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Saturday, May 6, 2017

When will Antipope Francis "Resign"? Francis will visit Romania in 2018

When will Antipope Francis "Resign"? Francis will visit Romania in 2018
On the books it at least appears we will have to suffer Francis through 2018?
  Francis wishes to come to Romania on a visit under the sign of unity," the apostolic nuncio to Romania, Msgr. Miguel Maury Buendìa, according to a press release released today by the Romanian Bishops' Conference.
The Holy Father was officially invited last year by the Romanian bishops and also by the President of Romania, Klaus Johannis, and it seems that the Romanian Orthodox Church has also expressed itself positively. "We are also aware that the Romanian Patriarch has also sent" a message "to the Holy Father expected in Romania. "So we do not know when it will come, but we are sure the Holy Father will come next year," Archbishop Bucharest said. Ioan Robu at a press conference at the conclusion of the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops' Conference.
In addition, some Roman bishops have invited the Pope to visit significant communities and pilgrimage sites such as Blaj, Şumuleu-Ciuc, Maria Radna, Bacău. As for the beatification of the seven Greek-Catholic bishops, martyrs under the Communist regime, for which the case is under way, the Romanian bishops hope that it is the Pope to celebrate it during his visit to Romania. "We think the Pope will agree. And if there are delays in the preparation of beatification, these can be accelerated, "Archbishop Robu explained. (SIR)

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