"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, March 26, 2017



 This is the next step leading to the physical mark of the beast. 
How do you boil a frog? Slowly increase the heat. The frog doesn't know it's happening until it's too late.

  I've also been keeping an eye on this company. 
This might be a good idea to let your readers know. Most are not computer savvy and this article explains in simple instructions how to turn off the Microsoft spy features. 


Jenn C.

 My daily research is to become more knowledgeable in the different areas of concern around the world, within the Catholic Church, that include the new world order/one world government/religion/ antichrist/mark of the beast/cern/ project blue beam/ agenda 21/, knowledge of illuminat, freemasonary, lucifeerianism(basically high level converts from those and other kabbalah religions to christianity that reveal everything that they did in those religions and the agenda of those religions.)  Above all I have certain principals, and a method to the madness.  It is trust but verify, remain objective always, regardless of who or what the person or topic is.  A person could make a mistake or lie right to you.  Trust but verify always.  New information can confirm or oppose old information or understanding of a topic, which is great to me. I always welcome new information from conflicting views.  Its like my news consumption on a daily basis.  I gather my news from the far right all the way to the far left.  If the opposition has facts on someone that they want to tear down they will reveal that instantly.  If the opposition wants to lie, I need to know who is honest and who are liars.  For example, Rachel Maddow the other day tried to create a huge conspiracy about President Trump using leaked tax returns.  It didnt work, but I already see msnbc as lying, deceitful liberals, so when they speak, its probably a lie, but at the same time, if they have credible information that shows wrong doing on President Trump, they will be the first to announce it.  Left wing liars, but a way for me to be able to stay aware of what President Trump is doing wrong.  I just am aware now of their agenda ahead of time, because I made it essentiial  to know what everyones  motives are as I watch the news.  Even when someone like Don Lemon gets mad at a guest who supports President Trump, I know that its theater to advance the liberal agenda.  I know that you are not a fan of Donald Trump and so I take what you say about him into consideration, and at the same time never conclude what I think about him based on one piece of information, but stay open minded at all times.  I always stay objective and try to understand where people are coming from, their hidden agenda if there is one, their lack of knowledge on a certain topic if there is one, but their intentions, character, and integrity is what is most important to me.  I need to know everything about a person, topic, agenda that I can.  I need to understand what the opposition is saying about a person, topic etc to better grasp  the truth.  Get it?  If Donald Trump is conspiring with Russia, MSNBC will announce that instantly, but MSNBC will also try to create a lie and rachel maddow will pull out two tax returns from the year 2005 and try to create a false conspiracy.  As a celebrity wrote in one of their bands  songs, "You tell the truth, and you still lie. "  Motives, intentions, character, integrity.   the prophecies of fatima, garabandel, medjugore(I dont believe that this is definitely Our Lady, but instead know that millions of catholics around the world will look to her for guidance once Pope Benedict flees rome.  the devil is a chess player Eric.  He set that up 40 years ago, and the catholic church has not condemned or approved medjugore.  Think about her influence if she tells millions of faithful followers to remain following the pope at the vatican regardless of confusion. That is potentially the issue of concern.  Now, the visionaries know of secrets of the end times that they will release to the world a few days ahead of time.  What I am finding out, is some of them are similar to other events that are being predicted such as permanent signs in the sky.  , etc.  I know that you graduated from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Oh and I at one time thought about going there.  One of my favorite converts from a protestant religion to the catholic church is Scott Hahn who I believe is a professor  at Franciscan University.  He spoke about the first time that he sat in church during mass and he realized that the transubstantiation from bread and water to the Holy Eucharist, and the Holy blood of Jesus Christ took place.  Scott Hahn began to cry.  People dont realize that the Catholic church watered down the mass.  Reverence of the Holy Eucharist is necessary even subconsiously.  People only hit the floor, bow and receive on the tongue for something that is so heavenly that earth stands still.  They took that away intentionally.  I also have the belief that we dont ever make time for God.  Instead Gods time is 24/7, 365 days a year.  All time is Gods time, and we should spend all day knowing that we are in Gods presence, and not that god is in our presence. Its backwards and gives humans the impression that we are in control, and that the world revolves around us.  Everything revolves around Jesus. 

Steve B.

Dear Eric,

I just started listening to your YouTube broadcasts a few weeks ago. You said we could email you with questions. In your recent broadcast you said we weren't required to attend mass if there wasn't a valid mass offered in the area, or something like that.

I just wanted to give you some background before I asked my question. I only converted to Catholicism in 2009, so I feel like my knowledge of traditional Catholicism is limited. I was attending the local church because my kids were going to the private school there until this year, when we went back to homeschooling. Right after Donald Trump passed the first travel ban, the priest gave an extreme social justice homily telling us we had to welcome everyone regardless of immigration status, sexual orientation, etc.  That was bad enough, but then when he was done someone shouted "amen", and the majority of the congregation loudly clapped. That was basically the last straw for me. I am familiar with liberation theology, and this priest makes yearly trips to El Salvador and is very involved with the local Hispanic migrant community. I knew he was a huge fan of Vatican II, because after one Mass where he told about a former priest from the parish who had died, I overheard him talking to a couple on the way out the door. he said: "You would've really liked father John. He's our kind of guy, a real Vatican II kind of priest."  At that time, I didn't even understand everything about Vatican II, but it upset me that he was dividing himself and this couple from everyone else in the church.  He didn't even know I heard him, and it wasn't the kind of statement he would have made in public.   To make a long story short, Pope Francis has emboldened this sleeper cell Marxist liberation theology priest to come fully out in the open. After the "welcoming everyone" homily, I withdrew my kids from CCD, I told the head priest about my concerns, and we started driving an hour to the traditional Latin mass.

I had never been to a traditional Latin mass before, except maybe once as a child was a Catholic friend. I really thought it was the right place for us. Everything was so majestic and beautiful and reverent, so much different than the social justice political rally church we had just left.

My son is supposed to receive his first communion next month. It was all set up with this local church, but now we are basically starting over. I talked to the religious ed director at the TLM church, and she is on board with us switching over. My concern is about some of the things you said. For example, this church still offers the Novus ordo at 9 AM, and then the TLM which we have been attending at noon. I basically feel like I have to at least start going there, and my son hasn't even received his sacrament yet. I just wanted to reach out to you because it's only been the last month or so that I have realized how much Satan has infiltrated the church. It was a huge crisis. I honestly considered just not going to church at all anymore. It was your channel and a couple of other people that made me see that it wasn't right for me to leave the church, but rather to separate for myself from these heretics who have already left the church. So now my faith is getting even stronger. Thanks for all that you do.

My question is basically that it seems like you are saying a church that offers the Novus Ordo as well as the TLM is not sufficient. Is that what you are saying? This church is the only one in the area that offers the TLM at all. I would appreciate any advice that you have. 

Jackie M


Eric – for your one man shows, these books are invaluable for ideas and not like anything anywhere else.

If you need me to pay for them, I will ]

If not, just get them and it will pay many dividends for your work


Yours in Christ, don and patti 


This is merely a quick note to say, please don't give up on the psuedo-trads, they are coming around:
I've been listening to your show lately and have heard you instruct your audience not to listen to false trads and you noted they are lost.

So maybe you haven't given up on them. Maybe that was a poor choice of words (although it wasn't an accusation, it was a word of encouragement to you regarding them). But you do believe they are in error. My only point is that The Remnant (as an example) are actually more aligned with your position than you might know. They now reject Pope Francis and acknowledge that the Vatican II Council was a disaster.

Michael Matt in a recent talk I listened to spoke about his naivety (and how he and other Catholics are being taken advantage of) regarding Francis' Papacy and the Vatican II Council, and how he no longer holds these views and was in error.

Mark B.



                                                                                                       The Daily Sheeple

From the time Russian and United Stated Education agreements were signed back in the eighties, (which was made crystal clear at that time by Charlotte Iserbyt's monumental works, the deliberate dumbing down of america, and  
Back to Basics or... OBE Skinnerian International Education,did we think that these agreements were the end of Russian, socialist, and humanistic designs for the heart and soul of America?   Were those agreements their final plans for the re-engineering of mankind for a Soviet-style work force in a controlled, pragmatic world?
Hardly!   Take a look at Re- Engineering Futures.
 This appears to be primarily a Moscow based organization, but with others involved. Please scroll through all the members and their organizations. With such members, it looks to be the Soviet re-engineering of the world and society through life-long, work-force, utilitarian, technological, neurological control  
Here is their FUTURE AGENDAS FOR GLOBAL EDUCATION   (as Buzz Lightyear might put it "to infinity and beyond")
 This Moscow group, also operating out of San Francisco, held their  2015 Forum at Menlo Park, Ca.

The following information cites some of the panel topics and panel members:

"Joint Panel with GTS: New Education: How to Unbundle the Potential of MultiBillion Market? (Ball Room)   [your student the multiBillion dollar market? comment, ed.]
Moderator: Stephen Sammut, Venture Partner, Burrill & Company/ Lecturer, Wharton -
Tom Vander Ark, Partner, Learn Capital / CEO, GettingSmart - 
Muhammed Chaudhry, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Education Foundation - 
Valerie Hannon, Co-Founder, Innovation Unit-  [Education, mental health, etc.-comment, ed.]
 Igor Agamirzyan, CEO Russian Venture Company
Karl Mehta, CEO EdCast - [ALL PERSONALIZED DIGITAL LEARNING VIA COMPUTER.The site features customer, Jeffery Sachs, of Sustainable Development Solutions.

 He is a foremost proponent of Population control,calling for a reduction of earth's population. He supports abortion and moderated a recent conference on "Climate Change and Sustainable Development" at a Vatican.  -[ U N. Sustainable Goals - comment,ed.]\

Tom Vander Ark. of "Smart Citiesfame. was also a panel member of the above New Education joint panel. 

 What are Smart Cities?  Tuscon, Arizona is a prime example:

Smart Cities Council - view the partners, associate partners, resources, task forces, etc.

Another panel at the Global Education Futures Forum was: 
"GEF Panel: Education outside the box: from systems to eco-systems.Education outside the box: from systems to eco-systems. (Sycamore)
 Moderator: Olivier Brechard, Co-founder, Institute of Action Research in Education Panelists: -
 Francois Taddei, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Research - 
Georgette Yakman, Founder, STEAM Education -
 Mark Prensky, Author - 
Jason Meek, CEO iDEAL World -
Leah Hirsch, Teacher & Curriculum Developer, Institute of Play/Quest to Learn"   ["Re-imagining Institutions", funded by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Margulf Foundation, and The Carnegie Corporation of New York -comment ed.]

Note the following regarding Georgette Yakman;s  STEAM Education:
STEAM education is promoted by the National Catholic Education Association NCEA  for Catholic school children 

This is the second year of a National Catholic Educational Association initiative to promote science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and math — that's STREAM — in Catholic schools.”

Below are several warnings to parents from education researcher Anita Hoge. See Anita's two messages below on monitoring children's attitudes and values.(One from the Department of Defense!) As you look through that information please keep in mind the following examples of both the Missouri and Utah comprehensive "Counselling and Career" manuals. It seems that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the emotional, mental, and physical treatment of the student. Who knows how many other states have these manuals - probably all the rest of them?

 Missouri Comprehensive Guidance And Counseling Program

Utah's School Behavioral Health Services Implementation Manual
Betsy K
A video from Jim Rizoli and a posting from Joe Rizoli.  There are so many of these, I think I'll start a file collecting these bogus claims. (Diane King)

Jim R and Diane K

Good Morning Mr. Gajewski,

I hope you are having a very enjoyable lenten season as Easter approaches.  

I had a question regarding Our Lady of China... Is it an approved marian image of the Church? The reason I ask is that I have some Chinese friends who are Buddhists.  I know they would not convert out of the blue so I am trying to find ways to "plant seeds."  Our Lady of China seems to be a good start.  

I am unsure if it is approved or condemned by the Church??  Personally I do not see anything wrong with it after all Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared similarly to appear to the local pagan population...  

Please let me know if this is wrong?

Thank you!!

Dominus Vobiscum!
Dear Eric:

Love your stuff. Keep the hot water boiling!!!

Really interested in Jahenny and had a priest bless my candles. Don’t trust the validity. Where can i buy one online as a back up that is already blessed?
Peter B.
I thought you might appreciate this. A dear friend of mine, his wife is terminally ill. He posted this on his website (b-t-w, one of the top financial websites in the world no less). His conveyance of this song says a lot of how much she loves him AND he loves her after all these many years.


For me, this song makes me think about all those who have gone before us that we miss so very much. Such fond and tender memories never pass away. They ferment in our minds and souls growing beyond all present reality and God willing last beyond our lifetime. It gives me hope that perhaps we will be together again as one, just as He is One with the Father. And may our hope never be disappointed.

Jezu ufam tobie
Nick F.
Hi Eric, my husband and I were introduced to the heresies of NO and Vatican II  back in 2009. We soon stopped going to the NO mass and searched out a TLM and a friend of ours did not agree with us and gave us some documents to look through...since we were considering sedevecantism...and we cannot remember what it was, but we decided to stay in the TLM even if it was somewhat part of Vatican II.  We have moved a lot and seen and felt (spiritually) the effects of v2. So recently we were confronted with the v2 heresies again and are now believing that it is not where God wants us to be. While the TLM is great in the sense of reverance, Gregorian chant,  large families, modesty, etc. We just cannot get away from the fact that the truth of the v2 heresies is not being taught and preached. We would like some guidance since it seems you have been in This for a while. I don't want to make this too long so if you could get back to us and possibly find some time to chat with us that's be great.
P.s. we ,through the grace of our Lord and our lady beginning with Fatima, are somewhat knowledgeable about prophecy and so that has made some things clear as far as the v2 church, but also difficult in the fact of 2 popes prophecy...but if they are heretics how is there a true pope?
David and Melody

Thank you for your devotion to true catholic faith, my name is Marco Paglia and I am from Perth Australia. I admire your knowledge and spirit of truth and as for my self I have been trying to listen to your YouTube programs to help me become closer to Gods truth. I did start to attend traditional mass at a chapel called St Anne's (traditional mass) in Belmont Perth Western Australia but admittedly lately I haven't been of late due to distance and work however would like to change that soon, although I say the Hail Mary and pray and would like to grow in the catholic faith deeper. Mate I battle with some demons as many do but do try to avoid my carnal weakness however at times fall victim to it only to feel guilt afterwards. I was an alter boy in the novus ordo mass and as I an adult realised it isn't the true mass, so after much research rejected it due to the apostate ideals. I would like to keep in touch if you don't mind as I need clarity and direction, and at times perhaps would have questions you may be able to assist me with. 

Again thank you for your time and devotion, I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards and God bless

So my question around the rosary is where praying the 5 P's that you talk about I'm unsure as to just state for example a rosary decade to the Pope etc or should I provide something more as in state more of what I am praying for other than just stating a decade to the Pope ? and;

I came across this catholic spiritual warfare page and wasn't sure if it was correct so I wanted to have someone with more knowledge to take a look, I just want to know it's actually catholic and to continue with it if it is, I did reader these and used them last weak but a few days later I felt so spiritually weak and gave in to a moment of weakness. 
Sorry if it sounds corny mate I worry if something is not a genuine correct catholic prayer that I may be exposing myself to negatives. 

Marco Paglia 

Would like to connect with you and others in tradcatknight. Keep me informed. I believe what you believe. Need other like minded people. St John 23  parish which used to be St Boniface/Holy Wisdom church in Pittsburgh is only church I know to go to with Latin mass besides St. James/Fatima Chapel SSPX church. Even SSPX group is corrupt which leaves me no where to go to church. I need Jesus in Holy Eucharist. I can't just stay home and pray.
What should I do? 
My name is Lizanne.
 Hi Eric,

As you know, I listen to your YouTube channel at least once per day. I just went to listen to today's updates and found that I'd been unsubscribed from your channel. There's no way I did it accidentally.

Sending prayers,

Hello Eric
I am poor, financially. I live with a heathen and someone who goes to church for funerals.
I understand that a blessed candle won't light if someone is not in a state of grace. Would a van without windows that was blessed and enthroned to the Blessed Virgin be a dwelling?

God Bless
Tim A
Eric -

I listened to your two most recent YouTube videos. I think what's going to happen is that the Concilliar Church is going to formally break and declare it's independence from the Traditional church. Once that happens the Concilliar Church will ban the Tridentine mass. 

Obviously, if that happens, religious orders such as the Fraternity of Saint Peter and Christ the King will be disolved. One has to wonder what will become of the priests who belong to those orders. I know for a fact that many priests in the Fraternity of Saint Peter have openly condemned Borgoglio, the Novis Ordo "Mess", and have even said that the crisis in the Church stems from Vatican II and Modernist theology. My suspicion is that many of those priests will refuse to abandon tradition and refuse to follow the Concilliar Church after its "Declaration of Independence ".

Erich Diehl 

       I was wondering if you would be interested in accepting me as an assistant for you,in your apostolate ? It's something I would love to do and be committed to.I am not terribly far away,currently in Philadelphia and would be happy to relocate to Ohio.Please let me know if you are interested in my offer.GOD BLESS you - Frank C

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