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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, December 10, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....
Note: By posting your information that does not mean I agree with everything that is said.
Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Please keep inviting friends and family to TRADCATKNIGHT the #1 ranked traditional catholic website in the world.

Hi Eric,  My husband & I really look forward to your news and we would like to make a donation.  Please email me with your address.  Thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing to inform us of all that is going on in the Traditional Catholic Church and the rest of the world.  The last few guests that you have interviewed have been so informative, L A Marzulli, Elana Freeland, Rob Kirby and my personal favorite Fr. Paul Kramer!  We greatly appreciate all the time and effort that you put into your blog and you tube channel.  I share your information with my friends and family and hope to inspire them to come to the Traditional Catholic Church.  You are in my prayers, please keep up the great job you are doing!!

Hi Eric,  I don't think that you ever got the email above... We would like to donate with a monthly electronic check, but need your info.  We really feel very well informed with your show!!  Thanks!
God Bless, Ludovit & Sharon M
Hi Eric I know your busy but i think this info is extremely important to marie julie jehenny's warnings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1huvvqQcmg 
Colleen M
Eric, after hearing Anthony Patch on your show, I listened to some of his other videos which touch on "lifting the veil" to what we Catholics call the preternatural realm. I heard Geordie Rose, creator of the D-wave quantum computer say his machine is "like an altar to an alien god."

I heard him say they send incomplete math computations to "a parallel universe" (preternatural realm) and they come back completed. Others have noticed changes in the Bible, Bibles which have been in their families for generations. These changes could not have come about by natural means. Most of those who are concerned are looking at the KJV.

Here are some of the verses in the Duoay-Rheims, Haydock Bible which have changed.

Isiah 11:6
has changed
“The LION shall dwell (or lie down) with the lamb”
wolf ?!

Malachias 4:2
has changed
“SON of justice”
sun ?!

Leviticus 15:29
has changed
“On the 8th day, she shall offer to the priest two TURTLEDOVES”
turtles ?!

Exodus 34:29
has changed
“Moses held the two TABLETS of the testimony”
tables ?!

Gen 1:1
has changed
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”
heaven ?!

Matthew 9:17
has changed
“Neither do they put new wine into old WINESKINS”
is now
bottles ?!

Luke 7:49
has changed
“like building his house upon the SAND”
is now
earth ?!

warning: These next two are disgusting.

Luke 17: 34
has changed
“A COUPLE in bed and one shall be taken”
is now
two men in bed ?!

Luke 17: 35
has changed
“Two women shall be grinding grain together”
is now
two woman shall be grinding together ?!

There are many more. Check out your own very old family Bible, and let me know what your thoughts are on this.
Sara B.
Father Kramer (talking on heretic John Salza):
Eric, My ongoing (thus far 3 part article ) is crushing his arguments and exposing his heresy. He made a huge mistake by attacking me so stupidly, making me out to be an ignorant loose cannon. He has learned the hard way that my cannon fire hits him square in the face, but he insanely continues to absurdly maintain that I am the heretic spouting "sedevacantist theology", even after have demonstrated, quoting the most authoritative sources, that my position represents accurately the mind of the Church . By so rabidly attacking me, he is scuttling his own ship.
 He's trying to get me silenced, but says I am running away from the fight! He is a certifiable lunatic.
      I forgot to mention — Salza took great offense at being called a "clown" on your radio show, so perhaps "Bozo" would be a good nickname for him. My nickname preference for him is "Psychiatric" Salza. His latest outburst against me is rabid enough to more than adequately justify bestowing that title on him. Oremus pro invicem
 Dear TradCatKnight,

I just found your site on Internet.  Thank you for some very interesting information.

My question:
Where do you think it best to reside during this time period?
I currently reside in Louisiana.

Thank you,
In Their Hearts,
Raymond L leaves behind some Marie Julie quotes:
On June 9, 1881 Our Lord said further: “I see them embrace the religion of a merry heart, without thinking about Me, on the Church, of their baptism and all that is good for the Christian soul ... by manifesting these signs to My people (i.e., the warnings), I want to bring back My people, before the punishment, because I love them. I see eagerly entering this guilty, sacrilegious, infamous, in a word, a similar (religion) to that of Mahomet. (Note: Islam, refutes the godhead of Jesus Christ, a new form of the Arian heresy will arise?), there I see Bishops entering. By seeing these Bishops, many, so many, and in their suite all their flock, and without hesitation to rush into damnation and Hell, My Heart is wounded to death, as at the time of My Passion. I am going to become an object of horror for the most part of My people. (i.e., His virginal, suffering life will become an object of horror.)  All youth will be spoiled and soon will fall in a  putrefaction the smell of which will be unbearable.
 Thank you so much for you enlightening information. We have been so frightened by all that going on in the world. We take notes on all your broadcasts so we can share them with our fellow Catholics. We stay away from all those mass that don’t follow the true faith, i.e., SSPX, FSSP, Christ the King, etc. We stay home as we don’t want our faith corrupted. You have the true faith and we’re so grateful that we have a place where we can go to obtain true guidance.

Dduw bendithia chi,

Gareth B

Dear TCK:

What I find most astounding about the ever-worsening nightmare in the Church is how some Catholics are reacting to it. Good grief! they're stuck reinventing the meaning of "pope". Meanwhile, the total ruination of souls is being accomplished by The Adversary's Vicar. (Imagine finding oneself in hell for all eternity--and having one's "pope" to thank for it.)

It is tiring how Francis' enablers (i.e. the pseudo trads and the N.O.'s) are always combing the past for precedents--as if there's anyone or anything in the past that can justify the mass destruction of souls. We don't need these amateurs telling us what to think. Precedents don't matter. A wrong is always wrong regardless of precedents.

In fact, it is blasphemous and absurd for Catholics to have "polite" conversations over tea to discuss whether The Destroyer of God's Church can also be His legitimate Vicar. What a stupid, stupid way to counter a revolution.

Lord, have mercy! 


Marny B. Medeiros
 Dear Sir

I have looked at to some of your TradCatKnight presentations and I find them very interesting. I am particularly interested in the three dark days, which I have believed in for several years now, particularly after looking at an episode on the life of Padre Pio who warned humanity of this coming event but could not understand why people largely ignored his proficiency and the priests never talk about this subject in another homily that I have listened to.

I have spoken to my family on this subject and they think I am going crazy.

You speak at length on the second Vatican Council, could you dedicate a programme outlining what your concerns are on this matter.

Thanks for all your work and for the availability of You Tube.
Robert S.

Hi Eric

I am sending you a link to a video I made one month ago. 

(The video is written in croatian language but crucial point is shocking finding on 

"prophecy paper" from that movie, so I am hoping that you will be able to discern somethings from this presentation just by looking at pictures.)

I think I have found in various hollywood movies especially in the movie Knowing 2009 (andthis video link is particularly about analysis of that movie) that there would be a NUCLEAR/TSUNAMI EVENT in NEW YORK CITY on SEPTEMBER 2, 2017.

After I accidentially enter in my living room when this movie was playing on TV, I noticed word 'Japan' on a clock (and 3:29 = 3:2+9 = 3/11) in "Nicolas Cage's" living room, and that information led me to understanding that tsunami in Japan was predicted in that movie and tomorrow I had found a video on youtube about that "prediction" in the movie. So after that I wasn't thinking about that movie anymore until one of my subcribers told me that I should look into the "prophecy paper" from that movie, so i downloaded that paper from google and what I had found there was rabbit hole too big to grasp which I wasn't aware at that time.

After this video I subsequently made about 12 videos involving September
2/nuclear/tsunami/New York references in movies and recently american historical references related to September 2/NY/nuke.

I have put all videos on private mode for precaution measure, 
they are all together about 3 hours long and I will put some new informations i have found recently and would try to make about 4 hour long video and upload in sometime in December.

Lord be with you

Allen F.

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