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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Large and deadly tornado rips through Italy near Rome

Large and deadly tornado rips through Italy near Rome
On top of the devastating earthquake swarms for that area we now have this.  The Vatican recently told a priest to keep quiet over making the implication that Rome is being chastised for the sodomite agenda.  We tell the infiltrated Vatican in return to keep it shut...

Large and deadly tornado rips through Italy near Rome

A powerful storm accompanied by at least one very large tornado hit Italy on November 6, 2016, causing extensive damage. According to preliminary reports, at least two people have lost their lives. Several are seriously injured.
A large tornado was first reported in the coastal town of Ladispoli, where two floors of an eight-story building in Ancona street collapsed.
A 36-year-old Pakistani man died in hospital after being struck by falling building fragments in Ladispoli. Several others have been injured, some of them seriously.
Another man died in Cesano, about 25 km (15.5 miles) NE of Ladispoli, after a tree fell on him.

Video courtesy Weather Nerd
Multivortex wedge tornado this afternoon in Cesano. There is significant damage reported to buildings, trees, vehicles and other property. Notice the deep mesocyclone of the supercell and the striated structure. Courtesy Meteo Europe
On Sunday, Meteoalarm issued a Red Alert for heavy rain in northern and central Italy, in the northwestern parts of Slovenia, in Rijeka and Gospic region in Croatia and central Montenegro.
Orange Alert for thunderstorms was issued in Sardinia, north-western and central Italy and in Corsica, France.
Meteoalarm - as of November 6, 2016 at 9.00 UTC (EUMETNET Meteoalarm)
  • Heavy rain in Toscany and Liguria in Italy, in the north-western part of Slovenia, in Rijeka and Gospic region in Croatia and central Montenegro - Red Alert
  • Very strong wind in central and northern mountainous part of Montenegro - Red Alert
  • Thunderstorms in Sardinia, north-western and central Italy and in Corsica in France - Orange Alert
  • Heavy rain in northern and central Italy, in central and south-east/west of Slovenia, in Karlovac region in Croatia, south and south-west ofBosnia and Herzegovina, south-east of Poland and in the east of Slovakia - Orange Alert
  • Strong wind in central Italy, along the coast in Croatia and Latvia and all over Bosnia and Herzegovina - Orange Alert
Reported high discharges/flood warnings during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)
  • Croatia: National authority reports the highest alarm level exceeded on the Kupa river. Water levels are decreasing in its upper part.
  • Slovenia: National authority issues hydrological warnings of the 2nd highest level for Kolpa, Vipava, Idrijca and middle Soca rivers.
  • Italy: The National Service of the Civil Protection reports the second highest level of hydrological warnings for Campania, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Toscana and Umbria regions.
Featured image: Tornado in Cesano, near Rome, Italy on November 6, 2016. Credit: Weather Nerd

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