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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, July 29, 2017

POEM: Memory Forgotten

POEM: Memory Forgotten
By: Eric Gajewski
"For the living know that they shall die, but the dead know nothing more, neither have they a reward any more: for the memory of them is forgotten."
[Ecclesiastes 9:5]
Please enjoy my latest poem from the work, "Fortress of the Soul"...
Press play and listen as you read...

Desolate speaks the days breeze
Arid are these nights
Forgotten, but not lost
My thoughts wander carrying on aimlessly
Toiling through this exile
A heart detaching from all life’s vanities
Is it I, I wonder
Who am my own end that alone wants to be pleased?
Still further, I wonder is all done for naught?
On this lonely road of carrying His cross
Where Love is continually crucifying
Instead of Thy Will pursuing
Wandering, we are, like the stars
In this interior dark yet we smile blindly
Tossing and turning upon the seas of life’s adversities
My ship is blown alone by doubts and anxieties
For instead of searching for the narrow
We, in nature, seek the wide of “easy”
Yea, slowly moving is my soul
Suspended in time
Sustained by thy grace only
Memory forgotten,
Where mercy kisses the lips of the souls in Purgatory
In man’s vain search to be “happy”
We move to and fro
Only to find out true peace comes at a toll
For the pursuit of self ends in hell’s hole empty
Searching further,
In this Storm I await Thee
For this one way road to where thy Heart abode
Is not found amongst the worldly
The cross forgotten, holy suffering
Gone it is from the minds of men and even His supposed own
Gone is the willingness to climb to His Heart on Calvary
Yea, man always leans towards moving from his true destiny
This Cross forgotten! 
From which no soul who professes Charity is found escaping
Wisdom sayest, “O’ wise men do you fail to no longer see?
Can the dead now be led by life’s memory?”
For it is still the Son who leads in these clouds of unknowing
Where the mist over my soul is fine, where the fog is ever penetrating
Where the devil tempts me to return to the world
Where with crooked smile says I can return to who I used to be
It is here under the tears of the Great Tree
Where man fails…
Where your closest say from your side they shall never leave
Memory forgotten,
Purging, where pain and love meet
I am dying…
Where holy suffering weighs down until there is nothing left of me
Yet every sin is forgotten and my heart is fading
Into the Eternal whose Heart is resurrecting
For in the end, His Fire must expunge the self
His own Light must consume me whole into His own Being
That, I, in this Fortress, may now safely rest alone in Thee