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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Does Francis endorse the blasphemies of Scorsese?

Does Francis endorse the blasphemies of Scorsese?


On November 30, 2016, Francis received film director and producer Martin Scorsese at the Vatican for a private audience, as pictured on this page. The pretext of the visit was the launching of his new movie Silence, which recounts the persecutions Jesuit missionaries suffered in Japan in the 17th century.

Scorsese was the one who directed the blasphemous movie The Last Temptation of Christ released in 1988, a film that caused great controversy because of its anti-Catholic bias and suggestions that Christ was a deeply flowed person who was tempted by sexual desires. Scorsese's portray of Our Lord's life enraged Catholics worldwide, leading to massive protests against the movie.

Since there is no public record of an act of repentance by Scorsese, a question necessarily arises: By receiving the American director at the Vatican, is Francis not giving tacit approval to his previous blasphemy? It is hard to avoid a positive answer.

A video of the private audience is available here

Pope receives Scorsese 1
Photos from the video by Rome Reports & Vatican Television Center