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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fr. Campbell, "He who is to come” (11:3)"

“He who is to come” (11:3)

Fr. Campbell 


The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is anointed King of all the earth and of every nation, yet every year at this time there is a vicious campaign against Him. It appears to be a campaign against Christmas, which is really a war against Jesus Christ. For instance, Christmas movies, most of them, present a Christless Christmas. Santa Claus is there but he is not the holy St. Nicholas whose feast we celebrate. The modern Santa Claus is completely paganized, and Jesus Christ is almost forgotten. If we could only understand what is going on. Unbelievers, pagans, who hate Jesus Christ and all he stands for, are controlling our lives through the media. They want to make us forget our anointed Lord and King. With few exceptions, they are our enemies.

Even children’s movies and TV programs are vehicles for the devil to corrupt the minds of the little ones. Children are now taught that vulgarity and immodesty, crude jokes and situations, and crude language are acceptable and funny. They are being prepared to accept worse things later on. Our Lord gives this stern warning: “And whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it were better for him if a great millstone were hung about his neck, and he were thrown into the sea” (Mk.9:41).

Pardon the graphic language, but would you allow an intruder to break into your home, beat up your wife and kids, and try to beat your brains out with a baseball bat? Of course not! But we allow far worse than that when we allow the media to corrupt the minds of our families and turn us all into worse than the beasts (with apologies to the beasts). It’s much easier to recover from physical abuse than from the terrible mental and spiritual abuse that confronts us every day through the media. Those agents of Satan who supply pornography on the internet are worse than the demons themselves, so how can we cooperate in our own destruction by looking into it? Who are these corrupters of our minds and the minds of our children anyway? Who put them in charge? How dare they invade our lives with their garbage!

Our whole governmental, legal and judicial systems are being taken over by enemies of Christ and His Church. How have we allowed it? We have not been on our guard but have let the enemy walk away with all that is important to us.

Since Jesus Christ is our hope – “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing” (Rom.15:13a) – we must do all in our power to restore to Him what has been stolen. The world is His and all that is in it. Christmas is His birthday, but it has been turned into a pagan bacchanal. Lets be campaigners for the restoration of the Catholic Feast of Christmas!

Don’t take part in the pagan revelry, the immodesty, the crassness of the mindless mob. Restore the Feast of Christmas to Christ! Make it a true celebration of the day the Prince of Peace entered our world, the innocent and holy Child who was born to lead the nations into truth and righteousness! Give Him His place of honor once more! Be obedient and holy servants of Christ the King! Throw out the pagan celebration, which is over the day after December 25th so that they can prepare us for the next pagan bacchanal on New Year’s Eve. Celebrate the feast of Christmas this year, the “twelve days of Christmas,” with carols and festivities suitable to the Birthday of Christ the King! And remember that Advent is to be a time of prayerful and penitential preparation for the Feast itself.

We have to be radicals. Our homes must be sanctuaries of goodness and prayerfulness like the home of Mary and Joseph. We are not in debt to the devil and his cohorts, but to Jesus Christ, who paid a great price for our salvation – His innocent blood poured out upon the Cross. How can we let Him down? How can we be the friends of those who caused His bitter suffering and death, and who are now working day and night to blot out His memory from the minds of men?

We can’t lead double lives. We can’t be Catholics on Sunday and live like pagans for the rest of the week. St. John the Baptist was not welcome in polite Jerusalem circles. His appearance and clothing of animal skins made him an oddity, an outcast on the fringe of society. He was despised particularly by Herod’s wife, Herodias, because he publicly chastised Herod for taking his brother’s wife. In the end he was thrown into prison and was eventually beheaded due to the trickery of Herodias, and her daughter Salome. 

Because John the Baptist was not a part of Jerusalem life and activity he was able to take a good look at it and judge it for its worldly spirit, its injustices and its obscenities. Jesus and His disciples also stood apart from the crowd and were able to see through their hypocrisy. This is what it takes. If you are immersed in the worldliness you don’t see it for what it is, and you pass things off as not so bad. Then you start living like the pagans live, and you will be swept to your destruction along with them. Pray for them and for their salvation, but give them the example of those who live for Christ the King.

The prophet Isaias (quoted by St. Paul) reminds us of who we are, and in Whom we must hope:

“Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles; and sing His praises, all you peoples… There shall be the root of Jesse, and He Who shall arise to rule the Gentiles… in Him the Gentiles shall hope” (Rom.15:11,12). Lobbying! Campaigning! Politicking! Pleading for dollars – billions of them at a time! We live in a world in which people use every trick in the book to get what they want. We just witnessed a political campaign which was the most expensive and time consuming in history, and who is satisfied? The worst may be yet to come.

What does God think of all this?: “He who is throned in heaven laughs; the Lord derides them; he terrifies them in his wrath: ‘I myself have set up my king on Sion, my holy mountain’” (Ps.2:4-6).