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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, November 11, 2016

The duty of Royal Hearts living as a diaspora in a Republican wasteland

The duty of Royal Hearts living as a diaspora in a Republican wasteland

Walter Adams 

I am passionate about the restoration of the Monarchies in Europe and even about a proper Monarchy for the United States. When I say “restoration,” I mean more than bringing back to power those princely families who now are sidelined by the multitude of 18th and 19th century Republics. What I mean by restoration of the Monarchies is much, much more. I refer to the fulfillment and actualization of the proper Monarchical Form in all the princely families, those now reigning included.

For the most part, the European Monarchies are shadows of their former selves. With Republicanism stream-rolling through America and across the European continent in previous centuries, the remaining Monarchs still standing are left now with inappropriately limited powers and often are more symbolic in nature than true rulers.
The proper Monarchical Form is an ideal, but no more so than the proper Republican ideal. Whether Monarchist or Republican, we hold up the respective ideal Form as an inspiration for the nation. Therefore, I have no qualms about referring to a Monarchical Form, even if it has never been realized nor ever will be (the same is true for Republics – but that does not stop Republicans from preaching the virtues of the Republic).
The proper Monarchical Form of which I speak is the counterrevolutionary bulwark that seeks the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” (and we know from Pius XI’s Quas Primas that this Kingdom is not restricted only to the “hearts” of men and women – Christ must be the King and center of our societies, as He is King over all creation and not just over His believers). In this Kingdom, God determines right from wrong as opposed to “The People.” Conversely, our Republican friends are obsessed with the liberal notion that “The People” must be free to determine their own morality and associated societal laws. The former, Monarchical Form, sets us free by allowing us to eat of all trees in the garden except for the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (which is reserved for God alone). The latter, Republican Form, enslaves us by attempting to eat of that very forbidden tree, thus banishing ourselves in ironic boomerang fashion from the garden entirely.
The proper Monarchical Form leads us to a society organized by Christ Himself through the infallible faith and morals of His Holy Catholic Church. In such a society, having accepted Jesus Christ as King of Kings and His prerogative over our moral lives and associated laws governing our society, we are truly free then to “eat of the rest of the trees in the garden.” The fatal flaw in the Republican model is that God will never allow us to be free in our rebellion by “The People” to eat of the forbidden tree. He has made this clear. To seek the revolutionary rebellion of “The People” who decide their own morality and associate laws in society is to seek our own banishment from the garden. God simply will not allow this revolution to fester in His Kingdom.

Therefore, our role as Royal Hearts, indeed, our loving obligation, is to pray for and support the royal families in order to make them better Monarchs that they might lead us in building better societies. As loyal subjects our duty is to make our Kings and Queens truly who they are meant to be. We seek the best for them but also the best from them. Our goal as Royal Hearts is to make our Kings and Queens truly great, truly noble, and truly worthy of their divine right calling.
As Royal Hearts, living as a diaspora in a Republican wasteland, we rejoice in sacrificing and praying for our royal families that they might reach the fulfillment of their Form. Only then will we have a foundation for the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.” Only under truly noble Monarchs will we truly be free.

Walter Adams, "Catholic Monarchy & CounterRevolution" (TCK Radio)