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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Spadaro S.J., strikes back: The Four Cardinals are "disqualified"

Spadaro S.J., strikes back: The Four Cardinals are "disqualified"

Did anyone really think otherwise?  It has been like this since Vatican II


Here Spadaro shows his allegiance to antichrist (666 sign of man sign)


As predicted by this blog, the dubia questions raised by the Four Cardinals regarding the permission of accepting Adulterers to Holy Communion has been soundly rejected by the Roman Authorities. 

Antonio Spadaro., S.J., the Ghost Writer of Francis', and the de facto "pope" of Rome has rejected out of hand and dismissed the Four Cardinals. In this, I am not surprised, indeed, I predicted it. In no way is Francis and his manipulator, Spadaro in any way inconvenienced. 

In an arrogant Tweet from his Twitter feed, Spadaro has reaffirmed Francis' letter to the south American Bishops, and sent a canon blast (no pun intended) towards the four Cardinals. 

The issue is now closed. 

The "official" Catholic media will now be strongly onside, the bishops of the world cowed; the laity - intoxicated with masturbation (well over 90%, perhaps as high as 95% of the general population), fornication, adultery, contraception, homosexual perversion, and unnatural oral and anal sex (actually onanistic sodomy which is being promoted by the Theology of the Body crowd) - solidly following Spadaro, will blindly accept the "wink-wink" at adultery from this Jesuit and his underlings in Rome. 

Be assured that The "Four Cardinals" and their dubia are now a dead issue, and the promotion of adultery is proceeding at full speed. 

TCK Note:  Francis is not the Pope so it really doesnt matter.