"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blessed Virgin Mary & the Breastfed

Blessed Virgin Mary & the Breastfed
By:  Eric Gajewski
Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.
Saint Francis de Sales

“Virgin de la Leche with Christ Child and St.Bernard Clairvaux” by an unknown artist from Peru - 1680 - Oil on canvas - Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe.

Recently Francis exclaimed, ““You mothers, go ahead and breastfeed, without fear. Just like the Virgin Mary nursed Jesus,” and this got me to thinking further on the topic.  Mary is truly vital to our spiritual lives.  We see in the teachings of the Church, saints specifically, just how vital She is to our own spiritual health.  We know from proper Catholic teaching that to alienate ourselves from Mary is ultimately an alienation of Christ Himself.  “No one will ever be the servant of the Son without serving the Mother.” Saint Ildephonsus, Bishop Do we truly take time out daily to “be at the breast” of Mary daily?  Or are we just whining in our little cribs refusing the nourishment that She gives?  Those who are closest to Mary, in my opinion, are the most protected and considering how so many disregard Our Lady, it is no wonder, why so many lives will be lost in the days ahead.

Under Mantle is her breast.  We must meditate upon the mysteries of the most holy rosary.  We must “dig deep” and go beneath her mantle to truly stay connected in grace through her breast.  In the times ahead Mary will play and even more pivotal role in the protection of the Church yet so many run from her rather than to her.  The heretics of this world acknowledge there is a woman in the room with them but they fail to see her as their own Mother!  This is truly saddening.  The heretics of the world rather choose their GMO soy laced formula which you can buy anywhere these days.  However, Our Lady and her nourishment is the real thing.  If her nourishment was good enough for Christ then it is good enough for me.  It is truly abominable to see so many “bashing” Mary who claim to be Christian.  The reality is these people aren’t Christian but sons of the devil.  ”For if we are bidden to honor carnal fathers and mothers, how much more the spiritual? . . . If this virtue of charity has been overlooked, a man will lose any fruit of salvation in any good he may do.”
--Pope Saint Gregory VII

We cry and She has the solution.  Our souls are yearning for God and it was through Mary which God moved unto us.  Thus, why reject her?  We cry like infants in our cribs over the littlest of problems and refuse to go to Mary.  I can attest in my own conversion Mary was not only pivotal She was the catalyst!  I had just about given up on my self and was locked in the dungeon of despair until I decided to let Mary in.  She came in and much like the “Mother of the morning” opened the blinds “to let the Light in”.  My room was dark and she was the catalyst for my growth in Selfless Love.  I was cold in the night and she was there to bring me in closer to her and keep me warm.  This world is a cruel place truly Lucifer’s world and if we persist in neglecting Mary the cold will overtake us.  Thus, Mary is necessary for this Counterrevolution against self.  She takes us by the hand and brings us to her Son!  How can that be bad?  The heretic will argue we place too much emphasis on Mary and I reply, no we do not give her enough time during the day” What manner of man completely neglects their own earthly mother and thinks the Father will approve of this?  It is truly pride which has overrun the hearts of heretics.  “The pious and learned Jesuit, Suarez, Justus Lipsius, a devout and erudite theologian of Louvain, and many others have proved incontestably that devotion to our Blessed Lady is necessary to attain salvation. This they show from the teaching of the Fathers, notably St. Augustine, St. Ephrem, deacon of Edessa, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, St. Germanus of Constantinople, St. John Demascene, St. Anselm, St. Bernard, St. Bernardine, St. Thomas and St. Bonaventure. Even according to Oecolampadius and other heretics, lack of esteem and love for the Virgin Mary is an infallible sign of God's disapproval. On the other hand, to be entirely and genuinely devoted to her is a sure sign of God's approval.”
--Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

One word. Fatima.  She walked unto the scene in 1917 and gave her children the answer and yet what have churchmen done?  Have they embraced “heavens nourishment” which is the answer for the world?  No, we have persisted in neglecting Mary and the Vatican II Popes have all played their part in this neglect.  They push her away and say no we have a “better answer” for man.  Truly this spirit cannot come from God.  Her breast is the source of conversion.  We come to Mary and implore her for grace.  We come to her to make better confessions.  We can come to Mary for anything yet why do so many fail daily to dialogue with her interiorly?  Do you not believe she will listen?  Sadly, our modern women “look” to other women for guidance and thus reject her breast all the same.  TV has replaced the true gospel and immodesty has become the norm and yet Our Lady has the answer yet again.  It is through this Immaculate Heart that we can deepen our relationship with Christ and ultimately arrive at His Sacred Heart.  She knows all the floors of this Fortress of the Soul and is eager to be your guide but will you persist in your pride thinking you know better as the guest?  ”A man is no true Christian if he has no devotion to the Mother of Jesus Christ.”
--Saint John Eudes

Benefits of Breastfeeding.  One of the benefits of staying at the breast of Our Lady is that she has the “vitamins” necessary to keep you healthy and grow.  Do we all not want to grow in Selfless Love?  Than what better example, outside of Our Lord than Mary?  She said Fiat and conformed to God’s Will.  She was always deeply connected to Christ and His Sacred Heart not just in His Passion.  Yet, it is at this passion that we see her Immaculate Heart on display.  She wishes all of us to embrace Her Son but also the Cross.  Another benefit of breastfeeding is the antibodies which stave off disease.  I do not wear the Rosary and Scapular for show but for protection.  I cannot tell you how many times in this heated warfare with the devils that they have fled on the account of Mary’s protection.  Do you have your armor on and weapon drawn O’ Soldier of Mary?  We are protected from the spiritual disease of sin ONLY if we turn to Mary and stay at her breast.  Imagine if we were able to do this all day as we ought.  Mary’s promises are not “hot air” and if we open our wings as eagles in Faith and Hope we can begin to bring back into this world a truly Christian society.  This restoration of Christian society WILL NOT take place if Mary is not the foundation.  God chose Mary to come into this world and He now chooses Mary yet again to carry on the Plan of Redemption to an utterly faithless age of men.  In the end, as the persecution persists and the Church is driven underground you are going to need an awful lot of Our Lady's nourishment coming DIRECTLY from her.  "All true children of God have God for their father and Mary for his mother; anyone who does not have Mary for his mother, does not have God for his father."
--Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

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