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saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cardinal Castrillon: The Lefebvrians never made a complete schism

Cardinal Castrillon: The Lefebvrians never made a complete schism
He is right on some points and dead wrong on others.  Please pray for this Cardinal's conversion who is following Vatican II.

Cardinal Darío Castrillón worked for nearly 10 years as the pope's mediator with Lefebvrian traditionalists. That is why he is happy about a possible solution to the existing conflict.

"We always agreed on one thing: they never entered down the path of heresy. They had moments when they were away, but technically they never made any complete schism or heresy. For example, they did not create a separate jurisdiction, because to create a jurisdiction outside the jurisdiction of the Church, that means you want to separate."

Although the name is not correct, they are called "Lefebvrians." This is the Fraternity of St. Pius X, a traditionalist movement founded in 1970 by the most aggressive critical voice against the Second Vatican Council, the French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Claiming a crisis in the Church, in 1988 he created four new bishops on his own, despite the expressed prohibition of John Paul II. Thus, he and the new bishops were automatically excommunicated.(it was an invalid/illicit excommunication in reality)

In 2009, Benedict XVI withdrew the excommunication (cant withdraw something that never was) as a gesture of goodwill to try to facilitate reconciliation. After the Jubilee year, Pope Francis then allowed them to confess validly within the Church.(didnt need such and Francis needs to repent)

At present, they reject certain principles of the Second Vatican Council, such as religious freedom or interreligious dialogue, and as a consequence also some points of the later Magisterium.

Cardinal Castrillón insists that the majority of Lefebvrians want full union with the Church. (the majority want to compromise following Fellay and not follow Lefebvres principles yes) He justifies that some of their views are also due to incorrect interpretations (bologna!) and implementations from what was decided in the Second Vatican Council.

"There were points without total clarity. Many of the architects of a post-council dealt with those points in a way that was not in line with the Council, which has in itself all its value. They made interpretations that were not in accordance with neither the Council nor the Magisterium."

According to his data, the Fraternity of St. Pius X is in 63 countries, and has about 600 priests and 200 seminarians, which serve around half a million people.

TCK:  In order for real Catholics to be called Catholic by these modernists the Vatican II Revolution has to be made null and void.  We do not have errorneous interpretations at all.  Actually we can take interpretations of the Pope's to demonstrate it is not Catholic (i.e, Paul 6th calling Vatican II representative of the cult of man!).  How is that misinterpreting?  You will still get ignorant people saying those not accepting Vatican II are heretical and in schism but the reality is its the other way around( Vatican II- herertical/material schism)  Vatican II equates to a new religion aka the Novus ordo religion of the New World Order.  If you are in full communion with that you are the ones outside the Church.

Select Archbishop Lefebvre Quotes:

“Eminence, even if you give us everything–a bishop, some autonomy from the bishops, the 1962 liturgy, allow us to continue our seminaries–we cannot work together because we are going in different directions. You are working to dechristianize society and the Church, and we are working to Christianize them.” (Archbishop Lefebvre to Cardinal Ratzinger, 1987)


“The pope stated on many occasions that he was in favor of modernist ideas, in favor of a compromise with the world. In his own words, it was ‘necessary to throw a bridge between the church and the secular world.’

The pope said that it was necessary to attempt humanist ideas, that it was necessary to discuss such ideas; that it was necessary to have dialogs. At this stage, it is important to state that dialogs are contrary to the doctrines of the Catholic faith. Dialogs presuppose the coming together of two equal and opposing sides; therefore, in no way could (dialog) have anything to do with the Catholic faith.

We believe and accept our faith as the only true faith in the world. All this confusion ends up in compromises, which destroy the Church’s doctrines, for the misfortune of mankind and the church alike.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, interview, 1978)


“So by way of conclusion, either we are the heirs of the Catholic Church, i.e., of Quanta Cura, of Pascendi, with all the Popes down to the Council and with the great majority of bishops prior to the Council, for the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for the salvation of souls; or else we are the heirs of those who strive, even at the price at breaking with the Catholic Church and her doctrine, to acknowledge the principles of the Rights of Man, based on a veritable apostasy, in order to obtain a place as servants in the Revolutionary World Government. That is it. They will manage to get quite a good place as servants in the Revolutionary World Government because, by saying they are in favour of the Rights of Man, religious liberty, democracy and human equality, clearly they are worth being given a position as servants in the World Government.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, address to his priests at Econe, 1990)


“We consider as null…all the post-conciliar reforms, and all the acts of Rome accomplished in this impiety.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, Joint Declaration with Bishop de Castro Mayer following Assisi, December 2, 1986)

“Two religions confront each other; we are in a dramatic situation and it is impossible to avoid a choice, but the choice is not between obedience and disobedience. What is suggested to us, what we are expressly invited to do, what we are persecuted for not doing, is to choose an appearance of obedience. But even the Holy Father cannot ask us to abandon our faith.

We therefore choose to keep it and we cannot be mistaken in clinging to what the Church has taught for two thousand years. The crisis is profound, cleverly organised and directed, and by this token one can truly believe that the master mind is not a man but Satan himself. For it is a master-stroke of Satan to get Catholics to disobey the whole of Tradition in the name of obedience [...] St. Thomas Aquinas, to whom we must always refer, goes so far in the “Summa Theologica” as to ask whether the “fraternal correction” prescribed by Our Lord can be exercised towards our superiors. After having made all the appropriate distinctions he replies: “One can exercise fraternal correction towards superiors when it is a matter of faith.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, “Open Letter to Confused Catholics”, 1986)


John Paul II “now continually diffuses the principles of a false religion, which has for its result a general apostasy.”(Archbishop Lefebvre, Preface to Giulio Tam’s Osservatore Romano 1990, contributed by the Archbishop just three weeks before his death)


“It is not for me to know when Tradition will regain its rights at Rome, but I think it is my duty to provide the means of doing that which I shall call “Operation Survival,” operation survival for Tradition. Today, this day, is Operation Survival. If I had made this deal with Rome, by continuing with the agreements we had signed, and by putting them into practice, I would have performed “Operation Suicide”. There was no choice, we must live! That is why today, by consecrating these bishops, I am convinced that I am continuing to keep Tradition alive, that is to say, the Catholic Church.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, sermon given at Consecrations of four Bishops at Econe, June 30th, 1988)  

Bishop Fellay has been taking up "Operation Suicide" for quite some time

Pray for the heretics of Vatican II!