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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Refugee" Trojan Horse: The Dead Girl and the Sick Country

"Refugee" Trojan Horse: The Dead Girl and the Sick Country
As reported here a couple of days ago, the man responsible for the murder of Maria L. in Freiburg has been apprehended. He turned out to be a 17-year-old Afghan (but are any of these Afghans in Europe really 17 years old?).
Maria and her parents were both active in the “welcome refugees” movement. The following essay examines her murder in the context of the “welcoming culture”.
Many thanks to K. from Germany for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

The Dead Girl and the Sick Country
by Wolfgang Hübner, Frankfurt
There are crimes which not only tell us something about the criminal and the victim, but also about the state of society and the country in which they happen. The humiliation, rape and murder of the 19-year-old medical student Maria in Freiburg is such a crime without doubt. The equally suspicious as disgusting appeasements and relativizations of those responsible for the “welcome culture” and their media prostitutes are not going to change this at all. Quite the opposite: this choir of the warners of blanket judgements and popular enragement only confirms that those in charge of letting the alleged murderer cross the state border in 2015 know full well about their complicity in this horrible deed, which was not the first one of a “Merkel refugee” and, unfortunately, won’t be the last.
The dead girl came from a family of the Federal Republic’s societal elite, which takes pains to be cosmopolitan, tolerant, and friendly towards strangers at almost any, yes even at any cost. This is the spirit in which Maria certainly was brought up in, and which inspired this elite daughter to engage in volunteer work for “Merkel refugees”, doubtless in a sincere and idealistic manner. There is no reason — moreover, it is outright disgusting — to heap scorn and sarcasm on the murder victim for this posthumously. Because Maria only did what the doubly and triply protected chancellor has advised the German people to do, namely to seek direct contact with the foreign-cultured “refugees”. And one can well suppose that the dead girl’s parents also had nothing at all against her activities there.
Maria’s father is a high EU functionary and active Christian in the official Catholic Church. He is, as evidenced by a documented text, an active supporter of this “welcoming culture”, which has now cost his daughter her blossoming young life. This, too, for sake of piety and compassion, is no grounds for scorn and ridicule. However, it makes for a compelling reason to ask the question: why did Maria’s parents choose not to express any sign of anger or despair at all about this heinously brutal, violent death of their child in the obituary for her? Maria did not fall victim to a fateful illness or a tragic accident, but to a sex-hungry murderer, who, after the satisfaction of his lust, “disposed” of her in a river.
This deed must not, even by the commandment of Christian charity, be denied the rage of the bereaved, the call for punishment. At the time the obituary was published, the parents and sisters of Maria could not know yet who would be apprehended as alleged perpetrator. But they could not exclude at all the possibility that the delinquent was a “Merkel refugee”. It takes some outright irrational defiance as well as ideologically motivated ignorance to call for donations to a local “refugee” charity right in the obituary while still under uncertainty what the search for the murderer would turn up.

[The obituary’s footer reads: In lieu of sending flowers, we are asking for donations to … (Catholic charity for educational work in Bangladesh), bank account no. …, or to … (local students’ initiative for refugees), bank account no. …, keyword “Maria”.]

The family now has to live with the gruelling truth about the death of their daughter, namely that they have sacrificed their own child to the moral-imperialistic hubris of the operators and supporters of this “welcoming culture”. How do the parents intend to live with this immense burden? But it’s not only about these parents from Germany’s societal elite. It is much more about the fact that those who are scandalized about this and other crimes, angry and deeply unsettled citizens of this country, now are to be downright forbidden from expressing their indignation, frustration, and insecurity.
Whatever it is that prevents Maria’s parents from showing an entirely natural reaction — one that is even indispensable for individual and societal survival — we, the indignant, angry, and unsettled must not accept at any cost that we will receive the reaction prescribed by those, of all people, who proved themselves equally incompetent and unwilling to protect the borders of our country as well as [its society] from the not-at-all surprising consequences of the Merkel invasion.
A country whose political and media class would prefer to treat the barbaric rape and murder of a young girl as a regional detail*, is a deeply sick country, partly striving for its own annihilation. Those who intend to refuse this sickness and urge for self-destruction have a right, and must not shy away from breaking entirely with those, who seek to deny their co-responsibility for the dead Maria. The year 2016 began with the shock of the massive sexual aggression of alien-cultured “refugee” men in Cologne and elsewhere. It ends now with a student in Freiburg raped and murdered allegedly by a young “refugee”. The message for 2017 is clear for the part of Germany still willing to live: Whoever still wants to continue to tolerate the political and media class responsible for all of this no longer has a future in mind for this country.

Germany Outraged After Afghan Refugee Arrested In Rape, Murder Of 19 Year Old Female Student

After several relatively uneventful months passed in Germany without a major incident involving migrants or refugees, the local migrant debate was again reignited after German Police arrested a 17-year-old Afghan teenage refugee in a high profile sexual assault and murder case that had kept the residents of Freiburg, Germany in suspense for months.

The old town is seen from the cathedral tower in Freiburg, Germany

A medical student, officially identified only as Maria L., 19, was raped and allegedly drowned on the night of October 16, when she was returning to her residence hall from a student party by bicycle. Her body was found the next morning by locals on the bank of the Dreisam River in Freiburg, home of one of Germany’s elite universities RT reports.
The case has sparked massive public outcry, prompting police to form a special group consisting of about 40 investigative officers and forensic specialists. After an investigation that lasted for more than a month, police finally arrested the alleged murderer and rapist on Friday. “The suspect is a minor, 17, from Afghanistan, who came to Germany in 2015,” said Dieter Inhofer, the regional chief prosecutor, at a press conference following the arrest.
A single strand of black hair partially dyed blonde, a scarf found on the riverbed, and several DNA samples found on the victim’s body and at the crime scene led investigators to the suspect, police revealed during the press conference. “We were able to speak to the foster family,” David Mueller, head of the special investigative group, told journalists, but refused to reveal the nature of the conversation. “The suspect still refuses to testify,” he added.
The suspect was charged with sexual assault and murder, police said during the press conference, adding that it is yet unknown whether he deliberately drowned the victim or threw the woman in the water while she was unconscious. “The death occurred due to drowning,” Mueller said, stressing that it is the only fact confirmed so far regarding the victim’s death.

As part of their findings, which provoked another wave of revulsion against Merkel's "open door" policies, officials confirmed that the suspect entered Germany illegally and later filed an asylum request as an unaccompanied minor. He then lived with a foster family in Freiburg. He had been charged once before with inflicting bodily harm, but the case was later dropped, police told journalists during the press conference without giving further details. It was unclear if the suspect and the victim had known each other before the incident, or if the attack was planned in advance.
Police also mentioned a similar incident in the nearby town of Endigen, just 30 kilometers from Freiburg, where a woman, 27, was also raped and murdered weeks after Maria L.’s death. No links between the two cases have been found, though a connection might still be investigated, Inhofer said.
“We will have no rest. We will thoroughly examine every lead and will look under every rock – many times, if needed,” Bernhard Rotzinger, head of the Freiburg Police Department, said on Friday.
Meanwhile, as expected, the news provoked outrage on social media, where people again blamed Angela Merkel’s open-door policy for what happened in Freiburg.
“Angela Merkel, look here! Blood of this person is on your hands!” a Twitter user wrote in a post featuring a photo of the victim.
As RT reports, some Twitter users expressed outrage over the situation and mocked the slogans used by advocates of the open-door policy.
“This is just nonsense: [we] provide for the murderers of our daughters. That is apparently a Stockholm syndrome,” another Twitter user wrote.
It appears that Germany also has a problem when it comes to objective media coverage, and many criticized the German media for their reluctance to cover the story, dismissing it as “an incident of regional significance.”
Following the outrage, Freiburg Mayor Dieter Salomon called for discretion and urged Germans “not to draw generalized conclusions from the suspect’s origin and regard [the incident] as an isolated one instead,” Die Welt reported.
* * *
Capitalizing on the outrage, Germany's anti-migrant AfD party blamed the "uncontrolled" influx of foreign undocumented migrants, with the local police union reminding of the "dangers that go along with massive immigration," according to AFP. But some politicians wished to "dispel the atmosphere of fear." Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told Bild the murder should not serve as basis for anti-refugee hatred, especially given that "Such horrible murders already happened before the first Afghan or Syrian refugee arrived here."
"We will not allow incitement after such violent crimes, no matter who commits them."
A total of 21,000 rejected asylum-seekers were repatriated in 2015, and an additional 35,000 in the first seven months of 2016, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said at a cabinet meeting in August. In late November, Merkel announced that up to 100,000 rejected asylum-seekers would be returned from Germany to their home countries by the end of the year.