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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, November 14, 2016

Francis Mania: Have You Got It?

Francis Mania: Have You Got It?
By: Eric Gajewski
Warning: Sensitive Content & Intense Sarcasm Within 
Not recommended for those without a sense of humor...

Mania is defined as a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level, or "a state of heightened overall activation with enhanced affective expression together with lability of affect.  Over the past few years there have been some traditionalist writers to call into question the mental health of Francis due to how awful his doctrine and behavior has been.  As I sit back and watch the behavior of those “positively” following Francis teaching I truly wonder about their mental state as well.  I say this in all seriousness. Is it the chemtrails?  Is it the GMO food or poisoned water supplies which now are readily available all over the world which is causing this delirium?  Are these people who come to Francis' talks paid Soros propagandists just acting?  Again, that is a serious question given how ludicrous AntiPope Francis has been and recently it has been even worse.  To answer my own question, I believe these people, who think Francis is Catholic, are simply “riding the Vatican II” high.  They are delusional, as the textbook definition of maniacs would suggest.

Mania may be divided into three stages: hypomania, or stage I; acute mania, or stage II; and delirious mania, or stage III. This “staging” of a manic episode is, in particular, very useful from a descriptive and differential diagnostic point of view.  Within this past week we had another Stage III casualty.  Did you all see that one wherein “Francis the Great’s” mere presence was so potent it nearly caused one of these maniacs to pass out (literally)?  Do these same people actually read the garbage he puts out?  That is the problem in general with our mainstream media driven world controlled by the Jews.  These maniacs sit in front of Fox News all day and are mesmerized.  They sadly equate conservativism to Catholicism. These maniacs will base their opinions off of “popular polls” (which is propaganda) and seek to fit in like everyone else they encounter.  I, personally, cannot be around these people because they are quite hopeless.  Not that there isn’t any hope for these people at all but their minds are so far gone there is virtually no chance of reeling them back onto the boat of reality.

Vatican II epitomizes the world of self...
Competing mental health issues?  In the world there seems to be a growing number who are becoming depressed.  I say becoming depressed because it is evolutionary.  These people did not start out that way.  Often times this is due to self-love.  It is due to “I didn’t get my way” and therefore we come down off of that “roller coaster high” and experience the lowness of the valley.  It is spiritual bi polar.  We see this upon the faces of those Francis maniacs who, in rare instances, will break from the “willy wonka world” they live in.  Yet there truly needs to be no "ups and downs" when it comes to the Francis amusement park ride.  He quite simply doesn’t keep Catholic doctrine and all we can do is pray for him as the others following Vatican II.  Popularity with the world does not win you heaven and sadly how many thought Pope John Paul was “great” based off of the mainstream media coverage he got as well?  In many areas his doctrine was just as heretical as Francis.  He was a Universalist like Francis so should we be surprised that this trend of “mania” continues throughout the world?

People drunk off false doctrine.  It becomes abundantly clear that people are more interested in popular polls instead of doctrine.  They are more concerned about what Megan Kelly or some other Illuminati Fox News puppet has to say rather than taking time out to know the Faith.  This is modern man and how he operates.  He must be fed by another rather than actually taking time to prepare the meal himself.  The fast food culture is only a symptom to the greater problem of men needing someone else to tell them what reality is.  It is in this modern culture that we have the Vatican II heretics saying, “ we are searching for truth”.  As if we are in some giant Easter egg hunt and we are completely lost (do not have a map).  The reality is “we have Truth” and it is called the Catholic Faith.  The modernists who are ever evolving doctrine will simply wait for that day when they formally unite all humanity/religions and say they have finally found that golden egg of “truth”.  Therefore, people are not only maniacs they perpetuate the problem in the spiritual drunkenness.  Look at the circus called the elections and see how it closely resembles the Vatican II circus.  We have puppet actors all the same playing their part.   

We live in such a fake world.  Females getting breast and rear end implants.  Females putting on so much makeup that it seems they could easily get a job at the local circus themselves.  Why do people hate reality?  Forget about pornography, pills and alcohol for a minute and you will see there are other ways to get around not having to have to deal with reality.  So, when will people finally see Francis for the fraud antipope he is?  Will they continue to be maniacs and act as if he is the second coming Pope John Paul II?  It truly is a sad world we live in.  A world which can only be changed by the Hand of the Divine Artist in chastisement.  No human means can save these maniacs at this point.  Continue to pray but also continue to keep your distance for these people have long lost their minds.  Some of them get paid real good money to defend “Francisheresy” as well.  These people need to be locked up and if this country were truly Catholic that would be the case. Nevertheless, these maniacs are losing their own souls in the process of trying to build this new world.  However, I pause to reflect further.  Maybe the people watching mainstream media need “that fix” because they simply do not want to process reality.

 LOL...Francis has his new beatitudes...maybe the Masonic/Marxist Vatican can join forces with the WWE