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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oh the Irony! Francis Warns Against False Prophets

Oh the Irony! Francis Warns Against False Prophets
By: Eric Gajewski
A Letter to FreeMason Francis

Wait…Didn’t Francis say as a prophet of doom himself that this would be our last Christmas?  FreeMason Francis could not have stuck his foot in his mouth any deeper these past few days as he has been warning against the "False Prophets of the world" spreading fear and division.  This has to be the most insane and comical thing he has said all week.  Oh wait…there was that time when He said Communists make the best Christians!  The reality is the real prophets of our times try to keep people Catholic and away from heretics such as Francis.    My friends, Francis is not Catholic nor spreading the gospel of Christ but rather his own socialist agenda in efforts to pave the way for the New Age.  He goes on to say that we ought not pay attention to apocalyptic doomsayer’s (apparently, people like me).  Does he realize that he has just denounced the Prophets of the Old Testament?  Is it possible that he will still around when Elisha and Enoch come?  What will he say to these two holy men who are obviously not going to have “nice things” to say about the New World Order/New Age.  Francis is desperately trying to stick to the narrative and in the process making himself look even more ridiculous than before (if that is even possible). Please keep praying as Francis is hellbent and is an obvious enemy of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Those who follow Jesus”.  Another ironic aspect of his latest vomit is the fact that he doesn’t at all follow Jesus. I can reiterate what Pope St. Pius X said of these heretics playing pretend who are trying to build their One World Church.  He doesn’t believe in a “Catholic God” and serves a Jesus that we don’t know.  What is frightening is that we will have the False Prophet “Yeshua Ben Joseph” step onto the scene soon (at least that is the new age plan) and Francis will aide him (according to the new age themselves).  Francis is not only just a false prophet he really is a lame attempt in trying to appear Catholic.  Some false prophets are pretty great in their deception.  However, Francis is not that good and needs to go back to ‘False Propheting 101’ and get some of the basics down.  Sadly, he is like that crazy uncle that most try to avoid at the summer family BBQ.  Communists are good Christians?  Did they legalize Marijuana in Rome recently?  Someone help me out here?

 Old Testament Jonah the "prophet of doom?'

Shouting God’s Name to frighten everyone.  Talk about a smack to the face of the old Testament prophets and even the 3 children of Fatima.  Our Lord himself was a dooms sayer (if you will) telling His followers to always watch and pray!  He said that when you see these signs know that He is coming is and is more near at the door.  If we didn’t listen to such people how in the world would we ever pay attention to the signs?  Is that not why God sends a warning before the Storm?  Was Noah a prophet of doom as well.  Folks, the Masonic/Marxist infiltrated Vatican is a complete joke.  I honestly expected a better attempt by the Jews and KGB but this is truly pathetic.  In the end, these fools truly do believe that they will overthrow Christ Himself!  The times call for more “prophets of doom” in reality.  Sadly, our age is marked by the sin of human respect and silence and now we have “the rocks crying out” for Justice.  Francis is a hypocrite because he screams out that we are sinning against Mother Earth for our “recycling transgressions” ( in his environmentalist babble).  An eagle is commanded to catch the foxes, that is, these false teachers and prophets and Francis is one of the kingpins.

Jesus aim is not produce fear?  Does Francis read the bible?  No, apparently he does not and that is clear. The fear of God is the root of Wisdom.  If we don’t fear God how do we therein obtain it?   See the following verses of Scripture which teach that we must have a healthy fear of God (http://drbo.org/cgi-bin/s?t=0&q=fear+of+god&b=drb) The fear of God is the beginning of his love”  Ecc 25:16   So, according to Francis and the Vatican God does not punish by way of natural disasters.  According to Francis, God comes with his chocolate eggs prancing through the towns in the “everyday easter” we live in (according to these heretics).  Folks, talk about Lucifer’s false light in action!  The attempt to normalize Socialism/Communism and make it appear all wonderful and dreamy is a heretics fantasy and we are living in it.  This line of thinking only further proves Francis is a universalist wherein God has died for all and thus all are okay and the whole world is a utopia and we just got to formally unite it.  Just wait till they start attacking the doctrine of Original sin and remove it from the public’s eye.

 No worries the "real saviors of humanity" the Ascended Masters/Aliens will save the day!
Cough cough...fallen angels/demons

Same Vatican II narrative as John 23rd.
Francis back on the “Homelessness” propaganda.  I warned you a week ago that this agenda would continue to pick up because ultimately Maitreya will “provide housing” for the poor!  Not only will the new world order feed us (GMO’s/Monsanto food) in the great famine to come but now we get free FEMA camp housing?  How wonderful.  What nice guys you are.  Can I get the microchip too while you are at it?  Goodness gracious!  Listen Francis my Freemasonic friend to what i am about to say.  No one is fooled by your act.  We are awake as eagles.  We don’t want to help build the new city of man (this modern tower of babel) which will once again coming crashing down on the Day of the Lord.  Some constructive criticism for you.  Please do try to be a better False Prophet because quite frankly your act is getting old.  Francis spoke against real Catholics again? YAAAWWWWNNN.  Quit the charade heretic and repent God is not amused with your routine!  He goes onto to say in modernist/socialist fashion that “progress” is good.  Only a delusional miscreant and insane dreamer would say such and Francis fits the bill like the rest of those teaching/following Vatican II.  The “year of mercy” will soon officially end and my only prayer is that true door of mercy remains open for Francis because he is going to need it.  A just and vengeful God is coming upon the clouds and he will speak loudly.

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