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Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump Nominates NWO Soros Puppet Mnuchin For Treasury Secretary (Video)

Trump Nominates NWO Soros Puppet Mnuchin For Treasury Secretary (Video)

Voice of Reason 

For the diehard Trump supporters, this is going to be difficult to hear, but as a Trump supporter myself, the fact is, We the People deserve some answers right about now. By answers, I’m not referring to cheap, contrived, worthless press release comments, assuming we could even get that much, but rather we deserve (and should demand) answers from President-Elect Trump himself on some of the following issues.

In the following video, I review several very alarming trends that have been unfolding right before our eyes as President-Elect Trump picks his potential cabinet members. Some of the trends have gotten zero coverage from the mainstream media, and some have even gotten almost zero coverage by the alternative media either, and not because they aren’t true, but rather because so few people have an understanding of the subject matter. 
In a post last week, I discussed what almost no one anywhere in media is talking about right now, which is how Trump is Filling His Cabinet With War Hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations. For those who don’t know why that’s significant, be sure to check out that post. In short, first, Trump ran as a non-interventionist, yet he’s attempting to bring well-known globalist war hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations into his innermost circle. That’s not “conspiracy.” Their history is not “conjecture.” It is documented fact. 
Second, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), represents absolutely everything Trump ran against… everything! There is no part of the CFR’s agenda that is compatible with what Trump discussed while out on the campaign trail. None. Zero. The CFR is one of a very few select number of secretive groups that can be said to be one of the crown jewels of globalists like George Soros. The group works to advance the globalist agenda, and always has. That is why it was formed to begin with! 
Consider what came out in the 1970′s, when Carrol Quigley, a professor who viewed the CFR in a favorable light, was granted access to the CFR’s private files to assist him in a book he was writing that was supposed to be good publicity for the CFR. Horrified by his findings, Professor Quigley subsequently revealed that the group’s true goal was:
“to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole.” 
The Council on Foreign Relations was formed by the global elite, for the global elite, with the intent of controlling the news narrative that gets told to the American people by U.S. news outlets. The effort began by JP Morgan, the Rockefeller’s, and the Warburg’s (just to name a few), as far back as 1912. The facts are well documented, and you can learn more about the history in a video featured in the post titled, Trump is Filling His Cabinet With War Hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations.
Since the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve learned that President-Elect Trump is not only choosing war hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations to bring into his innermost circle, but now he’s also chosen one of George Soros’, personal puppets to be the Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. In light of who owns the Federal Reserve, that should be exceptionally frightening to anyone fully armed with the facts.

Think back just a few short weeks ago. Cast your memory back to the first week of November, those hazy halcyon days just before the election, when Donald Trump’s campaign rolled out its notorious “Argument For America” ad. I personally wrote a piece titled: Trump’s New Campaign Commercial Today: Breathtaking, because I was so enamored with the honesty of the ad.
The post linked above was viewed over 30,000 times combined at all the various websites combined that chose to published it. Why? Because the commercial WAS breathtaking. In the commercial, Trump began shining a light on an issue that has been “taboo,” or “off limits” to talk about in politics until now… or even in public to a large degree; Of course I’m referring to the topic of the “global elites.” Refresh your memory below:
In between B-roll of hardworking Americans and shuttered factories, Trump explained how “global special interests” and “those who control the levers of power” planned to “partner with these people [Bill and Hillary] who don’t have your good in mind.”
Other than President Obama and the Clinton’s, only three public figures appeared in the ad: Janet Yellen, George Soros and Lloyd Blankfein. The fact that all three were Jewish raised accusations of anti-semitism. The dog whistles blared especially loudly for Blankfein, who appeared as Trump said: “It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”
Have a look: 

Jennifer Van Laar at Red State writes:
The New York Times reports that Donald Trump will name Steven Mnuchin, his campaign’s national finance director, as Treasury secretary.
Mr. Mnuchin, the son of a Goldman Sachs partner, joined the firm after graduating from Yale University. He worked there for 17 years, rising to oversee trading in government securities and mortgage bonds.
After leaving Goldman in 2002, he founded Dune Capital Management, a hedge fund named after the dunes near his beach house in the Hamptons.
He also started investing in the movie business and bought a house in Bel-Air. He is engaged to the actress Louise Linton, who would be his third wife.
His selection fits uneasily with much of Mr. Trump’s campaign rhetoric attacking the financial industry. Mr. Trump, in a campaign ad intended as a closing argument, portrayed the chief executive of Goldman Sachs as the personification of a global elite that the ad said had “robbed our working class.”
As a Hollywood investor, Mnuchin was involved in financing the “X-Men” franchise, “American Sniper,” and “Avatar.”
He has strong ties to both George Soros and Democratic candidates. More than half of his federal-level contributions have gone to Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and $2,000 to California AG Kamala Harris’ US Senate campaign. And:
From 2003 to 2004, Mnuchin worked as chief executive of SFM Capital Management, which the Wall Street Journal reports is backed by Soros. He also worked for Soros Fund Management LLC, according to Bloomberg.
Mnuchin was part of the group which purchased IndyMac, a failed California mortgage lender, from the government in 2009. The group sold the company, which had been renamed OneWest, to CIT in 2015 for more than double the price the group acquired it for.
Transition sources say the announcement could come as early as Wednesday.
Bunker 2
Now start connecting some dots. Anyone NOT listening to the lies of the woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media already knows that a Global Currency Reset is coming. There is nothing conspiratorial about it, and there are plenty of links at the bottom supporting that statement. 
Consider, the same person who wrote: Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse in 2006 (two years BEFORE the 2008 crash), when everyone else was saying the economy was doing fine (including current Fed Chair Janet Yellen), has predicted that the coming Collapse of the US Dollar Will Be the Single Biggest Event In all of Human History. Think about that for a minute, 
To anyone IS following the woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media, there is nothing to worry about. Everything is great! We’re in a post election pro-Trump rally. After all, the markets are at all time highs, right?
If everything is fine, why are world leaders like those in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and others warning their citizens to begin preparing for the possibility of “existence threatening” events? As mentioned, U.S. financial markets are at all time highs, so everything is great, right? Surely whatever other world leaders are worried about must only affect them, right? WRONG!
If that were true, why would thousands upon thousands of millionaires in major U.S. cities like Chicago be fleeing big cities for safer refuges? It’s not just the U.S. either. The same thing is happening around the globe where elites are fleeing major foreign cities like France and Rome in droves. Why are the rich fleeing from heavily populated cities? Why now? In the case of some extremely wealthy Americans, those who can afford to, have even gone so far as to completely renounce their citizenship to the U.S., despite the fact that doing so comes with an enormous tax! Check out: 
Are the filthy rich all fools? Is that what you think? How many of the uber rich became that way by acting like ignorant fools? How many became that way by by acquiring knowledge? Of those who haven’t renounced citizenship and fled the country, why are so many of them spending millions of dollars on doomsday bunkers? 
How many multimillionaires do you know who made a habit of blowing millions of dollars on foolish ideas? Not too many, else they wouldn’t remain multimillionaires for long! Look at the lavish bunkers many are building in in the video below: 

  Read the rest here: