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Friday, July 7, 2017

Martial Law Prep: Unannounced Military Drills Shakeup Residents in South Carolina

Martial Law Prep: Unannounced Military Drills Shakeup Residents in South Carolina
 A mysterious sight flew over Rock Hill Wednesday night; a military plane coming in so low, it rattled windows in several neighborhoods.
Neighbors who live near the small York County Airport say the plane circled overhead at least three times.
Rock Hill city officials explained later it was a military plane from the Charleston air force base doing practice drills.
But the people who saw it say it was unlike anything they’ve ever seen.
“I thought it was actually an earthquake the house shook that bad,” said Jennifer Baldwin, who has lived a few miles from the airport her whole life.
“The house started shaking, windows rattling, dogs barking.”
Baldwin says it was enough to drive everyone outside, most in a panic.

“I thought, well maybe he's trying to land,” she said. “And I thought of course the worst of the worst always goes through your mind, and you think maybe he's going to crash.”
The plane barely skimmed trees and tore between neighborhoods. For many, it was far too close for comfort.
“We didn't know if something happened and they might be crashing,” another witness, Lainey DeShields, recalled.
“I’m very familiar with the airport and nothing of that magnitude could possibly land there,” Baldwin added.
And she’s right. City of Rock Hill spokesperson Katie Quinn told NBC Charlotte the plane was just practicing approaches, adding the small York County Airport runway could not accommodate a plane that large.
“We've never seen planes that big flying over here,” DeShields said.
The city was flooded with calls about the mystery plane, so officials took to social media to explain.
Now the unexpected flyover, far less scary.
And for some, actually kind of cool.
“Thanks for the free airshow!” Baldwin laughed.