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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

If I Hear “Religious Liberty” One More Time…

If I Hear “Religious Liberty” One More Time…
By: Eric Gajewski

I must admit there is only a certain amount of Novus Ordo and False Traditionalist news I can take for one day before I have to lay down and rest.  After a few articles I begin to scratch my head in disbelief then and after a half dozen articles my eyes begin to cross.  Folks, America is filled with liberals and it always has been.  Even the supposed conservatives are liberals for Masonic principles have always been ingrained into our western society since the inception of our country.  America, is the epitome of the New World.  A New World which directly opposes the Old World (Catholicism).  This nation sought to flee from tyranny only to find itself upholding tyrannical principles.  Two of the worst which shall assuredly bring Gods wrath down upon this nation are separation of church and state and religious liberty.

 No! How about standing up for Christ and the Social Reign thereof...

Americans are prideful.  I am an American and can see this clearly on a daily basis.  We believe we are always owed something.  As each day passes some new group wants rights and equality.  We wanted a nation wherein the Jew and Muslim would get along next to the catholic in coexistence.  However, in God's eyes this can not be a foundation for any society.  Americanism, the new religion replaced the true Religion of Catholicism and now we find ourselves in a pickle.  We are a Masonic template for the New World Order.  Now we just have to merge with Mexico and Canada and everything will be as the NWO wants.  You cant have it both ways folks.  You can’t say we are a Christian nation (we never truly were) and pretend as though monkey worshippers don’t have a right in this country as well.  You can’t complain about that satanic temple opening up along next to the porn shop in your town because we never truly were a Catholic country.  

 St John the Baptist vs. Religious Liberty 

Religious liberty is a masonic heresy.  The Catholic Church has repeatedly condemned this evil principle.  It is Catholic or it is nothing just like it is in heaven my friends.  Sometimes I think that Americans think that this country is a great representation of what heaven probably looks like yet this is the furthest thing from the truth.  Due to Protestantism, Masonry and Zionism this country is doomed and only Our Lady now can save us.  So quit staring and snarling at the Satanist (who stands next to you at your religious liberty rally) as if he doesn’t have a “right” as you.  You seem to think that religious liberty according to this country only extends to Christians and you are sadly misinformed.  The Novus Ordites who follow Vatican II are no different and now due to masonic ecumenism they can even pray along with protestants, Muslims and Satanists.  When will people wise up in this country and start promoting the Catholic doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ?  God forbid we should ever get a leader who would stand by Church teaching….how tyrannical.  The Protestants are truly just as bad as Islam.  In fact they have weakened Christendom to such a point that it will only make the overthrow of Christianity in Europe all the more easier.  Only God will be able to piece back that which He will allow to be destroyed.  God didn’t start Protestantism that is fact and historical.

Separation of Church and State.  We do not want the Catholic Church as our religion and thus God with a smile hands us over to the Bush, Clinton, Obama’s of the world.  If you will not have Christ and His Catholic Faith to rule over you then you will have antichrist to rule over you eventually.  So why in the world do Americans complain?  We don’t want the Church to give us the Law to live by and therefore we reject Christ altogether.  Americanism is and will always be heresy.  Make America Great Again you say?  I say learn a little humility because God is about to ruin this country in inconceivable fashion until we learn it.  We must remember God judges the individual soul but also the nations.  America, is a new Babylon, founded in Masonry, Protestantism who now purports Zionism.  You can kiss this country goodbye folks. We are simply tools of Israhell.   Expect Russia to punish us severely as Our Lady of Fatima indicated and we deserve it.  Get right with God first America in principle then we can one day restore (after the chastisements) that which God allows to be destroyed.  We need a Catholic constitution.  The true Faith is virtually nowhere to be found in this country due to all the aforementioned (and Vatican II) and you think Trump the Zionist is going to save us? Ha!  Prolong the torture at best yes but the slippery slope ends in the hands of the Antichrist regardless.  America has played her part and will be judged accordingly.

Ecclesiasticus 13:9 Humble thyself to God, and wait for his hands.

God's Justice Coming To America!