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Friday, November 4, 2016

Saint Quote of the Day- Hindering Devotion

'The first thing that hinders devotion are our sins, not only mortal sins but also venial sins. While little sins do not take away charity, they diminish its fervor, which is the same as devotion. So we should carefully avoid them, if not for the harm they do, at least for the great good that they prevent.

Excessive remorse of conscience that flows from our sins also impedes devotion. It makes the soul restless, depressed, faint and weak for every good practice.

Scruples obstruct devotion for the same reason. They are like thorns that prick the conscience and prevent it from resting in God and enjoying true peace.

Too many cares constitute another hindrance. They are those mosquitos from Egypt that disturb the soul. They do not allow it to sleep the spiritual sleep that lulls the soul in prayer. What's worse, they disturb the soul and divert it from its spiritual exercise.

Preoccupation with sensual comforts is another block to devotion because the person who indulges too much in worldly delights does not deserve those of the Holy Spirit.'
St. Peter of Alcantara

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