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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Novus Ordo: More New Evangelization "Mercy"

Novus Ordo:  More New Evangelization "Mercy"
Protestantism at its finest.  The mystics warned of Vatican II and how heretics would change the doctrines and liturgy.  This is Protestantism at its finest.  Vatican II is protestant.
Bonus: More dancing priests and "funkiness".  He should be getting his head in the pre-vatican 2 encyclicals so he can get his head out of the new religion.

Despite the Jubilee Year coming to an end, this English Christian EDM band, Ooberfuse, plans to continue to live out the call to mercy through their new song, "Mercy.”

The song describes "now as the time to show mercy” and receive grace. The video shows various works of mercy, including feeding the hungry and giving alms to the poor.

"The mission of spreading God's mercy is something that lives in the heart, it's not a head thing. What lives in the head is the whole retaliation culture that we live in. Living the life of mercy, that's about the heart. Its about finding something bigger and more humane than just simply retaliating.”

The band has put this lesson into practice at the request of the pope during the Jubilee Year of Mercy. In fact, they started a youth prison ministry in the U.K. and work with other religious who have become good friends to them. One such friend is Fr. Frankie Mulgrew, who is recognized as the "dancing priest” throughout their "Mercy” music video.  

"It doesn't just appeal to people with the Christian conviction, it also seems to touch people who like comedy, because the video features a priest from Manchester who is doing some comical dancing. Also, it appeals to music lovers because the song, the genre of music itself, is electronic dance music and the EDM scene has a lot of followers in it and they don't necessarily connect with our music because of the faith, they connect because they like EDM music.”

The song was inspired by their own experiences during the pope's trip to the Philippines in 2015, which revolved around the theme mercy and compassion. 

"When you receive God's mercy, there will be joy in your life and you will be transformed by the power of God's mercy.”

This is the message they are hoping to send through their upbeat and funky music, which is sure to attract attention through their use of colors and vocal range. 
Actual video:

Im sure the Saints would appreciate this "funky" video...