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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, November 11, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail.... 
Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Please be sure to invite your family, friends and church members to TradCatKnight the number one ranked traditional catholic website worldwide.
Hell hath no fury like Satan spurned.

Notice how the wealthiest Molochian-Baalist Jews are getting ready to flee America.

Wonder what's going to be exploding out of the depths?

World War III is coming, but not how anyone would expect it. Be ready for anything.

Yoichi S. (from Rense)

I listened to your recent report on joining up with Veterans Today. I already had them bookmarked.
Bp Williamson gave a sermon or a talk on war/veterans/WWII and I cannot find it on TCK or you tube. I cannot remember the name. I am confident I listened to it on TCK in the November time frame of last year, however it may have been an older video.
If you have a moment could you lend a hand on this. I simply cannot find it. It may have been a talk on the Holy Souls.
Salve Maria
Chris G
Thank you, Lord Jesus!  And thank you, Eric (Tradcatknight) for all your efforts to help with the discernment in our lives.  However, it is too quiet and too quiet...big fight, lots went down, and yes, people did wake up.  However, the globalist are not speaking...and is it they are plotting, or revamping?  Yes, that one!   72 days to go. Again, Thank you, Lord Jesus!  Jesus, we trust in you.
Rosemary B
I was reading your article "Best Places to Live in the USA to Prepare for the Coming Economic Collapse?" and I think that you missed some of the best places to live..... Outside the former USA. That is what I did. Safer. Freer. Cheaper. More Catholic as well.
I grew up in South Carolina and it has slid down hill fast. There is a wonderful community there of Traddies and my family and I were active members and we miss that but the rest of the stupidity was more than we could take.
On a side note, I do not think Trump is going to change anything.

Jim D

Hello Eric! 
   I would like to donate some money by cash!  Also, I just wanted to say that I am very, very greatful for the work that you do. I have no idea what sort of mess my family and I would be in if your apostolate didn't exist. I am so glad that I can visit this website on a daily basis and see stuff that contradicts popular belief/teaching. I thank the Heavenly Father for you and your apostolate and am longing for the day for when the eagles shall come.
Mr Dargie
Just put this to my first test.  very easy to use and set up

Verdict:  Awesome.  $15 at wally world.

Single Burner Camp Stove
Hi Eric,

Thank you for speaking to me the other day. It was nice getting to know you more personally. 

What I can do is research. Lots of it. You tell me what you need and I will find credible resources. If you're interested in this or if you can think of other ways in which I can support your cause, please let me know and I will be happy to consider. 

Keep up the good work. You're helping a lot of people. 

God bless you,


Dear Eric

I noticed, just now that you have a copy of the Fr De Pauw Catholic or Conciliar audio Lecture on your website.  It appears to be only half the complete lecture.  Here is the FULL transcript of the entire talk.

Caroline A.
Please forgive my anonymity,  I am a husband and father of 4 young children.  You will see why that is relevant if you continue reading.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!  I am writing to hopefully convince you of something very significant.  This past year, I have become aware that the entire history of Israel in the Old Testament is actually a complete prefigurement for the whole history of the Catholic Church... event for event and in the same chronological order.  The prefigurements are extremely detailed and go right down to persons and specific events.  For instance, Moses is a prefigurement of Constantine, Nebuchadnezzar is a prefigurement of Napoleon, Jeroboam is a prefigurement of Martin Luther.... and the list goes on and on.  If I could direct you to a short 6 minute video on my YouTube channel entitled "Old Testament/New Testament Timeline Video".  It shows the basic, and awe inspiring correlation between the history of the Catholic Church and the history of Israel in the Old Testament. 

Very briefly it is this:

1.  They both started out with 12, then went into persecution. 
2.  After the persecution, they both had a period of establishing themselves and of fighting off many enemies (Judges fought off enemies, and Church Fathers fought off heresies)
3.  After this period, they both saw the rise of a holy, and long lasting dynastic kingdom... but first, they each had a kingdom that didn't obey the Lord completely.  (King Saul was the first king, but David was anointed.  His lineage lasted until Nebuchadnezzar.... and the Byzantine Empire guarded the Church, however, soon Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, and his lineage lasted until Napoleon in 1806.)
4.  After this period, each saw the great divide of God's people.  Jeroboam led the 10  northern tribes in revolt, and Martin Luther led the northern European countries in revolt
5.  After this, each saw the period of invasion and exile.  The Jews had their land taken, and were prisoners in Babylon.. and the Church had the papal states taken, and the popes were prisoners in the Vatican
6.  Each were granted to go back to their city, but to only their city.  The Jews were granted to go back to the city-state of Jerusalem by King Cyrus, and the Church was granted Vatican City, in the Lateran Treaty. 

Of course, there is much more detail than this, but here it is in a nutshell.  Please feel free to publish this on your blog, and spread the word.  Make sure you check out the videos on my YouTube channel. 

Also, please contact me at    Maccabeanuprising@gmail.com


Hi Eric,

I just posted on your Facebook page under the Hillary/Nibiru post that I would privately email you this instead of posting it on your page.  Not sure if you'd want it posted there, or not, and would just send it to you via email so you'd have it to do with as you'd like.  I've heard through another post that Julian Assange is going to share all this information on Saturday to the world, that guy must have some awesome body guards to still be alive after all he's leaked!  And to now be posting this one!  And telling it to the world Saturday?! This ought to open a lot of eyes and start the mass pandemonium!

God Bless you,
Jan B.

I realize that a vast majority of people are secularists. They believe church and state must be separate. But I have to ask such people, does the devil behave this way? Does he abide by this rule. Recall Scripture that Lucifer approached Christ during his 40 day fast and  prayer. The demon offered him the world if only he would worship Lucifer. So what makes you or anyone think that these demons don't do the same in business, politics and even religion.
Now I request that you read the link below which includes noted investigative journalist, Bob Woodward's commentary on the Satanic practices of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

So here is an outstanding example of how Satan has influenced our country. READ THIS AND BE CONVINCED THAT PEOPLE IN VERY HIGH PLACES ARE WEDDED TO THESE DEMONS. 
Ron W.
Hi Eric,

First off I want to say that I love watching your videos and learn a lot from them.  Thank you for all the hard work you do.

You mention sometimes that if we have guest speakers/topics that we could suggest to you that you would look into it.  I have two suggestions:

1.  Have you ever heard of the Croatian Priest who in the late 1990's got a stigmata on his wrists and feet and it was declared as "not of human origin" by the Vatican?  I live in Canada but I am Croatian (I was born not too far from the place where this priest comes from - the island of Krk), and although he is well known in Croatia, Rome is really trying to not give this priest too much attention. In fact they relocated him to another Croatian island much further from the coast line which is also much harder to get to - because they don't want too many people coming to see him. (Croatia has over 1000 islands). The priest's name is "Zlatko Sudac".  There is a great youtube channel which has his sermons with English translations.  The channel is "Sacrosanctity33".  I know that the priest recently has learned to speak english and had visited the U.S.A a few years ago.  I would love to hear your comments about this priest - and have you interview him if you are interested.  I really love listening to him.

2.  Have you heard of Fr. Yozefu B. Ssemakula (also known as Father Joseph)?  He is from Uganda but lives in Florida.  I am going through some hardship in my family with one of my sons and I was looking for some good Catholic books/advice and prayers.  I came across Father Joseph's book called "The Healing of Families".  He also has a healing of families website.  It's  a great book and extremely helpful.  Father Joseph holds healing of families seminars all around the world.  I am currently trying to get some time off work so that I can attend one of his seminars.  I thought you may be interested in his book or interviewing him for your channel.

3.  Finally - I was wondering if you could give me some information about fasting.  What is the correct way to fast?  I remember my grandmother fasting by eating only a little bit of bread and drinking water every Friday.  I tried this and find it really hard to do.  Also, eating only bread does not leave me feeling good by the end of the day.  What is the proper way to fast?  Would it be ok to fast but making sure not to eat any meat on Fridays but eating other foods would be ok?

Thank you once again for all that you do.
Renata S

I was wondering why all of a sudden even alternate news like Drudge and Infowars are not talking about 911 and the Bush family and their support of the Clintons. They are all in this together with a masterplan behind all of this.

I have been asking for quite a while why isn’t Israel getting bombarded with Muslim terrorists? They are next door for crying out loud. This interview explains a lot! Thanks for posting this.
Ingrid K.

Dear Eric,

I have a question about the warning.  I was listening to the recent audio of Kathleen Keating on Antichrist and the warning etc.  I am wondering how we will know the difference between the true warning and a possible fake "divine Mercy" looking Jesus projected by project Blue beam or Maitreya and their ability to possibly make us think we are experiencing something?

In the Sacred and Immaculate Heart
"St. Monica"


Dear Mr. Gajewski,
    It’s here – the Commemorative Edition of the 2017 Fatima Calendar!
And it is yours – for FREE.
    Every year with Our Lady is special, wouldn’t you agree?
    But I have to say that 2017 is extra special.
    Because 2017 marks a very important event in our lives – the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima.
    And I want to give you a FREE Calendar, so you can count down the days with me.
    On its pages you will find a marvelous photo of the beloved, miraculous statue of Our Lady of Fatima that wept real tears in New Orleans years ago! 
    Think of it…
    From each page the beautiful, expressive, tender eyes of the Blessed Mother look on you and yours.  
    Once you hang the Fatima Calendar on your wall, Our Lady will be part of your life, a sweet, constant presence in your home telling you throughout the year:
“Dearest soul you are never alone…
I’m here, your Mother, a glance, a whisper, a prayer away…”
    Your 2017 Commemorative Fatima Calendar is made of the highest quality materials and the photos taken by our own photographer, Michael Gorre, never fail to inspire.
    Eric, because of your devotion to Mother Mary – particularly her apparitions in Fatima – I know you will appreciate all the thought that went into putting this calendar together.
    Where else will you find a calendar that highlights the days of each apparition – the time when God sent His own Mother to deliver a message to the world. 
    Where else can you turn day after day to be reminded of her Peace Plan of prayer, penance and conversion – the solution for the troubled times we are in?
    Not on any website, and not in any catalogue.
    So, hesitate no longer…
I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary,
Robert E. Ritchie
Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima
Theoretically, the GM should be showing anytime now according to traditional prophetic timelines. 

Today, came across a young political leader in France named Francois-Xavier Peron. He is traditional Catholic, opposes VII, believes Islam is going to start a Civil War in France and that France itself should be a Catholic State governed by Catholic Morality. His views seem radical to the world at its present state, but actually he poses rational arguments for everything he presents. I like him and I think you will, too.

He fits the physical description of the GM and is of the French descent and right age. He looks like he's in his 30's?? 

He is a member of the Civitas party in France, a conservative, traditional Catholic party. 

These two pages contain video interviews with Mr. Peron. Take a look.

He could be the one, or someone nearly identical to him. My jaw literally dropped when I watched these interviews. 

These two articles may give you some material for a good blog. God bless! - Mary Ann

Mary Ann B.
Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth!

I am not sure if you ever covered this but the real original Benedict medal is a lot different then the Masons inspeired one that is widely available these days.

Here is a link to the original one:  http://www.liturgialatina.org/benedictine/stbenmedal.htm

God Bless, Maria

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