"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

(VIDEO) Goddess Kali, Hindu God Of Death And Destruction Projected On Empire State Building

Goddess Kali, Hindu God Of Death And Destruction Projected On Empire State Building

Geoffrey Grider

Is CERN & the Illuminati sending us a message of coming events?


The Times of India reports today that “In a breathtaking spectacle, Goddess Kali was projected on the Empire State Building in New York.” For those of you not familiar with the Goddess Kali, she is the Hindu god of death and destruction.


 The name of Kali means black, time, death, lord of death; she is therefore called the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, and Destruction. She is known as the “Black One”, or the “Dark One”. We wonder if perhaps this is not an Illuminati message of coming events soon to take place?

Kali (death and destruction) shown Aug 9 on NYC Empire State Building

NOTE: Ignore the Rapture Nonsense...

Who is Kali?

[Goddess Kali is a pretty good pictorial depiction of the thousands of years old Human sacrifice and Satanic blood lust, i.e. the Kali Yuga 1 (aka The Reign of Evil).  Said to be the Goddess of the heart chakra--more like the satanic gatekeeper.  So obviously we are still in the Kali Yuga, right at the end, we hope.  The Thug sect is a good clue as well, particularly the bit about  'labour without ceasing towards the destruction of the human race' 1.]

All seeing eye symbol on blade 
3 spikes/Trident 

Human sacrifice 
Blood (Satanism) 
Kali sect

Consort: Shiva
[2014 Jan] Twin Flames, Liberation and Enlightenment from a Vedic Perspective: Interview with Indian Pranic Healer and “Love Bite Experiencer” Kailasnath  About the three chief Goddesses, (Sarasvati, Parvati and Lakshmi) you’ll notice that each three of these Goddesses have this balance I describe. The other entities are created based on Kundalini Shakthi and its manifestations.These are the names of entitites that emerge from Kundalini which I mentioned as imbalanced forms:  Kali, Durga, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamastha, Dhoomavathi, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Kamalatmika.

    Other locally worshipped forms that I found to be negative and higly imbalnced (mainly of Kali and Durga) are Mahishimardini, Shoolini, Vanadurga, Bhagavathy, Bhadra Kali, Thwaritha, Nithyaklinna, Kameshwari, Ashwarooda, Manikarnika, Kaumari, Varahi, Akhila mathrikal, Prathyangira, Baneshwari.

..... In my experience, the only true Goddesses are Saraswathi, Parvathi and Lakshmi. Even false worship will not corrupt their divine nature. This is not the case with entities like Kali and Durga and their numerous forms, which were and still are widely used to invoke black magic and malevolent energies.    In conclusion, negative hyperdimesional entities thrive at the places of worship of these entities : Kali, Durga, Nagas, Sarpa (serpent) worship, their forms. Worshipping of Lucifer and planetary archons is also used by black magicians to invoke dark energies. I have found the planetary worship (‘Grahas’ or ‘Nava Grahas’) common in some temples in India brings a negative archonic energy.

......I learned the entity Kali and the being named Lucifer is behind these orchestrations. These entities employ reptilian, draconian and grey automatons as middlemen to achieve their ends. Lucifer is regarded as the God of black magic, as is Kali. There is also an actual person in my life who orchestrated these relationships. I’ll be mentioning about it. The entity I saw that was most involved was the winged type reptilian known as draconians and grey automatons. I’ve not perceived usual reptilian interference as much.

.....I mainly treated cancer patients and also patients suffering from chronic depression and impotency. I believe perhaps these specific cases might have been brought to me to discover a common pattern. And the pattern I saw was Kali worship, Serpent worship and its variations. I saw that as soon the complete connection with these entities were severed and permanently removed, the diseases miraculously disappeared and there was instant healing. In cases where the worship was restarted by the patients after compulsion and pressure from their family members, these diseases emerged with multiplied intensity. I believe torture was the aim of these ‘false diseases’ which would show positive in any medical test.

" Kali, or Bhowany, for she is equally well known by both names, was, according to the Indian legend, born of the burning eye which Shiva has on his forehead, whence she issued, like the Greek Minerva, out of the skull of Jupiter, a perfect and full-grown being. She represents the Evil Spirit, delights in human blood, presides over plague and pestilence, and directs the storm and hurricane, and ever aims at destruction. She is represented under the most frightful effigy the Indian mind could conceive ; her face is azure, streaked with yellow ; her glance is ferocious ; she wears her dishevelled and bristly hair displayed like the peacock's tail and braided with green serpents. Her purple lips seem streaming with blood ; her tusk-like teeth descend over her lower lip ; she has eight or ten arms, each hand holding some murderous weapon, and sometimes a human head dripping with gore. With one foot she stands on a human corpse.    She has her temples, in which the people sacrifice cocks and bullocks to her, but her priests are the Thugs, the ' Sons of Death ', who quench the never-ending thirst of this divine vampyre. "  

    As regards the sect of Kali's worshippers, Heckethorn gives the following details : " A newly admitted member takes the appellation of Sahib-Zada. He commences his infamous career as lughah, or gravedigger, or as belhal, or explorer of the spots most convenient for executing a projected assassination, or bhil. In this condition he remains for several years, until he has given abundant proof of his ability and good will. He is then raised to the degree of Bhuttotah, or strangler, which advancement, however, is preceded by new formalities and ceremonies. On the day appointed for the ceremony, the candidate is conducted by his guru into a circle, formed in the sands and surrounded by mysterious hieroglyphics, where prayers are offered up to their deity. The ceremony lasts four days, during which the candidate is allowed no other food but milk. He occupies himself in practising the immolation of victims fastened to a cross erected in the ground. On the fifth day the priest gives him the fatal noose, washed in holy water and anointed with oil, and after more religious ceremonies, he is pronounced a perfect bhuttotah. He binds himself by fearful oaths to maintain the most perfect silence on all that concerns the society, and to labour without ceasing towards the destruction of the human race. He is the rex sacrificulus, and the person he encounters, and Bhowany places in his way, the victim. Certain persons, however, are excepted from the attacks of the Thugs. " 26 The political significance of such a sect in any Theocrasy can be easily understood when one realizes what it means to the rulers of a land to have at their disposal a staff of fanatics trained to kill anyone on the order of a priest! The utility of such organizations is obvious in a hierarchy where the rulers are also priests reigning by "Divine Right". Occult Theocracy by Lady Queenborough (aka Edith Starr Miller.)

" Bacchus or Osiris was represented by an equilateral triangle, and the sectarian mark of the worshippers of Siva is this hieroglyphic. The worship of Bacchus was the same as that which is paid to Siva, it had the same obscenities, the same cruel bloodthirsty rites, and the same emblem of the generative power. 15 " Durga, Kali, or Maha Kali as the Sacti, spouse or energetic will of Siva, the destructive power, bears a remarkable analogy with the Moloch of Scripture, as well as with Typhon, Saturn, Dis, Pluto, and other divinities of the West. 16 Occult Theocracy by Lady Queenborough (aka Edith Starr Miller.)

 Kapala In India and Tibet the skull cup is known as a Kapala, and is used in Buddhist tantric and Hindu tantric rituals. The skull does not belong to an enemy, and indeed the identity of the skull's original owner is not considered significant, as ritual purity in death has divested the human soul from its corporeal form. Hindu deities such as Kali are sometimes depicted holding a kapala full of human blood

  Rolling Stones  John Pasche was still a student at the Royal College of Art when he was asked to design an image for a Rolling Stones tour in 1971. As Pasche explains in this film Mick Jagger invited the young designer to his Chelsea home to brief him. The logo was initially inspired less by Mick Jagger's famous pouting lips than by the Indian goddess Kali who is often portrayed with a protruding pointed tongue. The image was an immediate success. Pasche was paid £50 and commissioned to design a logo which has featured on every Stones album since.

 Triangle Kali yantra

 Satanic Hand sign            

Kali  Tongues

All seeing eye symbol on blade  3 spikes/Trident  Snake  Human sacrifice  Blood (Satanism)  Tongues

More devils are being released into this world via CERN. Kali/Shiva most certainly are related and can anyone doubt given all the civil unrest, death and destruction there is in the world. This is proof the New World Order is Satanic and will try to pass off these devils as "aliens" in the not so distant future.

 What in the world is going on over at CERN? Are scientists playing around with forces that they simply do not understand?  Some of the things that I am going to share with you in this article are deeply disturbing. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) is purposely smashing particles into one another at astonishingly high speeds.  If you think that sounds incredibly dangerous, you are not alone.  Scientists all over the world have suggested that the bizarre experiments taking place at CERN could either open a black hole, destroy the entire world or open up a portal to another dimension.  But none of those concerns have been taken seriously.  Instead, scientists at CERN just continue to smash more and more particles into each other at higher and higher speeds.

Just recently, I was at a meeting during which Brad Scott suggested that the horrific earthquake in Nepal on April 25th coincided with some very unusual activity at the Large Hadron Collider.  I had never heard this before, and since I am skeptical by nature, I decided to not just take his word for it and look into it myself.  And the truth is that it is hard to come to any solid conclusions about this.  You can watch this video and decide for yourself.
But without a doubt, I believe that there are reasons to be deeply, deeply concerned about what CERN is doing.  If you are not familiar with  the Large Hadron Collider, the following is some pretty good basic information from Wikipedia
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider, the largest, most complex experimental facility ever built, and the largest single machine in the world.[1] It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries, as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories.[2] It lies in a tunnel 27 kilometres (17 mi) in circumference, as deep as 175 metres (574 ft) beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. Its first research run took place from 30 March 2010 to 13 February 2013 at an initial energy of 3.5 teraelectronvolts (TeV) per beam (7 TeV total), almost 4 times more than the previous world record for a collider,[3] rising to 4 TeV per beam (8 TeV total) from 2012.[4][5] On 13 February 2013 the LHC’s first run officially ended, and it was shut down for planned upgrades. ‘Test’ collisions restarted in the upgraded collider on 5 April 2015,[6][7] reaching 6.5 TeV per beam on 20 May 2015 (13 TeV total, the current world record for particle collisions). Its second research run commenced on schedule, on 3 June 2015.
As this second run progresses, the number of particles that are being smashed together will continue to increase.
So is it really a good idea to be increasing the frequency of collisions so much?  The following is an excerpt from a recent press release that contained some of the specific technical details…
As for any machine exploring a new energy frontier, operators at the LHC face many challenges on a daily basis. Since the start of Run 2, they have been gradually increasing the intensity of the LHC’s two beams, which travel in opposite directions around the 27-kilometre ring at almost the speed of light. The LHC has run at the record high energy with each beam containing up to 476 bunches of 100 billion protons, delivering collisions every 50 nanoseconds. In the coming days, the intensity should increase further with a new rhythm of 25 nanoseconds. After a planned technical stop in early September, the teams will also be able to increase the number of bunches with the goal of reaching more than 2000 bunches per beam by the end of 2015.
“During the hardware-commissioning phase, we have learnt to manage carefully the huge energy stored in the magnets. Now with beam commissioning we have to learn progressively how to store and handle the beam energy,” said CERN Director of Accelerators and Technology Frédérick Bordry. “Our goal for 2015 is to reach the nominal performance of the LHC at 13 TeV so as to exploit its potential from 2016 to 2018.”
At full capacity, the Large Hadron Collider can smash protons together at a rate of a billion per second.
That is a number that is almost unimaginable.
So precisely what are they hoping to accomplish by this?
Most of the articles about the LHC in the mainstream media discuss mundane scientific research goals that don’t really seem to justify all of the time, effort and money that are being expended.
Could it be possible that the top officials at CERN actually have something else in mind?
The director of research at CERN, physicist Sergio Bertolucci, has stated that the LHC may create a “door” to “an extra dimension”.  According to him, something might come out of that door, or “we might send something through it”
A top boffin at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) says that the titanic machine may possibly create or discover previously unimagined scientific phenomena, or “unknown unknowns” – for instance “an extra dimension“.
Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ earlier this week.
But why create a portal to another dimension if he doesn’t have any idea what we might encounter?
Or does he?
Other prominent scientific voices have expressed deep concern about what might happen at CERN.
For instance, Stephen Hawking has suggested that the LHC may be capable of creating a black hole that could swallow our world and destroy the entire universe
Stephen Hawking says the ‘God Particle’ that scientists believe created the world could actually end it, too.
The particle – know as Higgs boson – “has the worrisome feature” that it could become unstable at extremely high energies and create a “black hole” that would collapse the universe, the legendary British physicist has warned in a new book titled Starmus, according to the Daily Express.
“This could happen at any time and we wouldn’t see it coming,” Hawking claimed in the book.
Others have raised questions that are more philosophical in nature.
Why, for example, does the logo for CERN contain “666”…

And why is there a statue of the Hindu god Shiva (“the destroyer”) standing right outside CERN headquarters?…

Are European scientists knowingly or unknowingly messing around with some very dark forces?
Let us hope that we don’t get a definitive answer to that question any time soon.
We might not like the answer.
And of course the scientific world doesn’t plan to stop here.  At this point there are plans to have an even larger particle collider operational by 2026
Physicists hope to eventually build larger accelerators that would produce collisions with even more energy than the LHC, which might allow them to discover new particles and better understand dark matter. The proposed International Linear Collider, for instance, would be more than 20 miles long, with a pair of accelerators facing each other straight on, rather than the familiar ring design of the LHC and other accelerators. It’s still pending, but could be built in Japan, with scientists hoping to have it operational by 2026.

Darkest Side of CERN- Destruction of Souls





CERN Dance of Destruction and It's Meaning 

KALI DEATH RITUAL in New York City: CERN's "Dark Mother" is Coming

 CERN & Sounds Of The Apocalypse, Earth Changes, Kali, etc

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  1. This is even worse than the 'travelling Anubis' schtick they have been running since 2010. Lots of photo-ops of the Egyptian god of the dead, the long-eared one, being ferried past the Statue of Liberty, Tower Bridge - also a stay at Denver Airport - the portal of all things wyrd, unAmerican and Satanic.

    The Owners have interrupted our regularly scheduled programming to bring us a message from Anubis


  2. A friend has let me know that the "satanic hand sign" shown above is a common hand sign for the deaf in American and Americanized countries, meaning "I love you".


    1. If you honestly believe the likes of the various celebrities giving these hand signs including OBAMA and Francis are meant to convey "I LOVE YOU" then you simply are gullable

  3. Good, it will all end soon!