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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

End of the World? Excited or Dejected?

End of the World?  Excited or Dejected?
By: Eric Gajewski
As more and more people are beginning to put all of the pieces of this endtime puzzle together, they are beginning to see what I have been saying for the past year or so.  We are in those times Our Lord warned about “shortly” before His Second Coming.  We must preface this statement by saying that I am not suggesting the world will end in a few years or even the next decade however I do not believe it is as far off as most will suggest themselves.  The mere fact that the Jews are preparing to rebuild the third temple for the eventual Antichrist gives us an indication of just how close we are.  We are talking “years” before Maitreya arrives and not decades.  Having said this should would be dejected upon seeing the Great Storm approach?  The answer is no.  One of the principles of being an eagle is to be excited for the Storm for it is only through our tribulations that we can grow in virtue and Selfless Love and ascend to “new heights” interiorly.

Prospects of the Second Coming.  We have been told by the majority that “so many have gotten this wrong” so we ought not talk about it all.  This is false.  Even Our Lord said scoffers would come in these endtimes and use that excuse.  Although it is true that we do not know the day or hour of His Second Coming we sure did know from Scripture and Tradition of “the season” in which He would return.  Even Christ said that when you see these things than know I am not far off.  But still many will argue that the Apostles and Saints even got this wrong which is true but that doesn’t mean at all that I am wrong?  I believe at TradCatKnight I paint a very clear picture of the times we live in as all of the pieces are “coming together”.  Those who would cringe at the notion of the Second Coming simply don’t want to be labeled in that “loonbin” category or quite frankly they are afraid of their own judgement.  

The Wind of the Storm.  Does the force of the Wind of the Storm keep you down or does it propel you to new heights.  The thought that the Antichrist might be alive is ridiculed and to suggest that he is about to arrive onto the world scene is even more preposterous.  This coming from those who are not skilled in this area of research or even are following the new religion of Vatican II altogether who are still labeling themselves “Catholic”.  An eagle must keep his wings of Faith and Hope spread wide open and be ready to take that leap.  Those birds, who live in fear, who simply, wait for the Storm to arrive, will be too late in opening their wings.  Or worse yet will they simply fly away to the mountain altogether and run and hide in self love.  Even the majority of the Apostles ran away from the Cross thus we must be ready in Faith to move forward.  St. Therese the “little eagle” spoke about how great and exciting it would be to live during the time of the Antichrist…was she crazy?  To the world, perhaps, but to those not tied down to self love/human respect there is freedom found in these skies above.

Tribulation Plan Gone Wrong?  Yes we ought be prudently preparing for the times ahead but this does not mean becoming anxious about future events.  You should stay focused on Jesus and Mary as your priority.  Our Lord and Lady would not have told esteemed mystic Marie Julie Jahenny to forewarn the world of the various herbs needed to get through some of the tough times ahead if God did not want you to prep.  Prepping is biblical date setting is not.  The season we know… the exact day we do not.  I just finished another endtimes book written by Cardinal Manning.  In this book he covers the antichrist and the great apostasy and what holds back his arrival.  It is interesting to note he reaffirms the consensus opinion that the period of peace or time of conversion happens after the death of the antichrist.  What holds Antichrist back at this point?  Only the Holy Ghost and His Hand and nothing else.  The Roman Empire has been dissolved into “democracies”, Vatican II has happened and the cult of man principles are now being spread like wildfire.  Maitreya posters and statues are popping up all over the world.  Yet you can over prepare and drive yourself crazy.  Do not do this.  The harsh reality is that your “plan” is going to fail now can you accept this?  If everything went according to the gospel of (insert your name) then why would you need Faith?  Why would you need God?  Follow the Divine Plan and constantly choose Faith over fear in your own lives and you will do just fine.

No turning back.  We are far along in this preparation for Maitreyas arrival thus there is no turning back.  Only divine intervention now can save us.  The Church is about to go underground as we move from apostasy to the Great Apostasy wherein people will trade the Faith for the mark of the beast.  They will choose a worldly life because they are already worldly (priests/clergy included).  God will test men to see who will be faithful in this “last Passover”.  We have the promise of a new day through the intercession of Mary.  We hold to it.  It is in the Apocalypse.  There is no turning our backs on God now!  You have come too far thus don’t let the prospects of the coming tribulation frighten you.  Cling to the bosom of Our Lady and remain in a state of grace.  Grow that seed of Selfless Love that is in you and BEGIN now in this season of Lent to prepare your souls for the eternal life.  Do not put off salvation.  Exciting to think, that, perhaps, some of us, may live to see that second Coming.  The Fathers and Saints debated on how just how long this period of peace would be after Antichrists death but the consensus opinion was that it was short (not hundreds of years).  But truly none of us really know.  What we must stay focused in on is our interior life and thus I hope your Lenten journey is fruitful.  I hope you make silence and solitude your two best friends this Lent and go find Jesus out in the desert.  In the end, we must all “retreat” away from the noise of this world.  This blueprint was laid down by Our Lord in Scripture but seemingly the noise has kept so many modern men away from His voice alone. Amen

Let us close with a short prayer from St. Therese:  O Eternal Word! O my Saviour! Thou art the Divine Eagle Whom I love--Who lurest me. Thou Who, descending to this land of exile, didst will to suffer and to die, in order to bear away the souls of men and plunge them into the very heart of the Blessed Trinity--Love's Eternal Home! Thou Who, reascending into inaccessible light, dost still remain concealed here in our vale of tears under the snow-white semblance of the Host, and this, to nourish me with Thine own substance! O Jesus! forgive me if I tell Thee that Thy Love reacheth even unto folly. And in face of this folly, what wilt Thou, but that my heart leap up to Thee? How could my trust have any limits?
I know that the Saints have made themselves as fools for Thy sake; being 'eagles,' they have done great things. I am too little for great things, and my folly it is to hope that Thy Love accepts me as victim; my folly it is to count on the aid of Angels and Saints, in order that I may fly unto Thee with thine own wings, O my Divine Eagle! For as long a time as Thou willest I shall remain--my eyes fixed upon Thee. I long to be allured by Thy Divine Eyes; I would become Love's prey. I have the hope that Thou wilt one day swoop down upon me, and, bearing me away to the Source of all Love, Thou wilt plunge me at last into that glowing abyss, that I may become for ever its happy Victim.

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