"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fr. Richard Voigt: "Vatican II, A Good Tree?"

 Fr. Richard Voigt: "Vatican II, A Good Tree?"

Have you ever gone to a fruit tree and found that the fruit was horrific?  Our Lord points out the
obvious:  a good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit.  You shall know a tree 
by its fruit.  If this applies to a tree then can it not apply to a council?  A good Council produces good 
fruit and a bad Council produces bad fruit.  We should be able to tell a Council by its fruit.  Did Vatican II produce the fruit of resurgence and new life that so many predicted or did it produce the fruit of death which no one wanted?

Consider the Catholic indicators over the last 50 years.  The mark of the fruitful tree is an abundance of priestly and religious vocations.  All the major religious orders are in the state of decay and death.  CARA has pronounced a death sentence on just about every community that it has evaluated.  Complete orders of nuns have simply ceased to exist.  All of this as a result of "aggiornamento" (modernizing) has caused us to question the fruit of Vatican II.   

If this were simply a fluke then we ought to turn to the missionary aspect of the Church which is another indicator of the vitality of the Church.  The central mission of the church and of each member of the Mystical Body is the salvation of souls.  Here, as well, the Church has become sterile.  Fewer converts and the spirit of the missionary effort has withered away into oblivion with the attitude that souls can be saved "in their own faith vision."  

What about the devotional life of the Church which is an indicator of the love of Her Heart?  Well, the 
devotional life has been subdued; the Love of our Blessed Mother has been effectively silenced;  the 
depletion of the devotional life has eliminated processions.  Novenas are passe.  Gregorian masses 
have been forgotten; faith is no longer lived out with courage and joy.  Is this the result of a healthy 
and fruitful tree or one that is poisoned?

A tree is known by its fruit and Vatican II is a tree and its fruit is surrounding us daily.  Can we not 
recognize that something evil has happened to the Church?  Evil is the only word we can use to describe the effects of Vatican II.  Evil men robbed us of our faith and are condemning many souls to hell through the pastoral passages of Vatican II.  It is time to write, to speak and  to evaluate what has happened and return to that which is healthy and fruitful?  

As Coca Cola made the experiment to change its original taste and found that people rejected the new so too must the true Catholic recognize that the poison of Vatican II has and continues to kill the Mystical Body.  So the Crucifixion will be complete and then God will raise up a new and holier Church which will immediately condemn the false teachings of a Modernist Council.  Let us pray that the Holy, Roman Catholic Church will return to its faith of ages past.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt

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