying with each other. This competition will disappear and the essence will remain. Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists will all experience Oneness (Apostate Church). Those who cling to old forms will create division after division (Us nasty REAL CATHOLICS, LOL; Think ye I have come to spread peace but rather the sword). But these forms will eventually disappear. This process is inevitable. Churches, mosques and temples will become meeting places, as well as centres where those in need can be helped by others.

A more inclusive religious consciousness will characterize the 21st century. President Arap Moi of Kenya will lay the foundation stone for a temple suited to this new consciousness in Kajadio. There, the symbols of all the great religions will be represented, and this temple will become a place of pilgrimage for people from neighbouring countries. ‘‘Kenya will be to Africa,’’ Maitreya says, ‘‘what Mecca is to Islam.’’ People of all religions will gather to pray there. This kind of temple, dedicated to religions in the new age, will also be built in Montreal, London, and India. This does not constitute the establishment of a new religion, but rather, it is the creation of structures suited to the growing realization of brother-hood (Jews are our elder brothers ring a bell?).


 Matthew 16:24
Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him DENY HIMSELF (deny the Self), and take up his cross, and follow me.

TradCatKnight: The New Age Religion is very esoteric and teaches self realization. Look for further attacks upon original sin and getting rid of Christmas altogether as well. We have the Religion of Christ vs the religion of false christ Maitreya (which preaches Self). The Sacred Heart vs. the "Self". Those following Vatican II are headed in hell's path (objectively speaking) on the pathway to the formal Religion of "Self"...




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