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Friday, December 2, 2016

Dialogue can heal nation wracked by fear, Francis tells France

Dialogue can heal nation wracked by fear, Francis tells France
Forget about converting to the true Catholic Faith just talk it out with the heretics and false religions.  Talk about the new tower of babel being constructed.  Francis is no more a Catholic than the Dali Lama.
In private meeting with French political representatives, Pope Francis stressed that seeking dialogue and the common good is essential in times when the country is torn by fear. The pope's words are even more important as France will be holding presidential elections next year. 
In a world filled with frustration and fear, seeking dialogue and the common good is more important than ever, Pope Francis told French politicians.
Before leading his general audience on November 30, the pope met privately with French political representatives, who were taking part in a pilgrimage to Rome.
The officials came from the southeastern Rhone-Alpes region.
As French citizens prepare for presidential elections starting in April, the pope supported the bishops’ call for rediscovering the true meaning of political life.
Given “the current international climate, marked by frustrations and fears, intensified by attacks and blind violence that deeply lacerated your country, it is even more important to seek and develop the meaning of the common good” and what is in the general interest, he said.
France, whose foundations are liberty, equality and fraternity (Masonic principles), the pope said, is full of potential and its diversity should be seen as an opportunity.
“A true debate about values and guiding (principles) recognized as common to all is at stake,” he said.
Christians are called to take part in that debate together with believers of every religion and all people of goodwill, even non-believers, in regard to building a better world, he said.
Seeking the common good, he said, requires listening, especially to those in precarious living situations and migrants who have fled their homes because of war, poverty or violence.
“That way, in carrying out your duties, you can contribute to a society that is more just and human, a welcoming and fraternal society,” he said.
 NWO order puppets like Francis play their part and are seeking to further solidify the new city of man void of anything Divine.
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