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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Four Year Cycle Of False Hope

The Four Year Cycle Of False Hope
By: Eric Gajewski

 This article is not meant to sway anyway who maybe voting for the “lesser of two evils” in about week.  I will not think less of you if you vote for Trump.  Nor is this meant to expose either candidate as I have already done that the past few months.  However, the reality is, that, the Jews and Masons will once again sit back and laugh and watch people fight and argue over this soon coming cycle of false hope.  When will people realize that Presidents are pawns of the Zionist World Order (yes even Trump) and that we are only given this illusion of choice.  When have Presidents honestly made due on what they said they will do?  Does anyone really think it will be different this time around?  Here is where you will have some say emphatically YES!  But here is where I cut in to remind everyone of the false hope 4 year cycle.  It is not going to be any different this time around especially given how late we are in the game with the soon emergence of Maitreya onto the scene.

We approach election year as years before.  We see the President hasn’t lived up to expectations and so we “hope” it will be different this go around.  Do people still not realize that the enemy controls both sides of the coin?  In fact, they own that coin and people still have this false hope that once flipped this country “will become great again”.  As I have argued from a purely traditional catholic perspective when has America really been great?  Do not get me wrong we have certain freedoms which, at least, for now, we still can cash in on but as the police state continues to emerge and we will not have those soon.  It is just a reality the system is rigged and the man who says so is even in on it.  Do your homework.  I was taking a short break really late last night where I saw the most hilarious “C” rated wrestling production venue on.  It was truly bad.  However, it is not any worse than the political “venue” we have been dealing with for the last 6 months or so.  Actors gotta act, folks even in politics.

The four year abusive relationship.  We watch how our politicians break with their promises.  We watch as the “new candidates” arise to point this out only to see them break their promises and the four year cycle continues.  It is truly like an abusive relationship.  We take our verbal scolding from our significant other only to make up and then only to let it happen again.  It is truly human nature which has taken over.  When will Americans wake up and realize that under the current setup we will never get anyone who is who they say they are.  Democracy is an utter sham which comes from the Jews/Masons who sit on both sides of the fence laughing.  Heck even Hitler was funded by the Zionists (Bush family).  It is all truly just one giant circus of which we don’t have to pay for because we are already in it.

Like a roller coaster ride.  We ride the highs and put our heads down as we enter into the lows.  We pay no attention to the “man behind the curtain” who is truly pulling the strings.  We eat our ramen GMO noodles and yell at the TV much like those who watch Jerry Springer.  We lose friendships over stupid social media spats because you think your puppet is better than the next.  Sadly, I think some even look forward to the lows because then at least they can get excited again in the election year (only to be deflated again after the next puppet is installed).  Grace transcends nature and I encourage you all to do as you must this election.  However, my focus and job is getting people prepared for this transition.  A transition which will end this system as we know it and people will look again off into the distance for God to send leaders hand picked by Him to lead them through the Storm.  Our current leaders lead people into the storm deliberately thus when will the eagles come to lead men through it?  

What do you put your hope in?  I still see too many still clinging to hope in “man” rather than in the Divine.  We know this is condemned in scripture yet do people examine their own consciences enough to see it?  Pray for the best but prepare for the worst.  In a time of chastisement we are given evil leaders until men’s hearts once again come back unto Catholic truth.  This is what we have and we must do as we can many will argue and this true.  I am not out on any crusade against those who will vote for Trump in a week.  I am against those who truly think that there will seriously not be another 4 year cycle of false hope to come.  Or is there?  When will the eagles emerge?  God has everything already mapped out.  So keep in prayer and do not be so shocked when you see things do not transpire as you have envisioned based upon the promises of the puppets in place.  As a sidenote, anyone who would be so daring as to vote for Clinton in a week ought lock their own self in the closet for the next four years.  These types of people are worse than those living with a false hope because they themselves epitomize hopelessness.  Who knows but maybe Obama will steal this year's show and decide he would like to stay a little longer Given some of the headlines this past year can one really doubt the prospects of this?

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