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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Latest Springer Episode: Trump Assassination Attempt...

Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage in Reno

Clinton supporter taken into custody


First, the propaganda...

Secret Service agents rushed Donald Trump off the stage at a campaign event in Reno, Nevada, after a man was believed to have a gun.


The suspect, Austyn Crites, was subdued by Trump supporters and taken into custody by Reno police and Secret Service agents.
Although it was originally believed that Crites possessed a firearm after someone shouted “gun,” Secret Service agents stated that no weapon was found at the scene.
Crites, a Clinton-supporting Republican, was released from custody shortly after.
Undeterred, Trump went back on stage to continue his speech.
“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. Never ever be stopped,” Trump said after returning. “I want to thank the Secret Service.”
“These guys are fantastic – they don’t get enough credit.”

Trump Attacked! Gunman Photo/Video! Secret Service Saves Trump From Assassin! (Reno, NV)

  This was nearly as great as....

Watch Donald Trump Take Down WWE's Vince McMahon Back in 2007 

The Elections are a complete pysop circus (more like Jerry a Springer episode). Breaking news that Trump was nearly assassinated just like I had been warning. This predictive programming was in the Illuminati Card Game back in the 90's. What a complete joke and sham are supposed elections they are pre-planned nonsense....
We literally live in a soap opera or WWE show. #scripted #propaganda


Trump Assassination Attempt?

TCK: Latest Springer Episode: Trump Assassination Attempt? 

  This election is no more real than the war on terror....division/chaos must be wrought